2 Meeting Vyrx and Getting a Name

    The little boy lay in the world core husk floating through the void after having just combined his divinity seed and world essence core. He lay there in void examining the result of his experimentation seemingly unaware of a lady in red watching from a distance away. He had noticed her some time ago watching him and was prepared at any moment for an attack. His body was tense holding in his his most powerful counterattack in case she assaulted him. He felt somewhat ready for whatever she threw at him. "Calm down I'm not here to hurt you, plus that little attack you're storing up might as well be a pinch to me". A glint formed in the little boy's eyes as he vanished from the world core husk and appeared behind the woman in red. He pushed all he had into this and stabbed his transformed hand right at the back of her head. Not feeling her head being pierced through he judged his attempt a failure and proceeded to retreat to gain distance away from this lady in red however he found he couldn't pull his hand band when he saw her finger pinching the tip of his blade while now facing humans studying him with increased curiosity. The boy not taking any chances without hesitation cut off his hand and retreated a huge distance from the lady in red. "Aww now you didn't have to do that. I told you not to try and I wasn't going to hurt you, I'm merely..... curious" the lady had a little smile on her face as she brought the severed hand closer to her eyes to inspect its properties. At that moment it exploded in her face enveloping her form in a blast as the boy formed a new arm and took off into the void. Now that he had combined his two cores he no longer needed the husk to travel the void. He didn't stay around to find out if his trap was successful thought he doubted but hoped it was. Fleeing as fast as he could he continued to travel the void while having no clue of where he was going. After feeling he'd gained enough distance from the lady in red he paused to take bearing of where he was while recovering his stamina and energy. "Well that wasn't nice. You're a cunning little boy aren't you?"  Snapping his head to the side he looked to see a pair of amused crimson eyes watching him framed by the beautiful face of the smirking lady in red. Thinking quickly he moved to attack and retreat when he felt pressure holding his figure in place. "It seems we aren't going to get anywhere if I don't restrain you first. Now we can get to know each other. Wouldn't that be nice?" Feeling powerless and angry the boy suppressed his emotions and focused on his captor finally taking the time to study her. She was beautiful, more beautiful than any existence he saw in his old world, in person or through absorbed memories. She had crimson eyes and blood red wavy hair that fell to her shapely hips. Her figure was curvy as her red gown seemed to cling to her figure like a silky organism. He felt he saw her gown moving even though there was no wind in the void. Not that the child cared but she seemed to have heavy breasts and wide hips with an appropriate figure to match. A mature woman of perfect proportions if there ever was one. Not too skinny nor too fat just perfect. While studying her  the boy looked up at her face to see her smirking at him "Aren't you a little too young to be checking me out. Aren't we a little perverted? Does the little boy want this goddess to cuddle him in her warmth". The boy merely humphed and seemed offended. " Of all the people to be captured by, it seems I've unfortunately met a pedophile. Why would I be aroused by a mere fatty bag of blood" the boy coldly said. The lady continued to look amused " Oh he finally speaks, and with such a cold tone and vicious remark, maybe I should teach you respect for your elders". The lady said as her face turned dark before laughing as the boy seemed to prepare himself for her wrath. " hahaha, I'm joking. I said I wouldn't hurt you. Why would I take back my words over the comments of a child. Hmm I really am just curious. Where do you come from kid?" She continues to look amusedly at the little boy. The boy briefly considered continuing his defiance but thought better of it after taking account of his situation. He may have experienced torture through the memories he had absorbed but had never directly experienced it and wasn't trying to test his endurance if he could avoid it. Thus he told her he came from a destroyed world omitting the fact that he killed the god of that world and was the one that destroyed it. The lady continued to look at him before coming closer to inspect him "Oohh and it seems you took quite a lot before you left, I can sense your divinity but it's so weak like it's yet to be born. And I can smell the blood of an entire world coming from you including god blood. You're something special aren't you? You seem to be made of blood but special blood, the highest grade of blood, primordial blood. But it doesn't seem to be complete, like it can grow to be more. Interesting". The boy looked shocked at her examination. While he had been examining himself and feeling his unlimited potential, he'd had time to come to this conclusion while she just saw through him at once. Looking into his body he examined his new core. It was still crimson core but it seemed different like there was more that could be added to it before his divinity could activate. He felt he needed more because if he forced the activation of his divinity now he'd probably cripple his