26 Goblin Hideou

    [Warning Graphic Content]

    The Priestess, Wizard( Magic user Girl with glasses), Fighter, and Sword Boy all travel towards a cave located in the outskirts forest of the Main City.

    A sea of oak trees surrounded the passageway to the cave. All of them enter the entrance of the cave.

    "Ugggggh it smells so bad," gagged the Wizard girl as she covers her button nose with her long purple scarf. Her wizard hat and sleek glasses almost fall off from how much she was coughing from smelling such a vile odor of goblin piss and rancid feces.

    The Priestess also coughed and covered her nose. Her bright blue eyes were getting watery.

    "Come on guys follow me! I know exactly where the goblins are hiding!" Sword Boy lifts up a flame torch and lights the inside of the dark cave. The rocky walls of the cave were covered with bone remains and shattered weapons.

    In the middle of the cave was a wooden stick that was implanted onto the ground of the cave. A mound of dirt surrounded this stick. On top of the stick was a human skull that had some feathers on top of it. It looked like the work of a Goblin Shaman, but the adventurers had no clue what it was as they travel deeper inside the cave.

    "Come out where ever you are! You dirty goblins!" Thunders out Sword Boy as he wildly swings around his long-sword in the air like a novice. His sword was rather pricey and elegant for a boy of his age. His parent must have bought it for him. Sword Boy was not the brightest of adventurers.

    As he swung his long-sword wildly in the air, the tip of the steel blade loudly clanked against the rocky roof of the hollow cave system and a loud *CLINK!* echoes across the cave.

    "You really are an idiot," Snarls the Wizard Girl as she tips up her glasses like a preppy girl.

    "GRRRRRRAAAAAAGH!" Suddenly a goblin tackles Sword Boy against the wall and bites his neck. "Gaaaaaaah!!!" He yells out in pain as his fresh blood splatters against the rocky walls of the cave.

    "Oh no!!!" The Priestess' sapphire eyes widen as she lifts up the flame torch she was holding in her delicate hands. In front of her were 6 goblin drones who were covered in human blood. They all surrounded the adventures and started to sinisterly chuckle and growl as they lick their nasty green lips.

    Sword Boy had awakened and alerted the goblins by swinging around his long-sword in the air like a moron. He was now paying for his retarded actions.

    The goblins all tripled teamed him and ripped off his clothes. They were about to do the unspeakable to him and three the adventurer girls in his squad.

    Priestess sapphire eyes shook with fear as she hopelessly falls to her pale slender knees and holds for dare life to her golden miracle staff. "Oh holy light grant me your powers! Holy Barrier!"She starts praying to perform a miracle barrier to help shield Sword Boy, but the goblins didn't give a single ** as they started to repeatedly stab Sword Boy on his chest and back with their rusty crude weapons. Spiked mallets, short-swords, daggers, and even axes all stabbed the Sword Boy. Priestess' weak miracle barrier powers didn't do a damn thing to protect the boy adventurer.

    "SOMEONE HELP ME!!! AAAAAAAH!!! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!" Sword Boy screams to the top of his lungs as he vomited out blood. The goblins started ripping off their dirty loincloths from their tiny green skinny legs and gripped their green erected cocks. It was goblin time for them.

    The carnage was just beginning...
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