14 Dreams

    So far it has been a week since Logan had been in the Goblin Slayer world. During this week he had trained and cultivated his system and body frame. He had trained his body to the core by working out the core of his body with sword sparing matches with Goblin Slayer and his sister Lara. All three of them were training like their lives depended on it. Logan had told his siblings to become stronger just in case the goblins came back with an army to attack their village. The three of them bonded and Logan got to know Goblin Slayer and Lara better. He started to feel part of the family. This was something he never felt. All his years were spent training to become an assassin and killing. He accepted his past life, even embraced it. The past can never be changed. But right now he can change the future with his new family. He planned to protect his new family with everything he had.

    "So what do you want to be when you grow up brother?" Asked Goblin Slayer as he slashed away at Logan with a wooden sword.

    "I want to become a hero," Logan smiled as he slashed back.

    Lara is in the background smiling, her long white hair flutters with the wind.

    Logan and Goblin Slayer both lay on the grass and look up to the stars. Lara joins them. All three of them felt like they would be together forever. That their bonds will never break. But nothing last forever...

    In the outskirts forest near the village...

    Deep inside the dark forest, a Goblin Shaman mixes together a magical concoction. Blue flames were formed inside a large clay pot. Hundreds of drone goblins are crowded around the Goblin Shaman. They were planning something sick and vile. The Goblin Shaman is a highly intelligent goblin that could use magic and lead a horde of goblins. It is a more evolved form of a common goblin.

    In the middle of the goblin horde was a torn apart naked female archer. Her bloody organs were scattered across the grass. One goblin was still **ing her dead corpse. The other goblins laughed and joined in the fun. As the **ed the dead female archer they eat the rest of her deformed body.

    The Goblin Shaman stands up and angrily slams its wooden wand staff. A human skull was pierced on top of the staff. The shaman had enough of the lesser goblins useless behavior.

    With one quick movement, the Goblin Shaman raises its staff into the air and commands the lesser goblins to attack nearby villages to bring back more human meat and females to breed.

    "Graaaaagh! Graaaaagh!" All chant the goblins in unison as they pick up their weapons which they had stolen from the humans they had slaughtered. They carried bow and arrows, battle-axes, short swords, and spiked mallets and charged ahead.

    A storm was coming...
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