8 Muri Finally Loses His Status As A Legendary Grand Wizard +18

    By the time they made it back to her bedroom, the rains had lessened and their clothes were soaked. Muri snuck in through the window while Itori was still wrapped around him kissing his neck. Muri made sure to sense the bar downstairs for any leftover customers. Upon sensing an empty bar and no one else in the building, Muri ripped the dress off of Itori's soft curvy body. Taking a break from kissing, they tore the clothes off each other's bodies leaving them in their underwear before resuming their intense make out. With his tongue battling and teasing hers as they swapped saliva, Muri slid one of his hands up her smooth back trailing her spine before proceeding to unhook her black strapless bra as her body shivered from his touch. Her milky breasts spilled out of her bra to reveal her hard little nipples like ripe berries. A delicate, fragile pink. Hard, stiff. She had a mole on her left breast that served to enhance rather than mar the milky landscape that were her breasts. Muri began moving his kisses down from her mouth to her neck slowly taking his time until he reached her breast before taking a nipple in his mouth and suckling it, tasting the mix of sweet blood diluted with rainwater. Her moans continued out of her mouth unabated and now unimpeded as she cradled his head to her nipples pulling him deeper into her breasts. Using a hand to cup and caress her other breast, Muri used his thumb and index finger to tease her nipple. Her moans seemed to increase in intensity the moment he did that as she began grinding her crotch against his body as though trying to scratch an maddening itch that had begun to take hold of her there. He continued to knead her breasts, plucking her nipple with his fingers and teeth till they were raw and erect bursting with arousal. One hand gripping her curvy hips, his other hand moved from Itori's breast down past her toned tummy to her crotch. His hand arrived to find her underwear damp and warm with arousal. Tearing it off he found her pink lips glistening and dripping with dew like a flower at dawn. Muri could smell her arousal as he continued to tease her nipple with a combination of his lips, tongue and teeth. Her hands seemed to grip his back tighter as they roamed up and down his broad back tracing along the lines of his muscles. She gasped and started breathing roughly as he caressed her pink lower lips before inserting his index and middle finger into her moist flooded tunnel while using his thumb to duel with her engorged bean. Her moans picked up in intensity as his fingers made a come hither gesture along the top of her moist walls. Itori began to squirm the more he played with her as her moans filled the room before her body suddenly went stiff and his hand was flooded with her nectar. She seemed to lose all control of her body as Muri bit her nipple before moving back up to her mouth to find her eyes half closed and clouded with heavily aroused bliss. Itori initiated the kiss this time. Her kisses were deeper, more sensual as she brought her hand down from his back to his crotch and gripped the erect pillar in his briefs. Her lips widening into a smile as she kissed him, Itori tore off his underwear to release Muri's 10 inch penis with a heavy girth of 7 inches.

    Their bodies moved towards the bed as Itori led the way before she laid on her back, moving towards the center of the mattress. As Muri knelt between Itori's soft, fleshy thighs she reached up for him, tugging him down by his slightly broad shoulders. He felt her fingers glide down his back as she wrapped her legs around his hips resting her feet on the back of his waist, pulling him closer. Her breasts against his chest felt soft and yielding. She gasped as the head of Muri's penis entered her. Itori pushed her hips off of the bed to meet his shaft, forcing him deeper. She gripped him inside her, her warm moist walls massaging his penis. She moaned sharply into his ear as her nails dug into his shoulders. She pulled him closer as though she wouldn't be content until she felt all of him inside her. Her insides began to shift to accommodate him as he reached the end of her tunnel. Her startled moan sounded like music to his ears before Muri once more covered her mouth with his, invading it as his tongue conquered more territory as it searched for hers. Her tongue rose to meet his challenge as they battled in her mouth, their tongues twisting around each other as they swapped copious amounts of saliva.

    Kichimuri began to pump his hips, working his cock in and out of her dripping, tight pussy. Being in her felt better than anything he could have imagined. All the sexual experiences he'd accumulated in his memory reservoir over his long period of existence failed to compare to experiencing it physically in the flesh. Muri felt her wet soft skin against his as he sank into her soft thighs, overwhelmed by the sensations of her squeezing his cock deep in her. Her fragrant wet orange hair clung to her face as their faces were locked in an intense passionate French kiss. Her heavy breasts shook with each thrust and he  bent down to take a nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard, biting and tugging at it with his teeth until she cried out, grabbing a fistful of his damp hair.

