The connection established helped me to understand Ororo and how her powers work.

    Her powers were so simpler to mine it was quite freaky.

    "Can you control the weather like me?" Ororo asked interrupting my thoughts.

    I was about to answer no I only control lightning, when I had a flash of me floating in the sky calling hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning storms decimating and entire continent.

    A whole continent gone because I summon every form of meteorological tempest that exists to end them.

    "Where the hell did that memory came from?" I asked myself, but before I could dig deeper in to my brain and search of the answer, someone touched my hand.

    I immediately looked up to see this person, who dare touch me without my permission when I saw the beautiful face of Ororo looking at me with concern.

    "Are you okay?" she asked

    I was about to reply when I felt the sudden urge to not be here anymore, I wanted to be on one of the beautiful grass hills I passed when I was coming to this school.

    Suddenly there was a bright flash of gold light and I was no longer in the mansion, I was now standing on top of the grass hill I was thinking about earlier.

    "What the hell is going on with me?" I scream out loud.

    This caused dark grey clouds to suddenly appear above me with strong winds picking up and blowing all around me, it was like a storm was about to touch down.

    I took a deep breathe and calmed my mind which made the strong winds to die down and the grey clouds to dissipate just as quickly as they had formed.

    "Just who the hell am I?"

    This was a legitimate question to ask. I was having memories of a life I don't remember living and I was developing powers faster than I could process.

    Super strength, Super Speed, Lightning, Atmokinesis, Flight, teleportation... and something tells me that my powers will keep growing and increasing.

    "Just how powerful will I get?"


    Back at the mansion, fourteen mutants were left standing staring at an empty space that use to occupy Zain.

    "Okay, who was that?" Scott asked.

    "That was Zain, he just joined us today" Bobby replied.

    "Two new students in one day, what are the odds" Scott said out loud.

    Ororo didn't care for the odds, she was wondering if Zain was okay. Earlier when she asked him if he could control the weather like her, she felt a sudden change in his mood.

    "Was it something I said?" Ororo asked herself.

    There was a ding sound and the elevator opened yet again and a woman really beautiful about twenty years old with red hair and a curvaceous body walked out.

    This was Jean Grey, the other omega mutant.

    Jean looked around, "what going on here?" she asked.

    "I thought you were taking Ororo to meet the professor" Jean said to Scott.

    Scott smiled, "got side tracked, but I will take her right now."

    He turned to a distracted Ororo and said, "come on, we need to go to the professor"

    Ororo nodded her head and followed Scott down a hallway towards an office.

    Jean looked at the mutants that had gathered earlier and said, "Can you all find something productive to do"

    The mutants quickly dispersed to find other thinks to do.

    Jean shook her head as she watched then leave before she also heading towards the professor's office.


    Back on the grass hill, I was meditating as a way to collect my thoughts and control my emotions.

    When I was finally in control, I opened my eyes and very thing was clearer. I now understood my new powers and how they worked, it came to me as easily as walking.

    I stood up and using all the force my legs could generate, I jumped high in to the air and flew up in to the sky.

    I was flying, actual flying.

    The feeling of not having gravity restrict me to the earth was so liberating, it was the first time in my life I felt I could do anything I wanted and nothing or nobody could me back.

    Before I knew it, I was high up in the sky high above the cloud line looking down in the earth. For some reason looking down on the earth felt right, like the earth and everything on it belonged at the bottom on my feet with me above as supreme.

    Pushing those thoughts away, I imagined the courtyard back at the mansion and with a flash of light, I teleported from my original location in the sky in to the courtyard.

    "Moving across space with a single thought, I love teleportation"

    I looked around the empty court yard before walking back in to the mansion.

    As I walked the hallways, I smelt an amazing aroma of cooked food that caused my stomach to grumble.

    So I followed my nose to the source with turned out to be a cafeteria that was serving lunch.

    I walked and joined the line of people serving, picking a tray and filling it all the way to the top with food.

    I quickly found a table and began to dig in enjoying very flavour as it passed through my mouth to my belly.

    "Can we join you?" someone asked.

    I looked up from my plate to find Angel and Kitty standing beside my table.

    "Sure" I replied.

    The duo sat down and began looking at me instead of eating.

    "What?" I asked.

    "Are you and the new girl a thing?" Angel asked.

    I shook my head, "no, why?"

    "Because of earlier, you were staring in to each other's eyes like you were soulmates" Kitty said.

    I chuckled, "what you witnessed early was our powers resonating with each other not some fairy tale love at first sight."

    "Really, so you weren't attracted to her?" Angel asked.

    "I am attracted to her, the same way I am attracted to you and Kitty. But that doesn't mean I am in love. It just means I am a healthy seventeen year old that has sex on the brain"

    Angel and Kitty blushed at my reply, it was adorable.

    I was about to continue my meal when Ororo walked in to the cafeteria and next to her was a beautiful red head.

    "Wow, who is that?" I asked out loud.

    Angel and Kitty turned to the direction I was looking and saw Ororo with Jean.

    "That's Jean Grey" Angel replied.

    "Scott's girlfriend" Kitty added.

    Yet again Angel and Kitty mistook my interest for Jean. They thought I was only attracted to her physical appearance, but they were wrong.

    I was able to see something they couldn't, around Jean was immense power and it was slowly taking form.

    This form was still a blur, but I could swear it looked like a bird on fire.
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