17 Goblin Raid

    The goblins start tossing the flame torches at nearby wooden houses and set them ablaze. They did this to scare and scatter the humans out of their houses.

    "Gagahahaghagahagaha!" Disgustingly chuckled the goblins as they gripped the handles of their low-tier weapons and charged ahead.

    Logan runs back into the house and searches for his father's dagger which he hid under his bed.

    "What is happening brother!?" Screams out Lara as she looks outside and sees the whole village on fire and villagers screaming for their lives.

    "Hurry! Find a weapon! The goblins are already here!" Logan gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He knew either way that the green hellish bastards would come to the village. Even if the goblins didn't spot Logan 'that day' they still would have struck this village regardless. Goblins have no bounds when it comes to slaughter. But right now as Logan grabbed his father's razor-sharp dagger, he knew that the goblin raid formation was different. His memories slowly came back to him. Logan realized that the goblins were being led by a higher evolution of a goblin!

    Logan looked at the window and saw goblins tackling running villagers, man, woman, and children were not spared. Their throats were slit and bodies stabbed in the shadows of the night, splatters of fresh blood rained across the grass and villagers homes.

    "Oh my god! We have to hide!" Cries out Cow Girl as tears stream down her eyes. Her face was full of fear.

    Lara was speechless, her sapphire eyes widen and were shaking with shock. She had a beyond terrified look on her pale face. She had never seen anything so gruesome and vile her whole life.

    All she ever knew was the tranquil and peaceful life of her home. But all of that was now falling apart. As her fellow villagers, the ones she knew as a child were being slaughtered by goblins like livestock.

    Lara spaced out, her eyes became cold and lifeless.

    "Come on! Snap out of it!" Logan backhand slapped Lara to snap her out of her daze and he hands her a kitchen knife.

    Goblin Slayer picks up a nearby garden rake and gets into a fighting position.

    Cow Girl and Jessica were cowering in fear in the corner of the house.

    "What is going on!?" Goblin Slayer's mother runs out of her room and screams as she sees Logan and Goblin Slayer holding weapons.

    Suddenly two goblins break through the glass window and tackle Logan's mother!

    "Gaaaaaaarghhhhh!" The two goblins shrilled with a blood-curdling ghastly screech that made Logan, Lara, and Goblin Slayer cover their ears in pain.

    "Get off her!" Logan fiercely tiger-kicked one of the goblins in the face and its teeth flew out from its mouth.

    "GARRRRRGH!" Screamed the goblin as it spits out blood from its mouth and slams hard against the wooden walls of the house.

    The other goblin goes to stab Logan's mom in the chest. Logan swiftly blocks the goblins short-sword with his father's dagger.

    *Clink! Clank!* The sounds of metal clashing echoed across the cabin house.

    "You're **ing dead!" Logan perries off his dagger from the goblin's sword and then quickly stabs the goblin in one of its eyes.

    "GGGGGGGAARRRRRRRRRGH!!!" The goblin grabs its bloody stabbed eyeball in pain as it gets off from Logan's mother.

    "Rip and tear," Logan jammed the dagger blade deeper inside the goblins skull so hard that he actually crushed the goblins skull! Bloody brain matter and crushed bones splattered against Logan's face as he had a dark grin on his face. The goblin was dead in a flash as its body fell to the ground with a loud *THUMP!*.

    The other goblin tries to get up, Logan dashes forward with the short-sword of the goblin he had just killed in his right hand. He strikes the goblins with all of his powerful demi-god strength.

    Logan slashed the goblin's head clean off. The goblins blood splatter against Lara's shocked face, she was trembling so much she couldn't move. Logan's mother's eyes widen as she saw her own son kill a goblin so easily. Logan had actually saved her!

    Cow Girl was in the corner of the house with Jessica, she looked like she was about to pee herself from how scared she was. Jessica vomited from seeing the goblins head cut off by Logan.

    Another goblin jumped forward at Logan from behind, out of nowhere a garden rake stabs right through the goblins chest. The spikey edge of the rake impaled the goblin and it screamed in pain as it kicked its legs up in the air.

    "Thanks brother," Logan spun around his father's dagger in a highly skilled assassin way and stabs the goblin directly in its heart!

    "Gaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh!" It screams to the top of its lungs as it vomits out blood and stops moving. Logan had precisely targeted its heart with his assassin's mind and with the high intellect of his system. Logan's demi-god light speed had also made the strike precise and on the mark.

    Lara  runs over to her mother, "Are you alright mom!?" She hugs her mother ever so dearly with tears overflowing her eyes.

    "We have to get out of here!" Commands Logan. He was leading the charge against the goblin raid. His bastard father wasn't here to help, so he had to step up and protect his family.

    Logan kicks open the door of his house and sees a bunch of goblins surrounding his house. Some of the lesser goblins were stuck in the barbed wired fence Logan had created with Goblin Slayer.

    The goblins who weren't captured by the barbed wire hungrily stepped over the other stuck goblins without any mercy or respect for their own kind.

    "Garragh! Garragh!" The goblins chanted as they charged towards Logan and his family.

    "Shit there is too many of them!" Logan said he snagged up one of the dead goblins torches and tosses the flame torch at the charging goblins.

    A wall of fire held off the goblins as Logan and his family escaped from behind the house. Cow Girl and Jessica followed right behind.

    The horrifying screams of the other villagers got louder as they were getting eaten alive by goblins. Some of the village women's clothes were ripped off from their skin and their fleshy bare breasts were exposed. The goblins start taking out their cocks and having their way with the village women.

    "We have to do something brother!" Shouts Lara as tears covers her eyes.

    "There is nothing we can do! We have to fight for ourselves!" He yells back, suddenly a huge green fist collides with Logan's face. His body violently slams against am a large oak tree.

    "Brother!!!" Screams Lara and Goblin Slayer. Sasha and Cow Girl turned back screamed "Logan!"

    In front of Logan stood a giant goblin that was way more muscular and taller than a common goblin. It stood about 7ft tall! It was holding a massive metal spiked mallet over its broad green shoulders. The mallet was the size of its legs!

    'No it can't be... It's a Goblin Champion!' Logan coughs out blood and gritted his teeth. He would never have expected that the strongest and most fearsome goblin evolution would appear before him.

    The tides had changed greatly. This would be a night Logan would never forget.
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