5 The night dwells on us

    [A/N: GB= Goblin Slayer]

    Youg Goblin Slayer: "Brother what are you doing out in the forest all alone? Do you know that bloodthirsty goblins and beast dwell out here at night?" He looks at Logan in a protective brotherly way.

    'Wait did the Goblin Slayer call me brother!? But that can't be? We are not even related...Unless I was reborn as his brother? But why would I be reborn at this age? It doesn't make sense. And why is my memory so fuzzy. Its like I know this world, but at the same time I don't.' Logan gripped at his forehead.

    (A/N: Logan doesn't fully know what will happen to Goblin Slayer when the goblins raid his village).

    GB: "Come on, follow me. Let's get some dinner and then start practicing our swordsmanship."He waves over to Logan to follow him to the house.

    A young Cow Girl blushes as she sees Logan's ripped young body. Logan quickly realizes he has no shirt on!

    'Oh **! Please don't tell me I am naked," Logan looks down and sees a pair of brown pants with brown boots. Thankfully his willy wasn't on full display.

    'Thank God. This would have been an awkward as ** situation.' Logan follows GB to a nearby wood cabin house. He smells something smokey and yummy. It was the smell of baked salmon.

    Logan and GB walk inside the house.

    In the middle of the kitchen of the house, there was a very pretty lady around her late 20's cooking. She had long hazel hair and amber colored eyes.

    'Is that Goblin Slayers mom? Woah she is gorgeous,' Logan couldn't help but admire the young doll-like face of Goblin Slayer's mom. She looked like a holy maiden. It was like a grown-up version of Guild Girl.

    "Oh you finally found your brother! I was worried sick!" GB's Mother runs over to Logan and cleans the dirt off his cheeks in a lovable motherly way.

    "Hey cut it out!" Logan shouts out as he lightly slapped away his mother's hands. It was an insult to touch him like he was a child. Well, he was, but he had the mind of a highly skilled 20-year-old assassin. Now that he thought about it... It was weird as hell that he was technically the same age as GB's mother!

    'This day just gets weirder and weirder. I need to modify my RPG system and get some rest, then I need to start cultivating every day if I am going to survive in this new world.' Logan clenched his fist.

    "Hey Logan! Do you want to take a bath together!?" Asked Cow Girl with a huge cute smile. Her violet eyes sparkled with joy. She didn't know the implications of such an action. After all, she was only 9 years old.

    'This world is **ing crazy.' Logan has a shocked look on his face.

    "No! You can't shower with another boy silly girl!" GB's mother scolded Cow girl with a chuckle.

    "Logan can take a shower with me instead," GB's mother smiled and winked.

    'Okay things diffidently got weirder," Logan gulped.

    GB: "Lets train already brother I have some new moves I want to test out." He said with a serious face. Even when he was young, The Goblin Slayer was always serious and focused.

    "Hey guys be careful when you go outside." GB's Mother says as she places down dinner on a wooden table.

    GB: "Okay."

    Logan: "Alright."

    Logan and GB got out the door and they are stopped by someone. A huge burly man in his 30s stood in front of them. He was a giant compared to Logan and GB. The titan of a man must have 6,7 ft tall! He was wearing knight armor.

    "Where do you little brats think you are going?' says the man with a thunderous voice.

    GB's Mother: "Oh your father is home," She smiles.

    Logan is shocked beyond belief. He gets to see Goblin Slayer's father in the flesh.

    Next to Goblin Slayers father was a little girl the same age as Logan. He didn't know it now, but fate had arrived. He was in a new world and a new home. Soon it would all change.
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