15 They are coming

    Logan felt a disturbance drawing near. He was sleeping on his bed in the same room as Goblin Slayer and Lara. The hair on his skin raised up like 'Spider-Sense' and he was tossing and turning in his bed.

    He a nightmare of the village on fire. Of villagers screaming for their lives. He also saw is own sister crying with a face covered in blood.

    "Aaaaaah!" Logan got up from his bed and gripped his forehead. 'What was that about? Was that some kind of premonition? Was that our village?' Logan got from his bed.

    "Brother are you alright?" Lara asked as she woke up and cutely rubbed her eyes. Even though she was older than Logan she looked very cute and petite.

    [A/N: Finally found a pic. This is hair, but with silver hair instead: Also note that she is young in this version which will soon change:


    "Yeah I'm alright," Logan went over to the bathroom and splashed cold water in his face.

    "Are you sure? You look like something is bothering you...You can tell me what it is." Lara said with a worried face as she placed her delicate hands on top her younger brothers shoulders.

    "It's just..." Logan didn't know how to word it. He knew something bad was coming to this village. He knew that the goblins wouldn't forget him that night when one of them tried to kill him and his siblings. He knew they would come back regardless of that night. All goblins want and desire is more death and suffering. They care for nothing else. They won't stop devouring until everything was gone. Logan had to prepare for what was coming.

    "Tell me, brother," Lara hugs him tighter with love and embrace, her breasts tightly press against his back.

    "The goblins will come back. I know it. We have to prepare for what's to come!" Logan says with a serious snarl as he clenched his fist. He wasn't going to let some damn goblins kill his new family. He was going to be a hero. Something that was entirely different than his past life of being an assassin. All he cared about back then was himself. But now things were different. The time he spent with his family made him actually fill his empty void of rage. He even grew fond of his sister who actually cared for him. He also formed a brotherhood bond with Goblin Slayer. This new life was given to him for a reason. He wasn't going to let some goblins ruin it.

    Logan walks over to his father room and easily locks pick the door.

    INTEL + 2 "Tch I use to do this since I was like 5," Logan slams open the door and look for any kind of bladed weapon.

    "What are young doing!?" Says Lara as she tries to stop Logan from entering the room.

    "Brother what are you doing?" Goblin Slayer is also awake and is shocked that Logan is inside his father's room.

    Logan looked everywhere and found no weapon. 'Dammit, the old bastard must have taken and hidden all the weapons from us!' Slams his fist against the brick wall.

    "Oh my~! What are you doing in your father's room!?" Logan's mother walks in and grabs Logan by the shoulder's.

    "Where are father's weapons?" Logan asked in a serious tone.

    "W-what are you talking about? Are you going hunting?" Sasha says with her eyebrows furrowed.

    "Yeah hunting for goblins. They are going to come to the village. We have to prepare for ourselves. We have to warn the leader of the village.

    "What is this nonsense? How do you know this?" Sasha says with confusion in her golden eyes.

    "Just trust me," Logan looks under his father's bed finds a wooden box with a lock in it.

    "That is enough! Go to your room! Your father will be back and you can ask him yourself to use his weapons!" Sasha gets a little flustered and angered as she drags Logan's little body out from under the bed and kicks him out of his father's room.

    Luckily Logan was lighting fast with his Elf and Demi-God race speed. He had swiftly stolen his father's wooden box and hid it under his tunic-shirt.

    Logan opens up the wood box and inside it was a razor-sharp dagger that had an onyx dragon symbol on the middle of it. It was a combat dagger and the tip of the blade curved upwards.

    "What are you doing with that!?" Lara's eyes widen as she looks at her father's weapon in Logan's hands. Logan easily flips around the dagger in a strike army motion, this was second-nature to him. All he needed to do now was create a barrier to block off the inevitable goblin horde that would be coming to his village.
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