4 its barry allen

    I'm finally here, infront of me is CCPD(central city police department), well I'm a bit nervous certainly not because of the case but rather extremely excited to see the fictional people in my previous life being very much lively here. After taking a long breath I walked into it, by the way the other day ben was more shocked than me, ha ha that might be due because I accepted his case, well any rational guy would definely consider him to be a lunatic but not me because here is arrowverse where everything is possible.

    As I entered the CCPD I looked around for a bit to see the familiar people, but none was found, while I was looking around a cop came to me "sir what is your business here"

    I looked at the cop and smiled "I,m looking for det. Joe west "

    "are you looking for me"

    I turned around to find a typical  black uncle with an amiable attitude, and standing besides him was oh holy ** it's fuc...ng barry allen and he looks exactly as grant gustin. I tried to calm myself and reacted

    "det. Joe this is chris rogers a P.I, here to talk to about a case" and I showed him my license

    Joe looked surprised at me(maybe b'coz of my young age) and asked "well come to my cabin"

    While I was exchanging words with joe, I was secretly observing barry, well I guess his attitude is pretty much introverted  and a little clumsy before he became a superhero.

    "what's your business here" joe directly enquired

    Well I guess your typical joe, I looked at barry and then at joe, signaling if it is ok to talk in presence of barry, to which joe signaled to be ok.

    "mr joe you might of hear about zed martin"

    "yes, but there are no records of her ever existing, we ruled off the case"

    "mr joe I think she exists because what I see in that old man is pure love and suffering for his grandkid, not madness"

    "mr. chris I get what you are trying to say but how to find a girl who doesn't exist"

    "I get it mr. joe but there are things which are deemed impossible and absurd, but they exist  nonetheless"

    And after few exchanges, I thought of going, because police station is of no help at all

    "thank you for your time det. Joe"

    After coming out of CCPD I sighed, guess your regular cops can't solve anything, well if I remember cops were always decorations in central city when ** breaks loose. And this case is definely a **ty one.

    In CCPD, after chris left

    Barry suddenly got up and looked at joe " joe I have some plans with iris so I'll leave first"

    Joe " okay,  see u later bar"

    While looking at the hurriedly leaving barry, joe thought about barry's mom's death and after a while "nah! It's not possible"

    While at the same time chris was thinking about the impossible case, he heard someone calling him from behind, while turning around I saw  barry panting. I was surprised thinking barry coming to find myself, is this a dream, it took me few seconds to realise that it is real, well passing people posses some luck at least.

    "are you calling me"

    "mr. chris my name is  barry allen,  this is a bit sudden but do you really believe in the impossible"

    Duh! I know who you are, feeling excited. After hearing the question I instantly remembered about barry's circumstances about his thirst for the impossible.

    "mr.allen it's no problem, but I think that there are extraordinary circumstances in this world which are impossible to believe but they do exist"

    Barry's eyes were sparkling "mr chris do you really believe it"

    "yes, mr allen the impossible things definitely exist"

    "mr chris I know it is a bit abrupt but can I take part in your investigation"


    Somewhere else;

    "have the random people been brought safely"

    "yes, everything is erased about their life "

    "then start preparing the formula"
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