22 The Master

    Burglar quickly gives Logan's mother a potion to drink. Logan, Goblin Slayer, Lara, and Cow Girl all still in the forest as the moon shone over their bodies. Their shadows were seen by the wild spread of fire in the distance of was once their village.

    "What is that!? " Asked Logan with defiance of the old man's actions. He thought he was going to poison of his mother, so he quickly pulled out his father's combat dagger and pointed it at Burglar's neck.

    "You want her to live or not? By the way, your sword strike and stance is quite impressive for a youngling. Who taught you that battle stance? It is very advanced for your age." Burglar said with his eyes wide and mouth open. He only acknowledged the strongest of warriors and legends.

    "I taught myself, now what are you giving her?" Logan gripped his dagger and gives Burglar a cold deadly stare.

    "I am giving her a healing potion that is made with holy magic and some ancient herbs. This should stop the swelling and the infection of the wound from spreading. She is lucky that the blade pierced at the edge of her sternum or she would have been dead. Her heart would have been impaled," Burglar puts a hot towel over Sasha's head. Her face was extremely red and she was sweating profusely as she laid against a giant oak tree. She was hanging on for dear life.

    "Now since I have helped your mother I think a repayment is in order. You said you would do anything?" Burglar said as he sips some hard liquor from a brown pouch.

    "Haven't we been through enough?" Said Lara with a snarl as she crosses her arms.

    "I want all three of you to work for me. In return, I will train you three to become greater killers. I can already see it in your eyes, how much you despise the goblins who took everything from you. I must warn you that I won't go easy on you if you chose to train with me," Burglar wipes beer from his mouth. All of the children were now far away from the village, about 1 mile away, they have traveled about  15 minutes. Logan and Goblin Slayer had carried their mother on the way out of their village. They left traps behind so that the goblins won't follow them.

    They all had successfully escaped from the goblin horde.

    "What work are you exactly talking about?" Logan asked with eyebrows furrowed. As his stats begin to alert him inside his mind.

    + 15 STR

    + 11 DEF

    + 11 STM

    + 13 AGI

    + 13  INTEL

    Level 2 gained!

    4 goblins killed!

    Logan put away his stats by quickly blinking his eyes. Now was not the time to bask in his achievements. Not after the slaughter that happened in his village. He vowed to get revenge by killing every single goblin in this world.

    "You will soon see what I am talking about..." Burglar has a wide grin on his face as he starts chewing tobacco and walks away into the forest. The shadows hid his sinister face.


    Over a course of a week Logan, Lara, and Goblin Slayer stood by their mother's side inside a wood cabin in a village nearby. They all stayed next to her while she was sleeping in a bed. Cow Girl had got into contact with her uncle about what happened at Logan's village.

    Her uncle had let Goblin Slayer, Lara, and Logan stay at his house under one condition. They pull their own weight. That means tending to the farm, doing any kind of house repairs, and also protecting his farm from any kind of dangerous beast. Like wolfs and goblins.

    Cow Girls uncle had sent many letters to Logan's father to alert him about the critical condition his dear wife was in. But Gus had never sent a letter back. It was like the bastard disappeared and had let his children suffer the worst fate possible.

    ... One month has passed. Logan, Lara, and Goblin Slayer had been doing extreme training with Burglar. He had made them do unspeakable killing methods, some of which amazed Logan himself. During this training, all three of them had become stronger and their hatred for goblins only grew more and made them more powerful.

    They cultivated inside Burglar's hidden cave for many years. For all three of them would become very skilled killers.

    Logan, Lara, and Goblin Slayer visit their mother one last time before they went on their first mission which Burglar had formulated.

    "Logan...Lara... My son... My children... Why can't I see you?" She whimpers as she finally wakes up from her coma.

    For the first time in months, the children had finally seen their mother alive and well! Lara and Goblin Slayer both hugged their mother with a loving embrace. Logan didn't want to hug his mother as to not show any kind of emotions. Burglar had taught him to never fight with your emotions. To only fight with your mind.

    Sasha touches her children's faces, "W-why can't I see you my children," She stutters as she starts to cry. It had become apparent that she had become blind after the attack. It seemed that the infection had spread to her eyes. The ghastly goblin that stabbed Logan's mother had indeed used a poisonous dagger!

    'How could a goblin acquire such a high-level weapon?!' Logan thought to himself as couldn't bear to look at his blind mother. Rage was slowly overtaking him.

    In the end, three children had lost everything, but they had not lost their mother. However, she had lost a part of herself.

    Logan was close to crying but he held it in. He promised to himself, that all of his anger and rage will be solely directed towards the goblin race.

    ... 7 years after Goblin Raid.

    A young short girl with long gorgeous golden blonde hair and sapphire eyes enters a guild. She had a face a maiden and a doll. Angelic even.

    "Um excuse me! I would like to go on a quest! Any quest will do!" Exclaims Priestess as she cutely holds her golden staff and shakes around her tiny body.

    The adventure was just beginning...
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