20 Goblin Raid Finale

    The smell of blood and rusted iron filled Logan's nostrils with a scent of death. Logan knew this scent. The stench of death. All of his life he kept on fighting to survive. Both in his past life and now his reborn life. A coldness swept his body as tries to stand up against the titan of a goblin. Blood drips down from silver eyes, his elf ear's twitched with pain as he gripped the wet dirt below. His eyes glare at the many innocent villagers being slaughtered by the goblins like livestock. Blood and mist masked the dark starry skies.

    'Dammit! I won't lose like this! I will protect my family no matter what!' Logan clenched his fist and gritted his teeth so damn hard.

    "GRRRRRRAAAAAAAWH!" Thunder the Goblin Champion as it slammed down its metal spiked mallet to smoosh Logan like an insect. Large viens were popping out of its greenish arm muscles and forehead from how bloodthristy it was to kill and devour Logan.

    "Brother!!!" Cries out Lara as she gritted her teeth and reached out her hands to save Logan, but it was already too late.

    "No!!!" Shouts Logan's mother as she watched helplessly from the distance. She was protecting Cow Girl, Goblin Slayer, Jessica, and Lara from the other incoming goblins. Either way, they sliced it, they were surrounded by a horde of savage goblins who had teeth full of human meat chunks and fresh blood.

    The metal spike mallet slams against Logan's fist, somehow his fist had blocked the 400-pound weapon!

    Logan's fist was shaking as he held back the Goblin Champion's spiked mallet with of his might and sheer force of his demi-god powers. Blood leaked down his fist. Logan's veins were popping out of his young muscular arms and face, "What are you guys doing!? Run!Aaaaaaaaaah!" He roared out as he extended his fist higher. The Goblin Champion slashed Logan in the face with its other hand, its claw-like nails cut right through Logan's eyes and face, "Gaaaaaaaaah!" He yells out in pain as he still holds back the Goblin Champions spiked mallet.

    The Goblin's Champion's deadly orange eyes glared out Logan with confusion and rage as its attack was actually being held back by a mere child!

    "We won't leave you behind!" Lara cries out as she holds up a razor-sharp kitchen knife with shaky hands.

    "I said run!!!" Logan screamed to the top of his lungs as he picks up his father's dagger from the floor and tosses it directly at the Goblin Champion's eyes with perfect accuracy. His elf trait reflexes and high agility increased his aim when striking opponents.

    *Swoosh!* The dagger lands directly in the Goblin Champion's right eye, "GRRRRRRAAAAAGH!" The titan goblin screamed in pain and anger as it loosens its grip on its giant spike mallet. Logan then did a ninja backflip to escape the clutches of the Goblin Champion.

    Goblin Slayer tosses a flame torch at the Goblin Champion to keep at bay as it held on to its bloody stabbed eye.

    "Come on brother lets get out of here! This is the only chance we have to escape!" Goblin Slayer shouts as he stays close to Cow Girl, Jessica, and Lara.

    Out of nowhere three goblins grabbed Jessica and dragged her into the bushes!

    Lara turns around and stabs at one of the goblins chests and actually kills it. Blood splashes all over her shocked pale young face. This was the first time she had killed anything. However, killing one goblin didn't do her any good. More goblins wrapped their skinny green hands around Jessica's mouth and take her into the darkness.

    "Eyyyyyyaaaah!" She shrills with fear in her hazel eyes as she is taken away into the sea of bloodthirsty goblins.

    "Gaahahahahahahahaa!" All the goblins nastily chuckled as they started bitting and tearing apart her body. Blood splatters everywhere as Jessica tries to kick away the little green monsters.

    "Jessica!!!" Cow Girl and Lara cry out as they run over to their friend and try to help her. Logan quickly stops both of them by grabbing them by their arms.

    "We have to go!!!" He commands Lara and Cow Girl as he drags them both away from the carnage. Logan, Goblin Slayer, Cow Girl, Sasha, and Lara all watched in horror as Cow Girls best friend is eaten alive.

    "Please someone save me! Help me! Get away from me! AAAAAAH!" Jessica vomits out blood as the little green bastards all tore apart her flesh with there human-like teeth and starting beating up her body with spike mallets. Splashes of blood covered the goblins disgusting faces as they hungrily slaughtered the little girl. The Goblin Champion then grabbed Jessica by the head and then chomps her head clean off with one powerful bite.

    Lara and Cow Girl puke and cry as they see such a horrific and gruesome sight.

    "We are almost there!" Logan's mother said as she sees the outskirts forest ahead as all five of them were running as fast they can.

    Logan saw the goblins feast on humans, each of them hungrier than the last as they tore apart human bodies limb from limb.

    *POP! CRACK! SPLAT!* Sounds of bones cracking and brains splattering echoes across the darken skies.

    The Village Leader's eyes were being ripped out of his sockets by three goblins, "AAAAAH! GET OFF ME YOU FUCKING BASTARDS! MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!! SOMEONE HELP!!!" He screams as the goblins eat his eyeballs.

    Logan, Lara, and Goblin Slayer watched with shocked faces. They have never anything so cruel and gruesome in their lives. Even for an assassin, Logan felt sick to his stomach. There was something he hated about goblins. The way they killed so brutally without a care for the art of killing made Logan go insane.

    Logan and his siblings including Cow Girl make it out of the village.

    "Is everyone alright?" Logan's mother said as she breathed heavily, she was beyond worried for her children. She wanted to do everything she could to protect them, even though she was weak.

    "Are you okay?" Logan slowly turns around and then he sees the unspeakable, a dagger goes right through his mother's chest.

    "MOM!" All three of children frantically scream.
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