"Thank you for rescuing us"

    "You are our saviour"

    "Bless you, Oh bless you"

    "The nightmare is over"

    All these were cried out by the survivors after I blow the brains out of the last rebel.

    "It's what I was sent to do" I replied to them.

    The smiles on their faces was proof that they were really grateful for want I had done for them.

    "Gather all your thing and move to the trucks, you don't want to be here when rebel reinforcements come" I said to then in a serious voice.

    When they heard rebel reinforcement, the women quickly gather there belongs and the children jumping in the trucks used by the rebels.

    Luckly for me, some of the survivors where able to drive trucks so no stress for me.

    "Are you coming with us?" one of the leaders of the survivors asked me.

    "Nope, I need to buy you people time to get away" I replied.

    "You are a brave man"

    "Thank so much for doing this for us"

    "If you survive I am willing to become your wife"

    Behind my mask I smiled at their compliments before the truck roared to life and began moving away from the village.

    When the trucks were a mile out, I pushed a button on my watch and trucks went up in flames as plastic explosives went off.

    I smiled at the rising flames and plumes of smoke as they were proof that my mission was complete, Bous...dead, rebels...dead, and civilians on site...dead.

    I tapped the back of my ear and turned communications back on, "this is Zeus, mission complete"

    "Copy that. New mission directive, destroy all evidence of Hydra on site. Over"

    As ordered, I proceeded to pour a special kind of chemical all over the compound and lit it causing invisible flames to manifest and begin burning everything, buildings, the rebel's bodies and even the Hydra weapons they were using.

    Satisfied that my job was done, I left the scene of the crime and began sprinting towards the LZ, when all of a sudden I felt the hairs on the back on my neck stand up.

    I stop sprinting and looked behind to see a black sleek jet coming to hover above me.

    I was able to look in to the jet and spot the pilot. It was a man wearing a Black Panther mask and suit, next to him was a beautiful black woman with white hair.

    Hmmm...I guess Wakanda finally caught on.

    "Are you the one responsible for the death of Bous, his rebels and the innocent civilians?" a male voice came over the PA system.

    I nodded my head.

    "I understand killing the warlord and his rebel, but why the civilians" a female voice asked.

    I just shrugged my shoulder as a reply.

    "Monster" the woman said.

    Behind my mask I smiled at her compliment before removing an explosive from my utility bag, throw it at the jet and detonated it when it was close enough to do damage.

    The jet jerk back from the explosion but didn't receive any damage.

    A force field.

    I immediately bent my knees and launched myself straight at the jet, coating my fist with arcs of electricity, I punched the force field with all my strength.

    There was a sudden surge of power in the jet as the force field was taxed to the max before it failed, dropping and leaving the jet open to attacks.

    I performed a forward roll somersault in mid-air, coating my feet with electricity I kicked off the jet sending large volts of power throughout the ship.

    The jets internal systems couldn't handle the suddenly surge of power and blow causing the jet to crash down to the ground.

    I landed on the ground and immediately raised my arms to block a kick form the Black Panther who was able to exit the jet and launched an attack all in the space of three seconds.

    Pushing back his leg, I landed a full strength punch on his chest sending him flying away and marvelled in awe seconds later when I saw him  execute a mid-air somersault and land on his feet, like a cat.

    I guess cats do land on their feet.

    "You are a lot stronger than you look, if it wasn't for this Vibranium suit, I would be dead" Black Panther spoke as he rubbed his chest.

    Vibranium, I guess I will have to hit him harder, with a single though, I called for electricity to cover both my fists as I was about to beat a Prince to death.

    Suddenly, I felt the wind begin to pick up as dark cloud began to surround the area like a storm was about to begin.

    "I am going to struck you down monster" a woman voice said.

    I turned to my right and on the crashed jet stood the beautiful black woman from earlier with her eyes glowing white and her hair dancing in the wind as she slow began to levitate in to the air.

    "Eat some lightning" she said as a bolt of lightning fall out of the dark clouds and struck me.

    I expected getting hit by lightning to hurt a bit, but it didn't. In fact, when the lightning hit me, I felt my body absorb all of it causing a wave of comfort and familiarity, like me and lightning were once one and the same.

    "Impossible" the woman said. She then summon multiple bolts of lightning to rain down on me but the result was the same.

    I like the lightning woman, but not enough to let her live. So push off the ground I moved at top speed creating a blur and then jumping in to the air grabbing the woman by her throat and dropping down to the ground.

    "Ororo, NOOOO" Black Panther scream when he say me grab her out of the air. He then run straight at me with his claws out but he only got a electric charge round house kick across his face sending him flying straight in to his crushed jet.

    I turned away from the Prince to the black beauty struggling to get free of my grip and began to slowly crush her throat.

    All of a sudden a voice came over my communications device "That is enough Agent Zeus, they weren't you objective, withdraw to the LZ"

    I let go of the black beauty who was now on the ground coughing, coating my entire body with gold coloured electricity, I turned towards the LZ and began sprinting leaving a sudden bust of wind.
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