"Play nice" Xavier said before rolling away.

    I am used to having so many eyes staring at me being the only super powered person at Hydra Academy, so having every one looking at me didn't make me uncomfortable in any way.

    "You all know who I am, so can I know who you all are?" I asked.

    The first person to step forward was a blond haired teenage boy "Hey, my name is Bobby, but everyone calls me Iceman"


    Bobby smiled as he raised his hand which was slowly turning in to clear blue ice.

    Sweet, cryokinesis.

    After Bobby introduced himself, every one began opening up.

    The next person to introduce themselves was a cute petite girl called Kitty Pryde also known as shadow cat. Her powers are phasing through solid objects.

    The other mutants were:

    Jubilation Lee also known as Jubilee, her powers are Pyrotechnic energy blasts.

    St. John Allerdyce also known as Pyro, his powers are pyrokinesis.

    Piotr Rasputin also known as Colossus, his power involves him turning himself in to steel giving him super human strength, endurance, stamina and durability.

    Clarice Ferguson a cute Asian girl also known as Blink, her power were portal teleportation.

    The next mutants were triplets, Irma, Celeste and Phoebe Cuckoos, together they have powerful telekinetic abilities and a hive mind that links them.

    Angel Salvadore also known as Tempest, her powers are flight through a pair of insect like wings and also firing acid projectiles from her mouth.

    The finally two mutants were Yukio, electrokinesis and her girlfriend, Ellie Phimister known as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, her powers, explosion manipulation.

    "So what are your powers?" Bobby asked.

    Time for me to show off.

    I covered my body in arcs of golden lightning then raising my hand to the sky and sending a blast thick gold lightning straight up in to sky.

    A wave of awe moved through the teenage mutants as they watch a thick lightning bolt flew straight up in to the sky.

    Satisfied that I had wowed my audience, I withdrew my power.

    "Wow, that was the most awesome thing I have ever seen...so much power" Bobby said.

    "I agree, I think I might have pissed my pants a little" Lee added.

    "You are strong, we should have a friendly match soon" said a thick Russian accent Piotr.

    There was lot of praise from the teenage mutants, but one statement stood out.

    "I think you might be an Alpha upper class mutant" Yukio said.

    I turned to her, "Alpha upper class... what's that?" I asked.

    Yukio replied, "All mutants powers are ranked starting with Beta, Alpha and finally Omega. Each rank is further divided in to lower, mid, upper class. Most mutant powers lay between Beta and Alpha mid class, with few being Alpha upper and even fewer being Omega"

    "Are there any Omega mutants at this school?" I asked.

    "Yes, they are two, Bobby over there and Jean Grey" Yukio quickly replied.

    I turned and looked at Bobby who had a silly smile on his face, "I find it hard to believe" I said out loud.

    "...*Sigh*... every time" Bobby said.

    Everyone laughed.

    "Don't let his goof face fool you, Bobby is a very powerful mutant" Kitty said.

    I made a mental note to find out the true depths of Bobby's powers later, they is no why he can really be an Omega mutant.

    "You said the other Omega mutant is Jean Grey, I would love to meet her,

    Where can I find her?" I asked.

    "If Jean isn't with the Professor, then she is out on an X men mission with Scott"

    "X men..." I said with a confused expression on my face.

    "It's the name we gave ourselves because of the X gene that makes us what we are."

    "So what are Jean's powers?"

    "She is a very powerful telepathy and telekinetic user"

    When I heard her powers, I it made me want to meet her even more.

    Suddenly I remember something, there is another mutant with Jean "Who is Scott?" I asked

    "Scott Summers is the leader of the X men, after the Professor."

    "Leader, then his powers must be something to behold, what are they?"

    "His powers are firing powerful laser blast from his eyes"

    Laser eyes, this is must see.

    Suddenly there was a roar in the sky, looking up I saw a black sleek looking jet fly over the mansion.

    "Looks like they are back form there mission" Bobby said.

    All the mutants in the court yard began heading back in to the mansion, and they all seemed excited for some reason.

    "What is with the sudden excitement?" I asked the triplets who were comfortable walking at the back of the pack.

    "Rumour has it that this mission was to find another mutant..." Phoebe said

    "...in Egypt, Africa..." Celeste added.

    "...with the ability to manipulate the weather..." Irma joined in.

    "Isn't that exciting" all said at the same time.

    I nodded my head in agreement.

    I followed the pack in to a hallway were we all stood and began staring at an elevator door.

    We didn't have to wait long before the elevator door opened.

    The first person to step out was a man about twenty two years old wearing cool looking glass, "He must be Scott Summers"

    The next person to walk out was a beautiful black teenage girl with white hair shaped in to a Mohawk.

    Looking at her I felt a resonance deep within me, the teenage girl must have felt it to because she quickly turned and looked straight at me.

    As we stared in to each other eyes, we were overcome by a sudden attraction force that made both her and me to walk towards each other.

    We were now standing inches away from each other looking in to the others eyes. Her eyes began to turn milky white while mine began to turn gold.

    This was soon followed by small white arcs of lightning appearing to cover her body while gold arcs appeared to cover my body.

    A beautiful smile appeared on her face, "Ororo Munroe" she said.

    I mirrored her smile, "Zain" I replied.

    And just like that a connection between them was made.
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