Jean walked out of the professor's office in a great mood with Ororo by her side. Ororo had listen to what the professor had to say and she choose to stay at the mansion to give herself a shot at a crime free life.

    After leaving the office, Jean gave Ororo a tour of the mansion and its facilities, something she was happy to do.

    "So what next?" Ororo asked Jean after the tour came to an end.

    "Well, now we go to the cafeteria and get something to eat."

    Jean and Ororo turned down a hallway and headed to the cafeteria.

    Walking in the cafeteria, Jean and Ororo picked up trays and began to serve themselves.

    Jean picked a burger, fries and a drink, placed them on her tray and that is when she suddenly felt like someone was watching her. She shrugged her shoulder and choose to ignore the feeling, but it got so intense it made her feel uncomfortable.

    She turned around and began looking around the entire cafeteria to find the person causing her this discomfort and that is when she spot a pair of beautiful violet coloured eyes staring at her.

    Jean was immediately captivated by these eyes, they had and a softness and beauty about them that she could help but admire and fear because it felt like all her secrets were being seen through.

    Jean stop focusing on the eyes and then at the face, she felt her face heat up as her heart began to beat faster. This was her first time seeing a gorgeous man.

    "Who's that?" she asked in a low voice, but loud enough for Ororo to hear.

    Ororo looked in the direction Jean was staring and a smile appeared on her face, "That's Zain" she replied.

    "Zain...the other person to join today, I am supposed to also show him around"

    "We should go and seat with him" Ororo suggested.

    Jean nodded her head and with Ororo next to her, they walked towards Zain's table.

    When Jean and Ororo were close enough, they noticed that Zain wasn't sitting alone, there were two other people at his table.

    "Angel, Kitty" Jean said with a little surprise in her voice.

    "Hey Jean" Kitty said with a smile.

    "Hey Kitty, isn't okay if we join you" Jean asked.

    Kitty pointed at Zain, "he was here first making it his table, so you need to ask him"


    Jean turned and looked at me, "can we seat?" she asked.

    "Sure, it's a free world" I replied.

    Jean and Ororo smiled before they took their seats and just like Angel and Kitty, they didn't being eating but instead began staring at me.

    Sigh... not again.

    "My name is Jean Grey and this is Ororo Munroe" Jean said.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you Jean Grey" I said to her

    Then I moved my eyes to Ororo, "I couldn't wait to see you again Ororo, I am happy I didn't have to wait long"

    Ororo smiled then giggled, "You really couldn't wait to see me again?" she asked.

    I nodded my head, "the last time we meet, I left without warning and I do apologies for my actions"

    Ororo slowly shook her head, "it is okay. It felt like you had somethings to work out"

    I nodded my head, "I did. And to answer your question from earlier, yes, I can also control the weather"

    Ororo smiled happily and quickly replied, "So our powers are alike, that is so cool"

    Yes my power and Ororo's were the same, but it only applied to weather control.

    "You can also control weather?" a surprised Jean asked

    I nodded my head.

    "What are the odds two people with the same abilities arrive on the same day?" Angel asked.

    With no answer to this question, we went back to having our lunch.

    After having lunch, I planned to have a nap then send Wolfgang my report, but I didn't have a room assigned to me yet.

    "I could just teleport back to the academy" I thought to myself.

    But I quickly shot down that idea, I didn't want Hydra to find out about my new found abilities....at least not yet.

    "Uh...Zain" Jean suddenly said.

    I turned to her.

    "I am supposed to show you around"

    "Okay, lead the way"

    I stood and followed behind Jean.

    "We start our tour on the first floor which is where we find the...."

    Jean was rumbling on about what was found on each floor of the mansion, but I wasn't paying attention, which wasn't my fault.

    Walking behind Jean I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a really tight pair of black jeans that were emphasising her tight perky bubble butt.

    With every step she took, her hips swayed making her tight perky bubble butt move in a hypnotic manner pulling all my attention.

    "Damn... Scott is a like guy" I said to myself.

    If only she could..., the things I would do to her...

    "....and behind this door is your room... hey, are you even listening to me?" Jean suddenly asked bring his mind back to earth.

    I looked her in the eye and replied honestly, "I didn't hear a single word you said because I was distracted"

    "By what?" she asked.

    I gave her a once over before saying, "I was distracted by you"

    Jean smiled at me, "I am faltered, but I have a boyfriend"

    "Right, Scott. Is he any good?"

    "What do you mean?" she asked

    "You know what I mean"

    "No I don't, could you please emphases your question?"

    I took a single step towards her, "does he satisfy you sexually?"

    Jean's chick turned a shade pink at the boldness of me question before she replied, "That is none of your business"

    "So that is a no he doesn't"

    "I said, it's none of your business" she replied.

    I could see the frustration building so I decided to keep pushing.

    "It's okay, not everyone is good at it" I said with a look of pity on my face.

    This finally pushed her over the edge, "So what if barely satisfies me, his love is more than enough"

    A look of disbelief appeared on her face, she couldn't believe what she had just said.

    "Do you honestly think his love can make up for the inadequate sex?" I asked her.

    "Yes, I believe so" she replied with conviction.

    With a swift motion I covered the distance between me and Jean, holding her by her slim waist, a pulled towards me.

    "What are you doing, let me go" Jean said as she struggled to get free.

    "I am putting your beliefs to the test" I replied before I kissed her.

    She began to push at my chest to stop the kiss, but this only encouraged me to keep going, invading her mouth with my tongue.

    After a few seconds of tongue invasion, her struggling stopped and she began to kiss me back with her sweet sexy lips starting to sync movement with mine.

    She began to run her hands on my upper chest as her kissing become more aggressive.

    It was then that I stopped kissing her.

    "Don't stop" she whispered.

    Letting go of her and said, "You failed the test"

    I turned away from her and opened a door leading to my room.

    Before I entered I gave Jean and over the shoulder look, "You can find love in one person and pleasure in another, don't deny yourself pleasure just because you think love is enough"

    After speaking, I entered my room and closed the door behind me.
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