24 It happens once again...

    The power stone glitch strikes again. I don't feel like messaging webnovel to fix this problem. Kind of annoying not going to lie. But w.e.

    Chapters will still resume. But if you want more chapters then donate to

    https://www.pa treon.com/ghostybones

    each tier represents the number of chapters.


    5$ tier= 5 plus chapters

    10$ tier= 10 plus chapters + bounus chapters

    20$ tier = 20 plus chapters + bounus chapters.

    30$ tier = 30 plus chapter + benefits such as discord me and talk about stories or 'other things'.

    If you don't donate. That is fine. But for now daily chapters.

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    By the way a new novel comes out today...

    This will be left here until I post next chapter.
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