10 Toughen Up

    "Brother and I just trained nothing else happened," Logan said with a calm and collected face. His top tier integration techniques were coming into play right now. Logan knew how to get inside peoples minds and read them like a book. And right now he could sense his father's rage.

    "Fucking bull**! You little brat! Tell me the truth! A warrior never lies!" Gus punches Logan in the face, but Logan swiftly blocks his father's fearsome upper-cut punch with his elbows.

    "Honey stop!" Cries out Sasha as she stops cleaning the plates.

    Goblin Slayer, Lara, and Cow Girls eyes all widen in disbelief and shock. They have never seen Logan stand up so bravely to his father!

    Gus angrily gritted his teeth, his space black eyes began shaking with hate. A large X-shaped scar can be seen on his right eye. A creature had clawed out his eyes.

    "You little **er, I should kill you right now for your ignorance. Did you know what you did? Goblins will be coming with a horde to this village because of you! They may seem like green pest with no brains or power, but in numbers, they can bring a village to its knees! You see this eye boy! A goblin did this. Not a dragon, not an Orc, and not a mythical beast! A **ing goblin!" Gus gives Logan a death stare.

    "It was your fault that you let mere goblin harm you. Not mine," Logan puffed up his jacket and walks to the dinner table.

    Gus tried to hold back himself from beating some sense into his son.

    "You know what smartass. No dinner!" Gus kicks the food onto the floor and storms off to the room.

    "You two will only eat after you stand on guard! If you spot any Goblins then inform the head village leader here! You got it!?" Gus pointed his fingers at Goblin Slayer and Logan.

    "And if you don't. Then there will be hell to pay," Gus cracked his knuckles and picks up his onyx-steel Great-Sword. The sword was a massive work of art and weaponry. It was easily double the size of Gus! It was not a man's sword.  It was a sword of a True Warrior. It would make any God's and beasts spine shiver in fear. Gus leaves the house and heads to the Main Guild for his S-Class mission. The rank of Gus was unknown. But it surely was higher than Silver Rank.

    "Great look what have you done." Goblin Slayer said with a sigh.

    "Whatever. Let's go on guard," Logan said while looking back at his father with an angry deadly glare.

    'What a **ing asshole. Hope the goblins get him,' Logan spat and walks off into the darkened forest. "Wait can I come with you guys!" Both cry out Lara and Cow Girl. They didn't want Goblin Slayer and Logan to go out alone in the dark of the night.

    "No, we will be fine. Trust me," Logan said with a frown as he starting doing 100 push-ups on the outside of the wood cabin.

    "Okay..." Said both girls as they both walked into the cabin and fixed the mess Gus had created.

    Goblin Slayer and Logan head out for guard duty. About 1-hour in and no signs of goblins. In fact, there were no goblins screeching or any footsteps or any kinds of torches seen in the night. The forest was still and completely quiet, aside from a few birds chirping. It was like the goblins had completely vanished.

    Logan walks over to the remains of the cows. 'Where the hell did they go?" He then spots the area where the cows were killed. In front of him, there was nothing! The cows had also vanished!

    "What is going on? They just take the cows and forget about us? This strange behavior for a goblin..." Logan kneels down sniffs the air around him. He smelt something strange. Like piss and iron.

    "Brother where are the goblins? This doesn't make sense?" Goblin Slayer said as his tiny body kneels down next to Logan.

    'I feel like someone is watching us...' Logan's silver eyes scan the area and sees no one around.

    ... Silence.

    3 hours on watch... The sunrise is slowly coming into view.

    'There were no signs of goblins. What happened? They just run off? No matter I have to prepare to get stronger for the future. I need to cultivate to the highest peak and use my system to its fullest potential,' Logan walks back to his house. He secretly wanted to gain some levels by killing goblins. It was a letdown.

    "Come on let's get some breakfast. And try not to piss father off again," Said Goblin Slayer.

    Logan gives a fake nod and turns back the forest. He knew something terrible was brewing deep inside that forest.
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