21 Slayer Reborn

    "You **ing piece of **!!!" Logan loses his mind as he sees his own mother being stabbed from behind by a goblin drone. Thousands of shattered memories from his past overflowed his mind. The horrific memory of seeing his father being attacked by terrorists will always haunt him. And now seeing his mother being stabbed by a goblin made him go berserk. His killer instincts rise to its peak, as his eyes glowed a dark red.  He now embraced his killer side, this instinct was the one he had always used as an assassin, his rage and hatred did not consume him. Rather it made him stronger than ever before as his young body lunges toward the goblin at light-speed.

    "Gaha! Heh!?" The goblin's eyes widen as Logan was right behind it and fiercely grabbed it by its skull.

    "I will kill every single one of you green bastards! I will make you **ers extinct! I will rip and tear all goblins into **ing hell!!!" Logan thunders out with a demonic roar as he crushes the goblins skull with his bare hands!

    "GAAAAAARRRRRRGH!!!" Shrills the goblin as its tiny skull capsizes and exploded all over Logan's face. Bloody brain matter and skull fragments splattered against his face as his dark red eyes glowed in the dead of the night.

    Lara, Goblin Slayer, and Cow Girl all gasped at the sight of power they had seen before them. It was like they had seen a God.

    "AAAAAH!!!" Lara then charges ahead with rage in her silver eyes and kills another goblin with a kitchen knife by stabbing its heart.  The other goblin that was behind Lara's mother instantly dies and fell to the ground with a loud thump sound. Lara turned into a coldblooded killer, but that didn't matter all she cared about was saving her mother. She despised the goblins to the core, to her she was killing monsters.

    Goblin Slayer angrily kills the final goblin by ramming a flaming torch down its throat, "Graaaaaaagh!" Its head set ablaze and it wildly scratched at its face, "The only good goblin is a dead one." He said with a cold and deadly look on his face. He had completely changed as Lara and Logan had.

    Logan runs over to his mother and holds her dearly as she falls to the ground, "My son... My children... I have failed to protect you...In the end, you were the ones to save me... Gaaak!" Logan's mom coughs out blood as she gently touches Logan's pale cheeks.

    Even though Logan had known his new mother for a short period of time, she was more of a mother than his past mother who was never there for him. In fact, not even his father was there for him most of the time. But Sasha was different, she protected and took care of Logan, Goblin Slayer, and Lara. She had loved Logan as he were her own child.

    Logan tried to hold back his tears, 'Why do I even care about this woman? Why I am trying to be some damn hero!?' He gritted his teeth as he held his dying mother.

    Lara and Goblin Slayer all ran over to their mother's side and hugged her ever so tightly was tears streaming down their eyes. Cow Girl was crying in the background of the forest.

    "I'll make them all pay!" Logan, Lara, and Goblin Slayer all roar out to the heavens.

    "Well, now it seems I have found some strays. That woman will die if you do not treat her wounds, her wounds will get infected, especially from a stab by a goblins rusty nasty weapon. God knows what a goblin does with its weapons. Filthy stupid wretched creatures they are," says a short old bald man that had long whiskers like a rat. He was wearing long tatters clothes and ripped scarf. He name was Burglar. [ https://goblin-slayer.fandom.com/wiki/Burglar] He looked exactly like a rat in a humans body.

    "You can help us!?" Says Lara with worry in her bright sapphire eyes. She didn't care who the man was, she just wanted to save her mother.

    "I can, but I won't." The old short man says as he waddles away with a wooden cane in his hands.

    "Please! We will do anything!" Cries out Lara as more tears fall from her eyes onto her mother's pale bloody face.

    "Anything you say? Hmm follow me then. I have something that might just be able to save your mothers precious life. Not that I care about her life. Its a dog eat dog world here. I suggest you just put her out of misery. She is just dead weight," Burglar snarled as he rubbed his long whiskers.

    "That's not true, she tried her best to protect us," Logan snarled as stood up and wiped goblin blood off his face.

    "Tch. You kill a few goblins and think you are something special. Humans always amaze me how foolish they are- Are you coming or not. The goblins will follow your scents you numbskulls." Burglar walks over to one of the dead goblins and cuts open its stomach with a dull butcher knife, he then finds the bladder of the goblin and squeezes out the piss from it on to the grass below.

    "You have to mask your scent. Hurry cover yourselves in this," Burglar hands over the children the bloody goblin bladder which smelt horrible and stingy.

    "Ew no!" Shrieks Lara as she stands back. Cow Girl is also disgusted and frightened by the sight.

    "You want your location found out? Then fine be my guest and die," The old bald man huffs as he walks away.

    Neither did Logan, Lara, and Goblin Slayer know that this old man would be the most important man they would ever meet in their lives.

    Their destiny of becoming Legendary Slayers was just beginning.
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