7 Nightfall

    Logan's eyes widen and he stood on guard, he sniffed the air to see if he can pick up the sense of any nearby goblins or creatures. All of his five senses had been heightened with all his 13 years of combat training and assassinations. Logan's kill list was very impressive. Let's just say he killed a lot of people. He didn't care if they were rich, poor, terrorist, or gangsters, what only matters to him was accomplishing the mission and getting paid. Nothing in between. That, and he enjoyed the art of killing. It takes skill and precision to kill someone of a high caliber. He hated the corrupt more than anyone, and goblins were truly corrupt little **ers. Well by nature that is. Unlike humans, Goblins have no morals.

    Logan's new demi-god body immediately picked up the scent of rotten bloody meat.

    "Woah this demi-god form has heightened my senses even more than before. I can pick up a scent a mile away! That and my muscles feel more toned and stronger like they are growing at a fast rate. Like some kind of rapid-growth rate. I can't imagine what I look like when I grow up. Probably like Hercules or something," Logan snapped his wooden sword in half to make his weapon sharper.

    Goblin Slayer walks over to Logan, "What's going on? Did you hear that?"

    "I did. You guys weren't the only ones. But I am not scared I will take out anything that tries to harm my brothers," Lara gritted her teeth and stays on alert.

    "We should head back now," Logan instructed both of his siblings as he grabbed Lara's soft hand's and ran towards his wood cabin house.

    "What are you doing!?" Lara shouts out with a snarl.

    "Just shut up!" Logan's focus was at an all-time high. He knew something dangerous lurked in the darkness of the forest. He didn't have the weapons or body size to kill a mob of goblins. He would be outnumbered easily.

    "GRWAAAAAAAAH!!!" More goblins screeched out. Their nasty ear-piercing howls echoed across the darkened forest.

    Logan suddenly stepped over something. He looked down and saw a bloody mutilated cow. Its eyes and stomach were torn out. Its bloody innards were scattered all over a bed of grass. There was actually two cows that were slaughter and eaten by the goblins!

    "Fuck they are nearby!" Logan turns around and sees a pair of glaring dark beady orange primal eyes.

    "Graaaaaaaagh!!!" A ghoulish goblin jumps out from the bushes and tackles Logan onto the ground. It was wearing only a bloodstain tattered brown loincloth shirt, its green skin and bald head shinned with the moonlight above the starry skies. This goblin was most likely a drone, it was small and had a skinny body frame with a large gut that was filled with cow meat and gods knows what.

    "Bother!!!" Cries out Lara with fear in her sapphire eyes.

    Goblin Slayer's eyes widen and he quickly picked up Logan's wooden sword. His hands were shaky. This was the first time had ever seen a wild goblin.

    It was also Logan's first time he has seen a goblin. 'These bastards are even uglier in person!' He punches the goblin right in the face. Logan's powerful demi-god strength sent the goblin flying into the air.

    "Gaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh!!!" It cried out in pain, as its teeth exploded out from its jaws!

    Logan looked at his fist which was covered in goblin blood and he smirked confidently. 'Good I get to test out my new powers. Time to slay some goblins," He cracked his knuckles and neck with a wide grin.
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