8 Is Alive

    I suddenly woke up to see that i was lying in a barren land with out any human being in my sight and i tried to get up, but no matter how hard i tried it was futile to get up. My  body was hurting like hell.

    "I remember jumping into a sort of portal, but afterwards I woke up here, I seriously don't know where though"

    back then when I hit the crystal with the skeptor, a hole like it is made up of bubbles(imagine cisco's portal), pulled me in, just before the blast took place and brought me here.

    I began to look around to ask for help but nobody was around him, then slowly crawled slowly forward to search for a shelter like a cave or something before night comes as there may be wild animals in this valley, and I'am certainly not in a position for self defence.

    After crawling for a while I identified a small cave in the mountains and put all all my remaining energy into going inside it.

    The cave was too dark and not too big but it was enough for me to hide from any wild animals out there, after adjusting to the cave for  a while, I felt dizzy and even then tried to feel my injuries and I guess I won't be able to walk ever again in this life, I know that my body is in a very very bad position and only through will power was I alive till now, but only through will power I can't sustain myself, if I don't receive medical care in a few hours I might really die this time for real.

    Just when I was thinking of how to survive, I put my hand on some triangular object, in the darkness I can't see what it is and by mistake I pulled it, and boom I suddenly started falling down in something like a tunnel.

    The hell I was cursing myself, how can there be a tunnel in such a small cave, why the hell my luck so bad nowadays. The fall was a very long as I panicked thinking wether I will fall to my death like this , is my death so certain and while thinking about all the negative things I fell unconscious.

    After a while which seemed like ages to me I woke up. I was lying on something cool like a cold slab, and after opening my eyes slowly I saw an anciently sculpted dome brightly lit with writings unfamiliar to me, these writings appear to be Babylonian or Egyptian era not so sure though, the entire walls around me seems to have beautifully carved paintings probably sculpted back some eons ago, there were wide steps in a little distance from me and something like a coffin shaped thing was there on the extreme top of the stairs and I understood it to be someone's tomb from ancient times.

    I don't know for how long I have been standing and inspecting the surroundings around me in full alert mode that I seemed to have forgotten that I was standing, after a while I suddenly realized I was standing normally and I was dumbstruck  and was extremely astonished because I shoudn't have been able to walk at all in this life at all, but not only was I able to walk but looking at my body in the dim light all my injuries which were extremely life threatening were all gone and my body was in perfect condition and a lot more perfectly chisseled than before and i was beeming with power which I never felt before,the feeling was as if all of the world was under my feet.

    What in the gods name happened to me, suddenly a booming voice came out of nowewhere ,

    "welcome human to the humble temple of mine"

    I was shocked to hear a voice and became alert  "who is this come out"

    "fear not human for I'am Nabu The Wise"
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