6 Training

    [A/N: Goblin Slayers Father Name: Gus(Was going to put Guts lol) Goblin Slayer's Mother: Sasha Goblin Slayer's Sister: Lara]

    "Those damn people at the guild have me working to my bones," Goblin Slayer's father said as he walked over to his wife and sat down for dinner.

    "Honey you haven't said hello to the little ones." Says Sasha as she cleans the dishes with a bright smile.

    "I don't care let them be off to train. We are going to need more warriors after the news I just got from the Main Guild," Gus drinks beer from a large wooden barrel. Goblin Slayer's father was a grizzly of a man. No wonder Goblin Slayer was serious all the time.

    Logan passed Goblin Slayer's sister, she also had white hair like him, but it was much brighter and silkier, it was long and flowing like a princess'hair. She really looked stunning and beautiful for her age.  But she also had a kind of 'tomboy' look to her. She was older than Logan and Goblin Slayer by 2 years. Her name was Lara.

    Logan: 9 years-old

    Goblin Slayer: 9 years-old

    Lara: 11 years-old

    "Where are you guys going?" Lara asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

    Goblin Slayer: "We are going to train near the forest. You can't come along."

    "That's no fair! You know I can wield a sword better than any man!" Lara huffed with puffy cheeks.

    Logan: "Why don't we just let her come along?"

    Lara: "Thanks lil bro! See Logan is a good brother compared to you!"

    Goblin Slayer: "Whatever." He said in a monotone voice.

    Out in the middle of the forest.

    Goblin Slayer and Logan start swinging at each other with wooden swords.

    *Clink! Clank!* Echoes of wooden swords striking each other were heard across the forest.

    'Shit. Goblin Slayer is fast!' Logan barely blocked his slashes. He was still getting used to his young smaller body.  At least his body mass was light as a feather. Logan slid back his legs and spun around his wooden sword then strike Goblin Slayer's throat.

    'You may good at sword fighting Goblin Slayer but I am way better!' Logan actually slashes away Goblin Slayer's wooden sword and disarmed him.

    Logan pointed his wooden sword under Goblin Slayer's neck. "Seems like I win brother," Logan grinned.

    Lara is clapping her hands happily, "Wow that was amazing! Now let me try!" She jumps off from a tree stump and picks up Goblin Slayer's wooden sword.

    Goblin Slayer: "Woman are not supposed to fight!" He yells angrily.

    Lara: "Oh shut it." She smirks and raises her sword at Logan.

    Logan: "Don't expect me to go easy on you just because you are a girl."

    Lara: "Tch. Your the one that's going to lose!" She charges at him.

    In less than a minute Logan beats her easily and swiftly. It had become obvious that he was way more skilled than Goblin Slayer and Lara in swordsmanship. If he wasn't then his 13 years of martial arts and sword training would have a been a waste of time.

    + 5 STR

    + 5 DEF

    + 5 STM

    'Looks like my system boosts my stats when I train my body. I like this thing already. Wish I had one back in my homeworld. I wonder what my stats would be,' Logan grinned at the thought of gaining more levels and becoming more powerful. He could probably take over this world if he wanted to! Steal all the hot girls for himself!

    "That's no fair you cheated! I have never seen you use those moves before!" Lara stood up angrily and wipes out some blood from under her lips. She was hit pretty badly. Logan wasn't the chivalrous type. When it came to battle, he tossed aside his emotions.

    Goblin Slayer: "We should be going back home now. It's getting late."

    "Grrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaagh!!!" The sounds of goblins were heard in the distance.

    'Are those the sounds of Goblins!?' Logan gritted his teeth. He knew that the most dangerous creatures in this world weren't dragons or wolfs, but goblins. Goblins were very short greenish bastards that had some Orc features. They usually hunt in packs and have a mob mentally mindset. They pillage and destroy everything in their path without any sense of morals. They are brutal little creatures that gave no mercy to humans when they slaughter them and eat them alive.

    'Fucking Goblins. Don't tell me they are nearby!' Logan angrily gripped his wooden sword. He knew his mortal weapon won't do ** against the goblins. He had the rely on his killer-instincts and brains if he was going to defend Goblin Slayer and Lara from a pack of goblins.
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