2 its central city

    In a lonely alley there's an inconspicuous small shop,if one looks closely we can see the title plate a little broken.Suddenly there was a scream in this shop,the owner of the voice was a white guy with sharp western features and a height of around 190cm.

    "where am I, what is this place" while looking at his surroundings. "I should have been going to my girlfriends to enjoy valentine's day with her,and the next moment I'm here, I don't even where is here as well"

    I quicly looked around that it was a little big room with all the papers scattered, and all the things are out of place as well and it can be described as being in a mess.

    Then I checked that it was definitely not my hand, I quicly rushed to the nerby mirror and I was shocked to see a strangers face which has somehow became mine now. It took me sometime to adjust to the fact that I crossed," well atleast the face is handsome "sigh" "

    I suddenly fell on the ground with intense headache, it's as if somebody is trying to open my brain, a large amount of information started flowing in, after a few seconds which felt like ages to me I suddenly understand that the name of this body is Christopher Rogers in his early 20's, he is a private detective in central city, and the reason for this messy room is the long term girlfriend left him for a rich guy, guess that explains the reason for the messy room . Well poor guy I sighed after  knowing the original owner, no wait a second did it say central city, wait something's not right, while I was trying to remember I saw that the tv in front of me started playing the news:

    News reporter:" today, it has been 3 years since Mr queen and his son Oliver Queen has been missing and tll now no information has been obtained of their wherabouts"

    After seeing this news it's like a thunderbolt has hit me, "oh! My god it sems I have crossed I have crossed to Arrowverse, not at all good, let me see the year "

    After seing the year to be 2010 I relaxed a bit, but only a bit because the arrowverse starts in 2012 and from then on all ** breaks loose..

    Then I suddenly remember from the fanfics I read that the crossed guy should have a golden finger or some some powers for self defence, for the next one hour I tried all the weird postures to call for a system or some random powers, and nothing seems to happen " well I guess fanfics are fanfics after all this is real life"

    "well since this is central city, there should be barry allen right!, atlest I should be friends with him somehow, he may be ordinary right now but in the future I guess everyone knows what he will become"

    Well for the time being I cleaned this **ty shop and was thinking wether to continue being a P.I like the original owner, "I should say that the original rogers was quite a Sherlock I guess, and I have also got those qualities as well also" after thinking for a while I decided to continue being  P.I and help out people and earn few bucks, well I may not be hero like in fanfics but saving people doen't require a mask or a cape is'nt it.

    "don't worry dude since I took your body I will try to lead a great life"

    Just when I tidied up the office room and thinking about ways to befriend barry, the door bell rang and an old man in his 70's came in........

    "is this the Roger's detective agency" the old man enquired

    Christopher's eyes were glowing since he got his first client after crossing here

    " yes yes this rogers detective agency, how may I help you" replied chris enthusiastically

    The old man desperately asked " my granddaughter is missing please help me"
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