28 Rip and tear

    "SSSTOP!!!" Priestess cries out as tears of fear formed out of her bright sapphire eyes. She was about to piss herself from how afraid she was.

    The goblins went closer to ** Sword Boy and take his ass virginity. "GAHAHAHA!!!" They all loudly shrilled as their nasty stinky long tounges started licking the boy's ears.

    Other goblins started tackling the other females in Priestess squad. Fighter girl tiger-kicked one goblin right in the face with her thick long muscular legs. "Get away!" She screams as she kicked away more goblins, warm goblin blood splatters all over her pale scared face. She was fighting for her life and for her squad members. "I will save you!" Fighter girl goes to kick off the goblin that was going to ** Sword Boy, suddenly her legs were quickly grabbed by a huge nasty smelly green hand that had long dirty yellow claws. It was a Hobgoblin, which was a taller and fatter goblin evolution that could easily lift more 300 pounds. It was a tank of a goblin and one fearsome green bastard. Hobgoblins were way slower than regular goblins, however once caught in their grip your chances of survival are slim. Especially when you are in a Goblin Hideout cave were it is pitch black and cramped. There was nowhere to hide or run. Fighter Girl didn't see the Hobgoblin cause it was so dark in the cave. All of the adventurers were ambushed in the darkness. Not even their torch flames could light up the wide and long goblin tunnels.

    "GAAAAAH!!!" Fighter screams out as her legs were being twisted and cracked by the Hobgoblin who started to lick its green lips. Drool was hanging from its mouth. It wanted to devour and ** Fighter Girl.

    Wizard girl spins around her staff and quickly uses an incantation spell and shoots a firebolt out of her wood wizard staff at the goblins and Hobgoblin.

    The flames devoured the smaller goblins and they screeched in pain. But the flames barely did any damage to the fatter Hobgoblin.

    "Wait my firebolt didn't do any damage to it!? I was the smartest wizard in my class!? That thing should be devoured and killed by my flames!!!" Egotistically says the Wizard Girl as she tips her sleek glasses up . She thought she was smarter and stronger than mere goblins. But boy she was wrong.

    "Stupid goblins! You are not match for my flames! All of you die!!!" Wizard lifts her wizard staff once more, but his time she was going to use more of her mana.

    Out of nowhere, goblins tackled the cocky Wizard Girl against the rocky walls of the cave and then rip off her long wizard cape and dress, her rather large pillowy breasts jiggled everywhere "Ahhhhhh! How dare you touch me! You filthy beasts will pay!!!"

    "Gahahaha! Rawwwwwrgh!!!"The goblins didn't give a single ** about her feeble words and bitch slap her in the face. Her glasses instantly shattered and her back slams on to the wet cave floor which was full of goblin ** and piss.

    She screams for her life as the goblins griped their green erect cocks and chuckle wildly, they were going to mate with her. Goblins didn't care which gender they **ed, however, females were mainly chosen so that they could breed with them. It is said that there are no female goblins, therefore, goblins privilege and ra.pe the human woman of many nearby villages. The scent of a human women drove them crazy, they lusted their bodies and as such all they wanted to do right now was jam their green erect cocks into Fighter Girl, Wizard Girl, and Prietress's tight pink wet virgin pussies.

    Sword Boy begins to cry of how he was about to lose his ass virginity and die. "PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!! STOP!!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!" He vomits out blood and pukes out his breakfast.

    Priestess's slender milky thighs are shaking on the rocky cave floor like a little baby lamb and she starts peeing. A stream of colorless liquid trickles down her pink panties and legs and onto the rocky floor, she was now kneeling on her own puddle of piss.

    All the goblins start laughing uncontrollably as they go to ra. pe Wizard Girl, Fighter Girl, and Sword Boy.

    One Goblins green erected veiny cock goes closer to the boy's asshole. Suddenly a combat dagger swooshes by and stabs the goblin right on its cock!

    Out from the darkness, an armored being wearing spiky silver combat armor and a black balaclava mask to only cover his mouth/nose lunges forward and kicks the handle of the dagger deeper into the goblins cock. The goblins cock explodes and it dies immediately after the kick!

    Priestess' sapphire eyes widen as she sees the carnage unfold right in front of her virgin eyes. The armored beings dark red glowing bloodthirsty eyes glared at all of the hungry goblins. [A/N: Same armor and human face as cover art. Except his mouth is masked.]

    This armored being had a demonic aura surrounding his entire metal body. "Rip and tear every single one of them." He coldly says through his black mouth mask as he picks up the dead goblins short-sword. The goblins bloody testicles were splattered against the walls of the cave. The other goblins briefly stopped what they were doing and focused at the armored being, there beady orange eyes were shaking with hunger and lust.

    The Hobgoblin doesn't care about this 'armored being' and goes to rip off Fighter Girls black-laced panties with its sharp claws, but before it could the armored being slices the Hobgoblins arm clean off like butter. The green fat beast drops Fighter Girl, "GARRRRRRRRGGGGGGH!!!" It screams out in pain as its blood splatters against the masked man's demonic face. All Priestess could see in his eyes was slaughter and death. A true demon he was. Nothing fazed this man. He feared nothing. The only thing he wanted to do was slay more goblins!

    The Hobgoblin angrily lashes around and turns to face the armored man, it quickly slams down its large metal spike mallet with its giant muscular green arms.

    The armored mask man swiftly catches the spiked mallet and stares directly into the Hobgoblins eyes. His dark red eyes pierced the Hobgoblin's very soul. It was the eyes of vengeance.

    The armored man literally crushed the 400-pound metal mallet like it was a soda can and then punches right through the Hobgoblins skull! An explosion of bloody brain matter and skull fragments splatter asked the demonic humans face.

    Priestess's mouth is wide open, it was like she had seen a God punch right through the Hobgoblins head. This man. No. This godly man had given Priestess the hope and courage she had always long for.

    "What are you doing? Hurry and get on your feet. There are more goblins to kill," The armored masked man says as he wipes off goblin blood from his face.

    "W-what is your name?" Priestess stutters as her slender shiny pale legs shake and wobble about with fear of the godly armored man lashing out on her.

    "Goblin Slayer."
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