1 its all in the pas

    YEAR 2054


    Christmas Eve

    Guys behave yourself peter said to his kids as he stopped his car, his kids started running towards a house.

    Peters POV:

    The house is not too old but no too new either,it is what "families" call as home.My childhood memories reside here.Every time I see it it reminds me of my childhood.

    (pov ends)

    Dad dad come excitedly shouted a cute girl who approx.. 8 years old. Along with the little loli there are two more boys who were equally excited to be there.

    Just when peter parked his car and about to go, he saw a silver land rover coming towards them. He knew at a glance that it was his sisters.

    The car stopped in front of peter,inside was a fair skinned and a decent beauty who share a bit similarities with peter.

    Peter's POV:

    She's my elder sister.She has two kids both are beautiful angels

    (pov ends)

    "hey susan it's good to see you in good health "

    Susan's POV:

    It is always feels good to see this house everytime. I may have married and moved on but this house even now makes me feel like a kid. My health deterioted a bit due to my recently born kid.

    (pov ends)

    "hey peter everythings fine, come let's go inside mom and dad will be waiting for us"

    The kids didn't wait for their parents and started ringing the door bell.

    The door slowly opened and a women in her late sixties appeared, she was old and graceful and she was definitely  beauty in her youth.

    Seeing the kids she was all smiles.

    The kids saw curiously at the old woman and then excitedly hugged her while calling her grandmother.

    After the kids the the brother sister familes also welcomed themselves into the house.

    "mom wheres dad" asked susan

    "you know your father he always keeps himself busy , even after growing old he is like that" just as she was telling this to her daughter, a man in his late sixties was climbing down from the stairs, the little loli quickly observed him and started running towards him screaming "Grandfather".

    That old man saw this little loli and hugged her and all the kids also gathered towards him. The old man was laughing seeing his grandchildren and reached to the centre of the hall where his wife and kids were.

    The familes of both peter and susan quickly greeted him and the whole family gathered around a dinning table, with each one bringing their own gifts for the Christmas.

    Peter And Susans POV:

    Every year their both families goes to their fathers house for celebrating Christmas eve and Christmas, it sort of became a tradition of the family since they were kids.

    (pov ends)

    Later that night the kids were pretty excited waiting for their grandfather to come and tell them a story. The kids likes to listen to the stories told by their grandfather everytime.

    The old man slowly came into the room where the kids were and spoke "okay kids so what would you like to listen today"

    One of the kids shouted "grandpa tell us about the FLASH"

    Another loli shouted "no, grandpa tell us about SUPERGIRL"

    Another two little guys said" grandpa tell us about the LEGENDZ"

    And a few kids also shouted "BATWOMEN" as well.

    The old man looked at his excited grandkids and quickly said "ok kiddos don't fight, today I will tell you all about the Age Of Superheroes and how it all began" and the old man secretly mumbled about himself thinking  that a certain someone should not be there in that original age of superheroes.

    The kids happily shouted "yuppyyyyyyyyy"

    Looking at his grandkids and started recalling and said " it all began on a certain night of 2010 in CENTRAL CITY............"
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