    Itori's moans filled the room as her heels dug into his lower back. He pounded into her at differing speeds as she rode through several orgasms over the next hour. Feeling as though he'd held back long enough, their breathing increased as he sped up his thrusts. He looked down at her breasts shaking harder now as he felt an orgasm building. With a few final thrusts he shoved his cock deep into a stiffening Itori and felt his body grow rigid. He erupted into her painting her inner walls with his semen. He lay atop her, waiting for the waves to subside, then eased his still hard cock from her wet pussy. He looked down at the orange haired beauty lying before him trying to catch her breath as he hadn't held back as much considering her strong ghoul physiology. She looked up at him through half lidded eyes saturated with ecstasy and an obsessed glint in her eyes that was begging for more. Muri spanked her on her pliant buttocks as she lay there before asking with vicious smirk on his face, "Ready for round two?" Her eyes opened in ecstasy as she appeared resolved to receive the next round of her punishment. She reached for him, her body laying there wet with rosy undertones as she pulled him down to signal her resolution to take all he had to give her.

    They didn't stop until well after the sun rose and that was because Itori had passed out from sexual exhaustion. Kichimuri had awakened his nature as sadistic dominant in the bedroom over the course of the night. He'd pushed her body to the brink as punishment for killing a woman he had taken an interest in. He didn't really care but he needed a reason to let loose on her soft warm pliant body. Kichimuri lay there on the bed as she lay there sleeping with her head and hands on his broad chest. Looking down at her peaceful sleeping face, he recalled the events of the previous night. Muri had long dissolved Haruna's corpse as they left the alley to flow into the sewers. Itori might not care about leaving bodies around but he'd gotten by in this world until now by staying under the radar and leaving no traces. The moment he'd stepped into the alleys last night, he'd found Itori covered in Haruna's blood standing over her corpse radiating wrathful bloodlust and sadistic glee. He found the scene so beautiful that for the first time in his life, Muri had become sexually aroused. Itori had stood there like an Asura dealing death at her whim. The thought made him so hard he didn't care about the fact that she'd just killed his date from earlier that night. He could only correctly assume that she did this out of jealousy and a crazed possessiveness. He found that really attractive and the fact that she killed so beautifully for him only made him more willing to ** her. However it seemed that the obsessed look in her eyes from when she killed Haruna and later while they had sex might be a problem. He wasn't one to really fall in love and be held down by one woman. This was merely going to be a fling or an extended torrid purely physical affair. He'd have to train that obsessive trait out of her and if she didn't learn he could always kill her after he got bored of her. Looking down at her crotch he found a copious mixture of their fluids from last night. He'd made sure to kill all his sperm before ejaculating into her.

    Turning his gaze towards the ceiling as the sun brightened the room, Kichimuri was about to close his eyes and rest when he suddenly heard an excited sultry female voice in his head. "Finally, it's taken so many years but my son has finally gotten rid of his virginity. Took you long enough you ex-cherry boy. How does it feel to finally become an adult? Did it feel good? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Could it be you found out you don't really like girls and are into guys instead? Wait, could it be you're instead into little boys? I know as gods we're allowed to do whatever we want but I don't think I'd be comfortable having a pedophile for a son. Say say, answer me oh recently retired legendary grand wizard." Kichimuri erupted in his mind at her incessant badgering. It seemed she was the only one in existence able to get this cold blooded killer so riled up, "Shut up. You're the pedophile you peeping old crone prancing around as a young woman. Why are you bothering me you stupid perverted mother? It's none of your business what I'm doing. Get out of my head you peeping sexual harasser. Idiot. Perverted old crone. Forever alone peeping Tom. Leave me alone and go find something to stuff up your snatch instead of peeping on your son as he has sex." His eyes were filled with bloodthirsty annoyance as he finished the rant in his head. He heard silence and thought she'd finally gone when he heard her teasing tone again, "My my, aren't we a little sensitive? Was the sex that bad? If you're feeling less than satisfied maybe research more so that you can do better next time. I just dropped by to congratulate you on losing your virginity and see how you were doing. Now that that's done I'll be going to continue wandering the void all by my lonesome. It seems that my son never wants to spend time talking to me. *sniffle*." Developing an annoyed tic on his forehead, Kichimuri stopped replying and waited until he could no longer feel her presence in his mind. Reaffirming his goal to further fortify his mind and grow stronger so he could torture Vyrx for her transgressions against him, Vlad closed his eyes and slowly drifted to sleep as the rays of the sun crept in through the window painting a beautiful picture of a young beautiful couple sleeping in after a long night of intercourse.