potential and any heights he could ever possibly reach. Looking back at the lady in red, he met her smiling face again with curious eyes. "You're lucky I was the one who found you. You were like a bloody beacon in the void calling anyone who had ties to the laws of blood to witness of something special and unprecedented. I wonder how you were born and with a spark of divinity no less. Lucky I blocked off the signals from reaching anyone else not that they would have mattered considering I'm the strongest when it comes to blood". The lady said with a touch of pride on her as if she was waiting for the boy to praise her. When he didn't she coughed to clear her throat and pointed at the boy " I like you kid. I'm gonna adopt you. Consider us fated and thank whatever circumstances led us to meet. I've decided to foster you to see how far you can grow and what you'll be like when you activate your divinity". She paused to hear his joyous thanks and praise only to be dumbfounded upon hearing a cold "No, I don't trust you. What do you get out of this?" Feeling insulted the lady humphed and adopted a strict posture " Rejecting this goddess is not allowed. As the adopted child of this goddess you must respect and listen to me at all times. Even if I decided to absorb you I gain no benefits. Plus I'm bored and have decided to spend my time molding you to see what I can create. Feel honored that this goddess has decided to take the time to do this." Feeling shocked and irritated at her aggressiveness while feeling helpless at how to deal with such a powerful overbearing woman for the first time in his existence, the young boy dig deep into his reservoir of memories detailing the childhoods of many humans and their mothers. "If you really want to adopt and have no ulterior motives, let me go..... please". Feeling shocked and pleased at the boy's change in attitude the lady in red let the boy move around. Feeling unrestrained the boy briefly considered escape again before squashing it and deciding to see where this so called adoption takes him. It's not like he had anywhere else to go. He didn't want to spend eternity wandering aimlessly in the void. "Thank you" he said grudgingly while giving a half hearted smile. The lady started smiling like she just got the greatest gift before coming forward and enveloping the little boy in a hug. Feeling threatened before realizing what she was doing, the boy continued to feel annoyed at such an overbearing mother while noting down in the back of his mind to torture her for this should he one day gain the strength. "Good, this goddess feels great to have such a cute child being nice to his mother. It seems introductions are in order. You may call this goddess mother by her name, Vyrx. What is your name little boy?" She heard him murmuring something before realizing she was smothering him with her heavy breasts. Feeling awkward from the way his vocal vibrations teased her nipples she let go of him before asking him to repeat himself. " I don't have a name. Never needed one." Vyrx was a little shocked before asking " Oh you don't have a name? Well why don't I give you one? Hmm it should start with V to match mine since you're this goddess's son. How about Vlad? No need for a surname. It's so short, dark and perfect. What do you think?" The boy formally named Vlad decided to accept his new name seeing no harm in it. "Now how to make you stronger. Hmmmm, I know". Vyrx clapped her hands together creating a portal. " I've decided little Vlad, my future conqueror, I'll send you to different world to train you where you can absorb different interesting powers to complete your divinity. In the meantime your divinity will be sealed to allow it to gestate and become something greater. You'll be nothing but a being who can absorb and control blood. Hmm I should probably put you in your first world as a baby so you can adapt and figure out your capabilities. This first world has some creatures with interesting abilities somewhat similar to yours. Figure out on your own how to gain their abilities. Wreak as much havoc as you want as long as you have fun. Oh before I forget, be careful not to die. I don't want a weakling as a son so you'll probably be on your own most of the time except if you're done with the world you're in or I feel like talking to my little future conqueror. Be safe and have fun. Love you, Bye" Vyrx said blowing a kiss while Vlad was drawn towards the portal. He stayed silent digesting what he just heard before turning to look at his mother as he passed the portal. Taking one last look at the powerful overbearing beauty of a mother he'd sworn to one day torture for abducting and forcefully adopting him, he gave her one last vicious grin that made her spine shudder while also making her heart skip a beat before turning back to the portal he was passing through. " I'll be back stronger for a rematch, mother." And he was gone on a new adventure. One that would entail slaughter, blood, lust and glory that would lead his name to be whispered across the multiverse in fear, lust and terror. Vyrx stood in the void, smiling as she sent off her newly adopted son before turning to continue traveling the void to satiate her boredom until her son calls for her help or she misses him and wants to talk to him. Yes, Vyrx was a weird woman, not even caring about the fact that she may have just begun the journey of what would come to know as the terror of the multiverse, Vlad.
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