13 The Hidden Council

    POV Change in an unknown dungeon...

    Three men in white robes with hidden faces are praying in a circle position. In the middle lies a large wooden cross with a naked Holy Maiden strapped on it with metal chains. She has a black blindfold over her eyes.

    They start chanting in unison.

    "Omnium Rerum Principia Parva Sunt"

    "Non Omnia Possumus Omnes"

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    "Permitte Divis Cetera"

    "Omnes Una Manet Nox"

    "Vivamus, Moriendum Est"

    Flames burn in the back of the Holy Maiden. Her body is in perfect condition. There are no wounds or blood marks on her. There was only a glowing cross tattoo on the middle of her breasts.

    Gus walks over to the three chanting white-robed men who looked like priests.  He tightly grips the handle of his goliath great-sword. The slayer was now in his domain. None shall be spared. None shall live another day.
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