Thirty thousand feet in the sky is a black cargo plane with three occupants, two pilots and one Hydra Agent, and that would be me code name Zeus.

    Today is a very special day for me as I am about to carry out my very first mission for Hydra...an assassination mission, how cool is that.

    My targets name is Bous, a warlord located in Ethiopia. He made alliance with Hydra but unfortunately for him, Hydra is pulling out of East Africa because they discovered that the small country of Wakanda isn't what it seems.

    "We can't bring attention to ourselves just yet and if we continue operating in East Africa, Wakanda will caught on so we are cutting our losses and tie up loose ends" as said by Hydra High Command.

    This meant Bous had to go bye-bye and that's where I come in, Bous is my graduation test.

    "How long to the drop zone?" I asked the pilot.

    "HALO drop point in twenty minutes" the pilot replied.

    Twenty minutes, I guess I have some time to tell you a brief version of my life story and I how become part of Hydra.

    My story beings on my birthday seventeen years ago, my mum gave birth to me and left me in front of an orphanage. I never did find out why she left me, but no biggie, being a really cute baby, I was adopted like a week later by a lovely couple.

    This lovely couple happened to be Hydra agents that need a child to make there cover as a happy married couple more believable and nothing sells a happy marriage than a cute baby....most of the time.

    For four years this couple took care of me like I was there child, feeding me, playing with me, taking me to school...it was such a happy life, at least it was until my fifth birthday.

    Dad said I couldn't have a party because I was being punished for disobeying him, so I lifted him with one hand like one of my teddy bears...yes I had teddy bears...still do actually... any way like I said l lifted him with one hand and the proceeded to throw him straight through the kitchen window in to the bad yard.

    The sight of my dad unconscious in the back yard with mum checking to see whether he was still alive brought tears to my eyes...it was so **ing funny.

    Ahhh... I should have taken pictures.

    So after that incident, my parents reported what happened to their handlers and eventually Hydra high command, who sent a team to take me to science facility for experimentations.

    The scientists were happy to receive me as a test subject, but there smiles soon disappeared.

    Needles, scalpels and various other sharp objects couldn't penetrated my skin. It was like having armour for skin and it really pissed them off so.

    With their inability to take tissue and blood samples, Hydra decided to lock me up as I was too dangerous to be set loose, but sadly for them, ten minutes in my cell was enough to drive me crazy, so I broke through the walls and began touring the science facility.

    Security was sent to capture me but they all ended up with their heads planted in the ground like ostriches, another sight I found amusing.

    "Sir, we can't have the child in our facility anymore, his making doing our work impossible" the head of the facility complied to the High Council.

    "Can't you just drug him to keep him docile" the doctor was asked.

    "I tried, the child is immune to every drug we have put in his food, even poison" The doctor replied.

    The council were shocked by the doctor's reply.

    "Poison, Doctor?" a council member asked.

    "There was a time when things got bad man, I just wanted to kill him, but....*sigh*...so please I am begging you, take him away from this facility" the doctor pleaded.

    The High council members looked amongst themselves, "I think this child could be a very valuable agent for Hydra" a council member said.

    "I am agree, strength plus immunity to drugs and poison, he has very thing agents would kill for"

    And with that I was enrolled in to Hydra Academy an institute design to train Hydra operatives and future leaders from the young age of 10.

    Over the next five years I prove myself to be the apex of perfection mastering every lesson taught from, hand to hand combat, weapons training to espionage. I even jumped to advanced classes learning seduction and assassination.

    By age 13, I was good enough to take on mission like any graduated agent and succeed, but Hydra didn't think so.

    I returned to my room in pure rage after my 100th rejection for early graduation and field work and that is when it happened, I stood in the middle of my room, screaming out to release my rage and that is when arcs of electricity shoot out of my body and blow up the room.

    That was the day I developed a new ability to added to my growing super strength, speed and invulnerable, I now had electro kinesis.

    When security got to my room they found with my eyes glowing gold with arcs of gold electricity moving all over my body, standing in the rumble that used to be my room.

    I thought after awakening these new powers Hydra would give me what I wanted, but I was wrong, I had to endure another four years of training in which I learnt how to control my abilities to perfection.

    I am now seventeen years old and hydra decided it was time to set me loose on the world but not before giving me my code name, Zeus which was perfect given my powers.

    "Sir, we are coming up on the drop zone in twenty seconds" the pilot suddenly said.

    I stood up from my seat and headed to the back where I pushed a button that opened the back ramp of the plane.

    The ramp slowly opened to reveal grey clouds with nothing but darkness below them.

    "Reaching drop zone in 3...2....1.GO"

    I smiled and jumped out of the plane 30000 feet above the ground and began free falling straight to the ground.
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