16 The Storm

    Logan turned back and faced Lara, "You have to find a weapon. You in the kitchen or yard for any weapon."

    "Wait what are you talking about?" Lara says with her sapphire eyes wide.

    "Just listen to me," Logan straps his father's combat dagger at the side of his waist inside of his belt.

    "Brother lets go outside and build a barrier," Logan said as he pushes Lara out of the way. Right now Logan was on full assassin mode.

    A young Goblin Slayer nods at his brother's request and they both walk outside.

    Logan and Goblin Slayer start building a barbed wire fence along the perimeter of their house. They used nearby garden tools they found on the yard to create the modified barbed wires.

    Logan used his demi-god strength to bend some metal cables his father used to strangle his enemies. Logan then craved out spikes with broken glass and then it into the metal cables to form the modified barbed wires.

    Goblin Slayer helped by spreading out the barbed wires around the house since he knew the structure of his house better than Logan.

    Lara was inside the house searching for any weapon, but she couldn't find any. Her mother and father may have hidden the kitchen knives so they won't harm themselves.

    "Drats!" She says aloud.

    Logan's mother is inside her room taking a nap. She wasn't feeling really well at the moment. She had developed a cold. She was coughing roughly in her bedroom.

    "Mother, are you alright?" Says Lara as she leans against the door. "Yes I am fine dear," Sasha coughs even louder. It has been more than a week since Lara's father had left on his mission. She was beginning to get worried.

    Lara knew she had to become a strong sister for her brothers.

    "That should about do it." Said Logan as he wipes his hands pridefully as he looks at the finely crafted barbed wire fence.

    "Should we warn the village leader?" Goblin Slayer informed Logan.

    "I guess so. Where is he anyway?" Asked Logan as he drinks some milk.

    "Hey guys! You like my milk! I came here one more time before I leave!" Happily shouts Cow Girl as shes run over to two boys and hugs them. Obviously right now wasn't the right time.

    "What are you doing here?" Asked Logan and Goblin Slayer the same exact time.

    "I came here to say goodbye to you sillies!" She brightly smiles. Next to Cow Girl was another girl with purplish hair and eyes. Her name was Jessica, she blushed and hide behind Cow Girl.

    Jessica was indeed shy around people, but she was really shy when she saw Logan. For some reason, she had like him very much. His serious and heroic attitude made her heart beat fast. It was like Logan was too mature for his age.

    "Oh this is my friend Jessica! She is studying to become a mage! Isn't that cool!?" Cow Girl said while giving milk to Goblin Slayer and Logan.

    Lara was going outside of the house and watches Cow Girl with 'jealous eyes'.  Suddenly it starts raining. Loud thunderstrikes are hard in the background.

    "We should go inside," Said Logan as he looks up into the skies.

    "What about asking the village leader?" Said Goblin Slayer with an alert look on his face. Just like Logan, he was ready for anything.

    "Ok let's make it quick -You girls go inside," Said Logan as he walked off with Goblin Slayer to the main part of the village.

    "Hey you don't tell us what to do!" Cow Girl says while sticking out her tongue.

    Lara sighs, "You heard what he said," She grabs Cow Girl by the arm and drags her into the house.

    Logan and Goblin Slayer make it to the village leader's cabin. Logan knocks first.

    The village leader opens the door, "Huh? What are you brats doing here?" He said while drinking beer from a mug. He was a man in 30s with shaved hair and a skinny out of shape body.

    "There are goblins coming to this village. We are going to need some knights to stand on guard." Said Logan.

    "Hahaha! You got to be **ing kidding me! Of course, Gus would send his psycho kids to me. Look how do you even know goblins will be coming?" Said the Village Leader as he drinks more beer.

    "Because they will I just know it," Angrily replied Logan, he knew the skinny drunken bastard wasn't taking him seriously.

    "Get out of my property and never show your disgraceful faces here again," The Village Leader snobbishly said as he went to slam the doors. But before he could close the door, Logan fiercely kicks through the door and kicks the Village Leader right in the balls!

    "Owwwwww! You little **er!" He yelps out as he holds his kicked-balls in pain and rolls around the ground.

    "You're so damn useless. I hope the goblins gut you good," Logan walks away with Goblin Slayer. He knew that he had to prepare for the worst with Goblin Slayer and Lara.

    Both boys go back inside the house and see Cow Girl, Lara, and Jessica all inside waiting for Goblin Slayer and Logan to return.

    "Why are you still here? I thought you were leaving?" Logan said to Cow Girl as started doing push-ups.

    "Well my uncle said I can stay here for the night!" Cow Girl says with a grin as she tilts her head with closed eyes. She was too cute for words.

    Logan: "Well-"

    *BOOM!* Everyone in the house jumps up in the air with fear in their eyes.

    Thunder strikes on top of the house.

    "What is that!? Is that a fire!" Screams out a bunch of villagers outside of the house.

    Logan runs outside and sees the unspeakable.

    There was a large horde of torches raised up high in the air in the darkness of the night. The rain pour had briefly stopped. Through the rain and mist, Logan could see the same beady primal orange eyes he saw before in the forest. The eyes of goblins.

    The time had finally come.

    [A/N: I edited Chapter 14 and added an extra part check it out]
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