8 Choice

    The beaten down goblin gets back up on its feet and with a nasty grin, drool was dangling from its mouth. It pulled out a silver dagger that was oddly in perfect condition.

    'What the **? Something is off with this goblin?" Logan clenched his fist. The goblin looked more sentient than an average goblin, it actually had its own smelted weapon on the side of its sheath pouch. This goblin had indeed craft its own weapons!

    "Graaaaaaaaagh! Graaaaaaagh!" The goblin screamed out for backup as it pointed its dagger at Logan.

    Goblin Slayer quickly grabbed Logan by the arm and dragged him out of the forest, "We can't fight them without any weapons!" He pointed out.

    "What are you talking about!? I can kill that bastard right now! Its either we kill it or it kills us!" Logan angrily replied as he gritted his teeth. Logan knew better than anyone, that it wasn't a smart idea to let your enemies escape.

    "He is right. Let's get out of here Logan!" Lara screams. She was kind of frightened of seeing one of her brothers almost die. She felt so useless when Logan was attacked by the goblin. But Lara didn't know that Logan had dealt with tougher opponents back in his homeworld.

    Logan just nods. He had a feeling that the outlier goblin would bring way more goblins to outnumber and kill him and his siblings.

    'Dammit, I want to kick these green ugly bastards asses so badly, but my older sister is right.' Logan sighed and just ran off towards the wood cabin. The goblin tries to catch up, but Goblin Slayers tosses down a wooden torch that had flames on top. A wall of fire was formed to black off the goblin from attacking them.

    'This new world is still so strange to me. Why did I want to protect these two kids? I don't even know them...And yet by instinct I protected them? Shit this exactly what happened when I tried to save that stupid little girl who went in the middle of the street. I should only fend for myself. Other humans only get in my **ing way,' Logan looks at his bloody knuckles which start to slowly regenerate. His skin and muscles were slowly turning back to their normal state.

    'What the hell? Since when did demi-humans or elves regenerate?' Logan looks at his healing wounds with a confused expression on his face.

    'Can it be from my bloodline race Demon?' Logan finally makes it back into the house.

    Logan opens the door and sees Cow Girl fixing the table for dinner. She looked cute as ever, even when she was only 9-years old. She was wearing navy blue jean overalls and long baggy pants.

    "Oh my god! What happened to your face!" Cow Girl runs over to Logan and inspects his face. Logan didn't realize that when he punched the goblin, its blood had splattered into his face. He was too into the moment and phase of killing the goblin he forgot.

    'Shit. I didn't know that being in this smaller body would make me this reckless!' Logan thought to himself, he knew that his father was going to ask some questions.

    Gus angrily stood up, "What happened!? Why is there blood on your face?" He walked over to Logan and places his fingers on his cheeks and wipes out the blood.

    Goblin Slayer and Lara are quite. They were afraid of their father.

    "This is not your blood. This goblin blood. Tell me exactly what happened outside," Gus face was serious as hell and tensed up with anger as he sniffed the goblin blood.


    "I said tell me!" Gus angrily slammed his fist down on the wooden table and smashed it with his powerful hands.

    Logan was beginning to think that Goblin Slayer world wasn't the best world to be reborn in.
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