5 its Mystery Time

    Well I came to zed's house, with barry and well he was pretty much trying to be serious, and not trying to geek out as this being his first investigation, and yes he is an intern at the CCPD at this point of time.

    "Michael let me on the info."

    "mr.rogers that night there was a scream definitely and there were people with black hoods with glowing eyes, I swear they were demons"

    "thanks Michael, you can go now" as I tipped him off

    Well the previous chris use to gather his info from the streets and had a few people who gave close to genuine info. Michael is one such informers for chris.

    Well after searching the house, I found bits of residue near the walls

    "barry have you got anything"

    "nothing chris except for the mess in here there is no proof of any persons DNA, which is pretty weird"

    "what's weird"

    "being a girls house there should be something that belongs to her, but it's as if there is nothing that belongs to her at all"

    And yes barry and I became friends in few hours, he being an amiable guy or our common interest in the impossible.

    And after nothing was gained (except for lots of paintings) from zeds house, we went off. In those heaps of painting there was a painting of a guy wearing a shirt, red tie and a long trench coat, if chris would have seen this portrait he would have recognised him as "Constantine".

    After thinking about the residue found, I suspect it to be magic(curtesy to the knowledge from tv shows I have seen in previous life). Then I picked up my phone and called my childhood friend(or rather the previous chris friend)

    "hey alena this is chris, how are you"

    "oh!  Chris whats the matter this time"

    "come on alena, it's not like I don't call you when there is nothing important"

    "get it chris you only call me when there is something, now get on with it"

    "come on I call you because you are the best out there"

    "ok ok stop buttering me up, what's the matter"

    "can you get me the list of weird missing peoples cases"

    "what weird, explain chris"

    Then I told her everything about zeds case, from the memory of the previous chris I can safely assume alena to be trustworthy although a bit eccentric.

    "well chris it's lot weird, let me see what I can do" then I hung up the phone

    Then barry came to me and asked

    "who was it chris"

    "she's my friend"

    "can she help us in the case"

    "I don't know but she has certain expertise in using computers"

    Then I went to my office along with barry while waiting for the call. After a while the phone rang

    "chris I found about a dozen cases based on your description, not only in central city but starling city as well also"

    "thanks for the info alena, oh by the way is there anything strange things like blackout happening anywhere near both cities"

    "there's no blackout but all the radios seems to have stopped working in a certain area of starling city"

    My eyes glowed listening to this "thanks a lot alena"

    "be careful chris" she hung up

    Alena's place,

    "who was it "

    "just helping a friend"

    "ok but concentrate on our next operation"

    "no problem boss" and she started working , if we look closely at her computer we see a name on bottom read Kojo Sledgehammer

    Meanwhile, chris and barry boarded a train to star city...
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