23 The Ques

    Many of the adventurers chuckled and ignored the young adorable and hopeless blonder Priestess's request.

    They knew she was low rank just by looking at her  Adventurer-tag which was a light white color. This rank was the lowest of adventurer ranks called Porcelain Rank. It was a rank only bestowed to the noobie adventurers who barely have any experience on the battlefield and who do low-grade quest. Porcelain Rank adventurers are usually beginners.

    The rank system is very straightforward.


    Rank 10: Porcelain (, Wakuji)- Lowest

    Rank 9: Obsidian (, Kokuyō)

    Rank 8: Steel (, Kōtetsu)

    Rank 7: Sapphire (, Seigyoku)

    Rank 6: Emerald (, Suigyoku)

    Rank 5: Ruby (, Kōgyoku)

    Rank 4: Bronze (, Dō)

    Rank 3: Silver (, Gin)

    Rank 2: Gold (, Kin)

    Rank 1: Platinum (, Hakkin)- Highest Legendary Rank

    "Hahaha! Why don't you go home little brat! This ain't no place for weaklings! Haha!" Laughs one buff adventurer who was chugging down a wooden barrel of ale. He was a silver knight of high prestige and royalty. His name was Silver. He had medium long silver hair and silver eyes.

    "I will take any quest! I don't mind! Please give me a chance!" Priestess cutely shouts as she tightly gripes her golden healing Holy Staff. She was a support class who could grant miracles in the form of casting divine spells. However, Priestess was a novice and was nothing compared to the likes of Sword Maiden who's miracles could reborn the dead! Her miracle powers were unlimited and she was regarded as one of the most powerful female heroes of this world!

    ...No one responds to Priestess' pleads .

    "Please anyone!" She once again shouts, suddenly she trips on a loose wood board and falls flat on her cute pale maiden face. She was a hopeless one.

    [ A/N: Priestress - https://goblin-slayer.fandom.com/wiki/Priestess ]

    *Thump* Her face hits the wooden floor of the guild.

    "Owwwww!" She squeaks with pain in her soft voice as she rubs her red injured face.

    "HAHAHAHA!" Everyone in the guild starts laughing their asses off.

    "Okay everyone that is enough," Guild Girl defends Priestess as she walks out to the counter with a note pressed against her supple perky chest. Guild Girl was the receptionist of the guild and was the one in charge of giving out quests.

    "Woooohooo! Today is the day we get a real quest! Its time to prove my amazing skills and strength! I will be the best hero in the world!" Exclaims a young boy with long brown hair and hazel eyes. His name was Sword Boy, he was a noobie adventure like Priestess. However, even though he was a noobie he acted like a hot-shot.

    "So what quest do we have today? I want to take down a legendary dragon! Do you have a quest where I can slay a dragon!?" Sword Boy says with high spirits as he cooly raised his fist in the air and starts doing air-punches.

    "Um... I am afraid your rank is too low to take on an SS-Class quest. But I do have a quest where you can take down some goblins in a nearby cave. These goblins have attack villagers and may have held some as hostages. It should be an F-Class just around your range," Politely says Guild Girl with a gorgeous bright warming smile. She truly was a beauty to behold. Very slim hour-glass figure with perky perfect-size breasts that can be held with one palm and a well-defined plump booty. She had hallow gold hair tied into a side plait and yellow-gold eyes. She is usually seen wearing her guild uniform which consists of a yellow jabot, white dress shirt covered by a navy vest, a long black pencil skirt, and a three-strap black belt.

    [ A/N: https://goblin-slayer.fandom.com/wiki/Guild_Girl ]

    "Nani!? No fair! I hate how there are ranks and hierarchy in this world! Why can't I prove myself!? Give me a damn real quest!" Sword Boy slams his palms on to the wooden receptionist table.

    Guild Girl keeps her composure and doesn't even flinch. In fact, she is still smiling. She had dealt with tougher men in her life. Besides she was used to this behavior as she had been working in this very guild for about 10 years! She was a very smart and bright girl who had many things going for her.

    "Sorry, but I cannot change the system. Will you take the F-class quest? Or will you kindly leave?" Guild Girl calmly says while doing some paperwork.

    "Uggggh! I will-" Sword Boy was about to say something bad until someone stopped him.

    "Don't you think that is enough? Sorry for such rude behavior." Says a young beautiful Japanese girl with long raven hair that was tied up in a ponytail. She was wearing white color dressed in pants and martial art robes that prioritize ease of movement. She also wore sturdy boots which compliment her powerful kicks as a martial artist. Her name was simply Fighter.

    [A/N: https://www.zerochan.net/Fighter+%28goblin+Slayer%29 ]

    "Fine, we will take the F-Class quest. Tch slaying a couple of goblins will be a piece of cake for me!" Sword Boy huffed.

    Priestess gets up from the wood floor with a wobble, "C-can I join you guys?" She cutely mumbles.

    "Sure we need a support class on our squad," Says Fighter with a slight grin. A girl wizard who was wearing sleek glasses was seen behind Fighter. She was part of her squad.

    Priestess instantly smiles and becomes happy. She was finally going to go on her first quest. If only she knew what was going to await her...
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