31 Problem Solved

    It seems someone was right in the message board. I will not use any kind of Japanese or translations characters. It wasn't the R word or whatever. However, it will now be written as R*ape or something.

    I will reboot this novel tomorrow. So I will post a direct link tomorrow once chapters are up. I know some of you didn't want this, but it is what's best for the story. So with saying that. I will be posting 10 edited chapters tomorrow on the reboot then all current chapters should be up by Saturday. About 5 new chapters should also be on Saturday so I have enough time to prepare. Power Stones will be up.

    I have read the current GS manga chapters and I have been reading the Light Novels. All I have to say is wow. Very gritty stuff. Anyways I will edit the reboot chapters and add some extra stuff including longer chapters 1,000-2,000 words no more 800 words.

    My upload list is:

    Spiderman Evolution

    Reincarnated: Goblin Slayer

    Lewd System

    Rwby: Dark System

    Overgeared System

    [New story]: Akame Ga Kill X Zero Ga Kill: This will have new characters from Akame Ga Kill both from the past and future. This will be up next week with 5 advance chapters up. I will be planning ahead for this novel.

    If you become a Pa treon member you will always get extra chapters and daily chapters as well as harem choice.

    Sorry for the delay. Once everything is fixed I promise this story will get better.

    Support: https://www.pa. treon.com/ghostybones

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