30 Goblin Slayer

    "Goblin Slayer."

    "G-Goblin Slayer?" Priestess stutters as stands up with a wobble, her own piss still covers her thighs and feet

    "Or you can call me Slayer for short," Logan said as he stabs one goblin in the eye with an extra combat knife he had hidden under his wrists like an Assassin.

    "GWWAAARRGH!" The goblin falls to its knees while grabbing its bloody eyes in pain. Logan quickly grabs it by its tiny skull with one hand and crushes its skull with just one hand! Logan's demi-god powers were so powerful that he could easily crush skulls with his bare hands! Goblin blood, eyeballs, and brain matter splattered against Logan's lightly tanned face and silver eyes.

    In a matter of seconds Logan had slaughtered 5 goblins and now he was on top of the Hobgoblin, his elfen speed and demi-god stregth could make him jump higher than any mortal in the Goblin Slayer world. Logan pierces a short-sword he had stolen from a goblin he had killed into the Hobogoblins skull killing it on impact. Logan knew exactly were to strike his sword to land a fatal wound that would damage and pierce the middle of the Hobgoblins brain!

    The Hobgoblin falls to the ground with a loud *THUD!*

    Logan jumps down and tosses away the goblins short-sword and picks up a torch.

    "Are all three of you alright?" Logan said. He was referring to Wizard Girl, Priestess, and Fighter girl. They all nodded their heads with shocked faces which were covered in goblin blood. When Logan was slicing off goblin heads and arms the goblin's blood had splashed all over their sexy bodies.

    "What about that boy over there!?" Priestess cries out as she points over to Sword Boy's twitching bloody body. His whole body was covered in stab marks and his eyes were stabbed out, he was in bad shape and hanging on for dear life.

    "It's already too late," Logan stabs the boy adventurer in the neck with his trusty combat dagger and kills him instantly without any remorse.

    "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!? WE COULD HAVE SAVED HIM!?" Priestess cries out as tears form from her sapphire eyes and she starts pounding and slapping on Logan's buff with her tiny palms. She disliked Logan's brutal merciless ideas of killing someone they could have saved.

    "I ended his misery, he was going to eventually die. No amount of magic or miracles could have saved this boy," Logan stands up as he wipes off the adventurer boy's blood off his dagger's blade. He didn't want the blood of the boy to ruin and rust his most prized dagger which he forged himself. This was the same dagger he used to kill his first goblin.

    "All of you get out of here. I some unfinished business to do," Logan says as his dark red eyes started to glow. He usually had silver eyes, but right now he was pissed off. He could sense and smell a goblin nest nearby. A stinking breeding hole full of vileness.

    "WATCH OUT!' Screams out Priestess as a goblin lunges towards Logan with a spike metal mallet.

    Suddenly out nowhere a circular steel shield slams against the goblins face shattering its teeth and skull. A fully armored man with a spartan-knights helmet was seen in the darkness.

    The hit goblin tries to get back up on its feet but was quickly pinned down to the ground by the fully armored man whose dark red eyes were glowing out of the visor of his knight's helmet. A puff of steam came out of the helmet visor's steel support pillars.

    "GWAAAARRRRGH!" The goblins screeched out in pain.

    "The best goblin is a dead goblin," Darkly says the fully armored man as he picks up the goblins own spiked mallet and slams into the goblins skull. Bloody brain chunks splatter against the armor man's helmet.

    "EEEEEEYAAAAAH!" Screams Priestess as goblin blood and meat splashes all over her face.

    "So good of you to join me brother," Logan smirks inside of his black mask mouth visor.

    "Um-ah what is your name?" Priest trees ask the fully armored man.

    "Goblin Slayer."

    "Wait there is two of you!?" Priestess sapphire eyes widen with disbelief. She had heard myths about a Silver Rank adventurer who only kills goblins, but she never that there would be two Goblin Slayers!

    "Let's get going. There are more goblins to kill," Logan said as held up a flame torch and look over to his brother Goblin Slayer.

    "Let me go with you two! Its the least I can do to repay you!" Priestess bows down to Logan's armored boots like he was a god.

    "Whatever." Logan walks away into the darkness of the goblin tunnels.

    "Lets us join you as well," Both say Fighter Girl and Wizard Girl.

    Logan was already gone. He didn't have any time to waste. He only had time to kill goblins.

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