We accepted the man in the wheel chair invitation and enter in to the mansion.

    The inside of on the mansion was exactly what I expected it to be, big, oldish and everything looking expensive.

    "Welcome to my home and school, please follow me"

    My parents and I walked behind the man in the wheel chair and followed him in to an office that had a big bookshelf filled with books on literature, philosophy, evolution and geography.

    "Please have a seat"

    We took our seats and looked at the man in the wheel chair.

    "My name is Charles Xavier, could I please know your names?"

    The male agent spoke, "My name is John Smith, my wife is Jane Smith and our son is...."

    "Zain" I said.

    The John and Jane looked at me with a stare, clearly saying 'that isn't the name you were assigned for this mission'

    "Well John, Jane and Zain, why did you come to see me?" Xavier asked.

    John looked Xavier in the eye and said, "Our son is...different and we heard you were an expert at different"

    "So can you fix our son?" Jane asked.

    Xavier looked at John and Jane then at me, "are you different?" he asked me.

    Looking at Xavier my eyes began to glow gold as a lightning storm began raging in them. I then covered my entire body in arcs of gold lightning.

    All this happened for just a few seconds before I cancelled the lightning, I smiled then said, "Yes, I am different"

    Xavier was quiet for a moment before asking, "How long have you been able to manifest these powers?"

    "Which powers, the lightning, the super strength or the super speed?" I asked.

    A look of awe appeared on Xavier's face, "you have more than one power?"

    I nodded my head.

    "Interesting, please tell me when all you powers manifested"

    "At age five, I developed super strength then at age seven I developed super speed running at speeds of about 233mph and finally at the tender age of thirteen that's when the lightning come out to play"

    There was a brief silence as Xavier absorbed what I just told him.

    "So can you help our son?" Jane asked.

    Xavier looked at Jane and said, "He doesn't need my help, his able to control his abilities with such ease. This school is for people who can't control their abilities or for those that are persecuted for being mutants and don't have a home and Zain here looks like his in control and has a home that cares for him"

    John sighed and looked at Jane, "I told you coming here was a mistake, this place can't cure our freak of a son"

    Jane nodded her head in agreement, "It would seem so, such a waste of time, come Zain we are leaving"

    I shook my head, "I will be staying, there is no way I am not going to be in a place where they are people like me"

    John and Jane looked like they were about to say something, when Xavier suddenly said, "Okay, if you want to stay, then stay. I established this place to be a home for mutants."

    "Good, then you can keep the freak and return him when he is cured. Come Jane, we are leaving"

    John and Jane stood up and walked out the office then out the front door. There was a sound of an engine starts then the sound of a car driving off.

    Xavier and I were the only ones left in the room looking at each other.

    "Sorry that your parents don't accept you and your power" Xavier said.

    I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "After a few years you get used to the treatment"

    Xavier smiled, "you don't have to worry about being treated differentially here, we are all alike" he said.

    "Really, you are also a mutant not just some billionaire philanthropist making mutants his cause" I asked.

    "I am just like you" I heard Xavier's voice in my mind.

    "Telepathy" I said out loud.

    "Yes I am" Xavier replied.

    A smile appeared on my face, I had a feeling this mission was going to be very easy, especially if every mutant at this school has the urge to show off there powers.

    "So Zain, do you want to meet the other students at this school?" Xavier asked.

    "Yes I would love that" I said as I jumped up on to my feet.

    Xavier smiled at my excitement.

    "He must be really eager to meet others like him" Xavier thought to himself.

    Xavier's chair turned and began to roll out the door in to the hallway then a cross to the other side of the mansion with me following behind.

    Xavier led me out in to a court yard which had trees, pristine grass and a water fountain with fish swimming, it felt like such a peaceful place.

    In this court yard they were twelve people relaxing doing their own thing. Some were reading books, listening to music, chatting and other were just lying in the grass enjoying the lovely day.

    Xavier cleared his throat and said, "Children, could I please have your attention" in a soft and clear voice.

    When the twelve people heard his voice, they all stood up and walked towards Xavier and me.

    "Professor, how are you?" someone asked.

    "I doing just fine. I called you all here to introduce a new student."

    Everyone turned and looked at me.

    "This is Zain, and starting from today on wards he will be joining our little family"

    "Hey" I said with a short wave.
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