12 The Family

    Logan takes off his black overall gear from his back(Like the gear bodybuilder's wear around their back to keep their spine aligned when doing heavy-lifting) He then walks over to his family who was quietly eating breakfast. Lara was poking her eggs in a saddening way.  A young Goblin Slayer looked displeased and pissed off about something.

    Gus stood up and looked at Logan directly in the eyes. "Did you spot any goblins last night?" He asked in a deep manly tone. His burly body outmatched Logan's in every way possible.

    "No. They must have retreated back into the forest and into their goblin nest," Logan said with a straightforward tone.

    "Tch. Pesky goblins. If you ever see one again. Kill it. Don't be so dumb to leave it alive. Those green cockroaches are smarter than they look." Gus sits back down and chugs down a barrel of beer.


    Logan nods at his father's words without saying anything back. He knew he should have killed the goblin. But he also knew that it would have caused an outbreak of more goblins to come and destroy their village. Not like he cared about that. At this moment all he cared about was his survival in this new world and ways to become more powerful.

    "Well, you can now eat son. I have some news to tell you all,' Gus rubbed his rugged beard and his medium shaved hair.

    "Yeah what is it?" Goblin Slayer asked as pushes aside his plate with a defiant attitude.

    "I will be gone for a week to complete a certain mission." He said while drinking more beer. He was hiding the truth from his family. There was something else he had to do. After going to the Main Guild last night he had heard news about the Demon Army growing stronger and that a new Demon King was rising. A war was brewing. One that would take many lives. Goblins were the least of Gus's problems.

    "So you are leaving us again? But you just came back Papa," Said Lara, her sapphire eyes were shaking. She was about to cry.

    Even Gus's wife was about to cry. Goblin Slayer was already used to his father leaving. He didn't feel any kind of emotions. The only thing on his mind was to become a strong warrior. He would become a better warrior than his old man.

    Logan didn't understand the meaning of his father leaving. But he could sense how his sister and brother felt. Logan's own father was gone most of the time in his younger years. The only time with his father was when he was training to become an assassin.

    "Its okay little ones. Your father will be back quickly," Sasha said with a bright smile. She truly was an angel. If only Logan knew what was about to happen in this village.

    "Alright, I will be off," Gus picks up his epic Great-Sword and walks out the door.

    ( A/N:https://www.pinterest.com/pin/322992604523391761/ ). Gus doesn't even hug any of his children as he leaves. He was quite the cold-hearted father.

    Gus's sword was made up of dragon-steel. Which was a fusion of harden dragon scales and onyx-steel. It wasn't a legendary sword by any means. It had cracks and dents on it, but man was it a giant of a sword. On the level of Guts sword.

    Logan couldn't help but admire that finely crafted giant sword. A sword like that would be impossible to make in his homeworld. Did the Goblin Slayer world have some sort of powerful magic system?

    Now Logan would spend the rest of his day with his new family. He would also cultivate with his new system.
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