"Thank you for rescuing us"

    "You are our saviour"

    "Bless you, Oh bless you"

    "The nightmare is over"

    All these were cried out by the survivors after I blow the brains out of the last rebel.

    "It's what I was sent to do" I replied to them.

    The smiles on their faces was proof that they were really grateful for want I had done for them.

    "Gather all your thing and move to the trucks, you don't want to be here when rebel reinforcements come" I said to then in a serious voice.

    When they heard rebel reinforcement, the women quickly gather there belongs and the children jumping in the trucks used by the rebels.

    Luckily for me, some of the survivors where able to drive trucks so no stress for me.

    "Are you coming with us?" one of the leaders of the survivors asked me.

    "Nope, I need to buy you people time to get away" I replied.

    "You are a brave man"

    "Thank so much for doing this for us"

    "If you survive I am willing to become your wife"

    Behind my mask I smiled at their compliments before the truck roared to life and began moving away from the village.

    When the trucks were a mile out, I pushed a button on my watch and trucks went up in flames as plastic explosives went off.

    I smiled at the rising flames and plumes of smoke as they were proof that my mission was complete, Bous...dead, rebels...dead, and civilians on site...dead.

    I tapped the back of my ear and turned communications back on, "this is Zeus, mission complete"

    "Copy that. New mission directive, destroy all evidence of Hydra on site. Over"

    As ordered, I proceeded to pour a special kind of chemical all over the compound and lit it causing invisible flames to manifest and begin burning everything, buildings, the rebel's bodies and even the Hydra weapons they were using.

    Satisfied that my job was done, I left the scene of the crime and began sprinting towards the LZ.

    The LZ was about 20 mile away near the Kenyan border and it took me only a few seconds to reach there and waiting for me, was a Quinjet.

    The back ramp of the opened and out came the pilot.

    "Sir, I have been order to take to your next assignment"

    With a confused expression on my face I asked, "Assignment?"

    "The mission pack is on the jet waiting for your view" the pilot replied.

    I entered the jet and a tablet with the Hydra logo was in a seat waiting for me.

    I picked it up, "retinal scan required"

    I removed my mask and let the green beam of light scan my eyes. When it was done, a video began playing.

    "Well done agent Zeus, you executed your mission to perfection proving to me that you can handle this next assignment...."

    The man on the video was none other than Wolfgang Von Strucker, the head of Hydra and a man I promised myself I would kill eventually. But that is a story for another day.

    "....your assignment is to infiltrate a school in Salem, New York called Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and collect data on all its students. Good Luck"

    The video ended and information on this school appeared. It was school created by a Prof Charles Xavier to provide an environment for mutants to grow and develop without persecution from the outside world.

    Hmmm...so I am to join as a mutant and collect data on the students and relay it directly to Wolfgang.

    I smiled because this assignment sound like it would be a lot of fun, hanging out with people my age and doing teenage things.


    A few hours later, the Quinjet was landing a few miles from the school, were a car was waiting for me.

    The doors to the car opened and a man and woman stepped out.

    "And who might you be?" I asked them.

    "We are you parents dropping you at school" the man replied.

    Ah, agents posing as my parents, nice touch.

    I changed out of my combat uniform in to civilian clothes and jumped in to the car with my parents, and headed to the school.

    "So are you guys really married?" I asked the agents.

    They both ignored my question and kept the eyes on the road.

    "Have you ever had sex with each other?"

    They both still ignored me and kept the eyes on the road but I noticed a small blush on their faces.

    I began laughing, "Good luck in your relationship" I said to them because Hydra didn't approve of relationships, unless they are assigned to you.

    The car came to stop at a gate, the male agent stepped out and rang the bell next to the gate.

    "How can I help you?" a voice came over the intercom.

    "My son is different and I heard this place can fix that" the male agent replied.

    There was a buzz and the gate began to slowly open. With the agent back in the car, he began to drive towards a massive mansion in the distance.

    "This is a school" I said out loud in amazement.

    In my defense the only school I knew was Hydra academy which is located in an underground facility in a mountain range covered my snow.

    The car came to a stop in front of an arch way that led to a beautiful oak door.

    Along with my parents, we stepped out of the car just as the oak door opened to reveal a man in a wheel chair.

    The man smiled, "Welcome to my school, please do come in"
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