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    "Hey, brother you go inside. There is something I must do alone," Logan gives him a cold stare. Goblin Slayer nods, "I won't ask. But just know father will be pissed if you don't come for breakfast." He walks off.

    'When did the Goblin Slayer himself take orders? Maybe he needs time to grow up and become a badass. I know a certain event happens that changes him, but I can't remember. In fact, I can't remember much from my past life other than saving some little girl and getting run over by some fat ugly man,' Logan sighs while rubbing his chin. It was certainly too much to take in. Being reborn into a new world that had no advanced technology or any kind of advanced weaponry like guns made Logan change his assassin tactics.  Logan looks at his fist and starts doing air-punches.

    *Swoosh!* The loud sound of his fist punching through the air was heard and so were the movements of his arm muscles. He then did some upper-cut kicks, side-kicks, and some tiger-kicks. He still had some memory of his MMA training.

    'Alright my punches are way faster than before, the elf race agility trait is already in full effect. Now to test out my demi-god strength.' Logan clenched his fist and punched a nearby tree. To his amazement, his fist went right through the tree!

    "Holy **. I like this new body," He looked at his fist which was covered in wood chunks.

    +3 STR

    +3 AGI

    'So it seems I gain some stats when I do any kind of combat attacks. I am pretty sure I will gain more stats and levels after I do some quest and slay some goblins and dangerous higher level beast. My father did say something about dragons roaming in this world,' Logan starts doing push-ups, pull-ups, and ab crunches outside near the house. He was cultivating by exercising his core muscles.

    + 1 STR

    + 1 AGI

    + 2 STM

    + 2 INTEL

    "Now that's exactly what I want to see. I may have this small inferior body frame, but I can train my body to get faster, stronger, bulkier, smarter, and better. I think I should get something to eat to replenish my energy. Then I should plan out what I want to do in this new world. But I kind of have an idea- I want to become a legend! I want to be the strongest human in this world!" Logan said aloud as his he raised his fist in the air.

    'Before I go back into the house let me check my stats,' Logan lifts his hands up and summons his system. He did this by visualizing the RPG System in his mind.

    [Name: Logan]

    Level: 2

    Race: Elf, Demi-God

    Class: [Slayer] [Hero]

    Bloodline: Demon[ Hidden Form]

    Mana: 20

    STR: 29

    DEF: 15

    AGI: 21

    STM: 13

    INTEL: 12

    KAM: 1

    [STR- Strength,DEF- Defensive, AGI- Agility, STM- Stamina, INTEL- Intillegence, KAM- Karma]

    'Aswome. Looks like all my stats are up. I know I can get higher stats. I just need to find bigger and stronger targets. Maybe I can ask Goblin Slayer to train with me. This RPG system is pretty basic I wonder what is my hidden demon form? It better be something powerful,' Logan grinned as he entered his new home.

    'It feels strange to be in this new world. Then again I have a second chance to become someone epic in this world. I have a second chance to redeem myself. I just need to choose the right path," Logan looks at his new family. They were all smiling but Goblin Slayer and his father looked pissed off at Logan. So a new day begins.
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