    Kichimuri decided to stay a while in the fourteenth ward mostly because it had a multitude of cannibalistic ghouls he could hunt whenever he liked. So as to not raise alerts and draw attention, Muri took the time to hunt in the surrounding wards from time to time. He still checked in weekly with the V organization and he left to report at the headquarters whenever he was summoned for a mission. His kills began to rack up and he was soon promoted to a first class investigator. He made sure to keep his strength hidden so as not to draw more attention towards himself and his activities. He just kept systematically submitting bodies at a rate just below what Arima achieved at his age. His brother Kichimura had graduated from the garden and joined the V organization as well during his stay in the 14th ward. Sending word through the organization's communication channels, they met up in a ward far from the 14th ward. Kichimura seemed to have grown into a fairly tall fine young man with dark, medium-length black hair that was parted on his right. A mole laid near the bottom right corner of his right eye as he had attractive facial features adorned with dark brown eyes. He was dressed in the standard clothing of the V agent with the whole black getup. Kichimuri had reverted his features to look the same as his brother's except his build was slightly taller, broader and more muscular. Coupled with his golden eyes and curly top hairstyle, putting them side to side one would think Muri was Kichimura's wild, attractive older brother. Placing a childish grin on his face the moment he saw him, Muri moved to embrace his elder twin brother in a bear hug. Laughing heartily as he embraced his brother, Muri spun him around like a gleeful child before gently placing him down on his feet. The polite seemingly genuine smile on Kichimura's  face hid the darkness behind his mask. "What's with the fake smile brother? Aren't you happy to see your younger brother after two years? Didn't you miss me while I was gone? Could it be you don't love me anymore? Brother you're so mean and uncaring towards me considering I spent the last two years missing you. Brother you cold idiot. I hate you." Throwing a childish fake tantrum, Kichimura seemed to be shocked for a second before breaking his mask and letting out his true emotions. "You're claiming you missed your older brother, but you never once took the chance to contact me or keep me updated on your wellbeing. I had to go to the instructors everyday thinking that day would be the day they told me my little genius of a brother went and got himself killed while in the field. Do you not look up to your big brother anymore because you graduated earlier than him? Take this punch for the worry you put me through over the past two years." Kichimura said as he swung his fist and connected with Muri's jaw sending him spinning in the air before landing on his back.

    If there was one person in this world Kichimura Washuu loved more than his beloved Rize, it would be his younger twin Mura. He'd accompanied him from birth and always been by his side during the periods he wasn't busy studying or training. This two years were the longest period they'd been apart since coming into this world. He trusted this golden eyed doppelgänger of his who always looked up to him and admired him from the time they were kids. Kichimura liked it when his younger brother relied on him as children even if it was to do little things like carry him around or cut his food for him. These past two years had been lonely considering Rize wasn't there considering he'd long helped her escape the garden and had yet to track her down. Taking a look at his brother as he stood up from the floor with a guilty look on his face, Kichimura found his anger and resolve fading away. Taking a step forward he hugged him, "I was so worried and lonely you bastard. I thought I'd wake up one day and they'd say they found your half eaten corpse in a dark alley somewhere. Don't do that to me again." Letting him go, Kichimura was surprised to find tears in the eyes of his younger brother. " I had no idea big brother. I was so caught up in growing stronger so I could protect you that I lost track of time. I was worried about you too." His brother managed to get out without bursting into tears. Feeling touched, Kichimura reassured his brother that all was forgiven before checking out the growth of his younger brother. He could immediately tell the difference in his physique which was slightly broader, taller and more muscular than his. His facial features seemed filled out and chiseled as he had lost his baby fat, looking more mature as his golden eyes shone like stars in the night sky. He even wore his dark hair differently in a messy curl top. Feeling a bit miffed about being the less attractive brother, Kichimura put all that aside to ask his brother about how he'd been and his experiences before telling him about his. They spent an hour talking on the roof before Kichimura broached the topic he'd come all the way here to talk to his younger brother about.

    "Muri do you remember back when we were kids? When you talked about how we should live our short lives like fireworks. You told me that the bigger the bang the better? How would you like to join me in making the biggest bang possible? Do you trust me, little brother?"
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