6 its Mystery Time 2

    When I arrived at starling city, believe me it's like another gotham a dark city with a suffocating atmosphere. I guess the city is much darker in 2010 because it still lacks a hero.

    After a while me and barry followed the area co-ordinates sent by alena and reached the east end of the city. After barry verified that the radio waves are very very weak in this area, we knew it was time for action because the kidnappers base of operations are close by.

    Barry was better at using tech than me, and yes the waves tracking software was given by alena

    "barry, can we find where the signals are the close to zero or zero"

    "yes, but it will take some time, chris are you sure about this lead"

    "I don't know certainly, but consider it as my hunch"

    After a while barry was able to locate it accurarately, we located a building near a lake. We hid far away from it and thinking about the next course of action.

    "I don't know about you chris but I have a bad feeling about this building"

    "I guess we can't do without a plan, well I will go inside to observe the situation" and I asked barry to seek help from SCPD.

    "chris have you gone out of your mind, you don't know what might be waiting for you inside"

    "I know barry, but I feel that the girls time is running out, and I certainly won't let her die"

    Barry understood that it is difficult to convince chris and said  " you have to come back alive"

    "I definitely don't plan on dying, all the beautiful girls in this world are waiting for me ha ha" I made a joke.

    Well as far as my skills go, the previous chris did know a bit martial arts but mind you those are fancy moves not the arrow type. well I think this is going to be my most foolish decision in my both lives, well who told me to be so upright guy (sigh).

    After barry left I sneaked into the building from the basement and slowly made my way up, everything seems to be too normal which made me panick as i hurried to the top of the building while hiding from guards and I knocked a few guards unconscious along the way, then I sneaked into air ducts and my worst thoughts came true when I heard some people talking below

    "jeff do you think this time the experiment will be successful"

    "I don't know so far 11 subjects died and after completing the last one we are leaving starling city"

    After listening to this I understood the reason for the relaxed security  "not good I have to hurry up".

    After carefully searching for a while there was a bad stench came and all the corpses lying around with some bones protruding from their skin, eyes falling off the sockets, and believe i wanted to puke out everything if I was not in a hurry and I suddenly saw a girl in cage still alive, well definitely zed for sure .

    When chris tried to talk to her, she seems to be in a trance. After unlocking the cage with my lock picking talent and unsuccessfully tried to wake her up,

    Thinking for a while, I tied her to my back and ran madly towards exit but suddenly a number of punches as fast as lightning landed on my chest before I could react and I flew in air for a while before hitting a wall,the wall broke and I fell in another roon, zed's body fell from a window and a splash sound was heard. Well I guess my spinal cord broke and blood was flowing from everywhere as I tried to look at the people walking towards me

    "well well a loverboy came  for his little muse"

    "I don't know how you knew about this place and came till here but your life journey ends here,

    "rejoice boy as you are going to die on holy Christmas night ha ha"

    I couldn't hear what they are saying,  but it's  certainly not good atleast,  I finally looked at the window through which zed fell, there was a regret for not saving her rather than me dying. Then I suddenly saw an illuminating globe besides and a skeptor , even in near death I understood them to be magic items( ha ha curtesy to the tv shows knowledge again), and I don't know why but that skeptor looks eerily familiar to something I have seen but unable to recall it, well forget about it.

    I knew my time was nearing but before death I want to destroy these things for good, with the last bit of energy I got up and took the sckepter besides and was ready to hit the illuminating globe(my last thought was, here goes my wonderful life in arrowverse, farewell and signout)

    "oh! no victor stop him from destroying the items otherwise Mr. Dahrk will kill us"

    Before the person called victor reached chris, chris had already hit it and a big bang happened and the whole building blew out. We can hear police sirens in the distance.

    Barry got off from the police vehicle and tried to rush to the spot, but the police stopped him from entering the burning building

    "come on chris you promised me you will come back, god why why do all the people I love and admire taken away from me why" barry shouted loudly

    Just then, Barry suddenly heard the shouts and hurriedly ran towards the lake and saw a girl drowning, and he immediately jumped and brought the girl out. The cops quicly gave her a warm blanket, and after a while barry asked her,

    "what's your name"

    The girl looked at barry and replied " I am ZED MARTIN, who are you, where am i"
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