9 Joining The Clowns and Getting A Custom Made Ghoul Mask.

    Kichimuri had been residing in the 14th ward for a few months now. His torrid sexual relationship with Itori had been developing quite nicely. They couldn't keep their hands off each other. They'd sneak off to ** any opportunity they got. Muri finally had a chance to make use of the various sexual experiences and techniques he had stocked up in his memory bank. They **ed in every room and on every surface possible in the building. They **ed in all the rooms upstairs , **ed in the bar after closing time, **ed on the roof under the light of the stars and even **ed in the stock room while the customers were out in the bar drinking and conversing with their friends. At all times of the day, they explored every inch of each others' bodies. Trying out different embarrassing sexual positions and acts, Muri fully developed his sadistic dominant sexual tendencies as he even took Itori to public places where they could possibly get caught to have sex. He enjoyed how her moist walls squeezed him whenever they were on the cusp of getting caught. Despite how much she tried to vehemently deny it, she always came back from their outings with a pinkish glow of ecstatic satisfaction like some perverted exhibitionist. Even after the time they'd been caught by a young woman as Itori rode him on a bench in the public park. She'd orgasmed so powerfully and squeezed him tight as the young lady watched them. She'd melted into him afterwards like a limp noodle before immediately attacking and ripping the blushing young lady to shreds when she'd suggested joining them. Kichimuri couldn't help but laugh as he carried off the blood covered female Asura and proceeded to roughly ** her into unconsciousness once they got home as punishment for spoiling his fun. She sometimes slept over at his apartment while most times they were in the upstairs bedroom of the bar on days it wasn't open. When the bar was open, Kichimuri had taken the role of providing the entertainment by playing smooth jazz on the piano. His nightly performances tended to transform the atmosphere of the bar while Itori did her best not to kill every female who came up to flirt with him after he was done and the bar was closing. Her body had begun to breakdown from all his 'punishments' from whenever she killed a new female who got close to him. He'd stopped counting the number of times he'd had to discreetly dissolve and absorb the female corpses as he carried her off to get punished. However you wouldn't know it was a punishment with the way she'd slip into unconsciousness with a tired blissful smile on her face. Yes things were going well and Muri was getting... bored. He'd gotten bored of this peaceful lifestyle. He still regularly went out to hunt down ghouls in the 14th ward and the wards surrounding it but it seemed he'd either killed all the strong ones, they had fled into hiding or they had moved to areas far from his hunting radius. The ghouls left for him to hunt hardly brought any improvements to him anymore. He felt he was done here and was preparing to move on. As for Itori, she'd proven useful as an excellent informant and stress reliever. He'd briefly considered taking her along before deciding to leave her here and coming back for a steamy visit from time to time. She would surely complain but he'd trained her enough to listen to him and plus it wasn't like he was abandoning her. He just had more important things to do. A perfect lover was one who could function while he was away. He'd have no women clinging unto him like deadweight parasites.

    These were the thoughts going through Kichimuri's head as he looked down at the wavy orange haired head bobbing up and down on his crotch. Sucking and slurping sounds bounced off the walls of the upstairs bedroom as Muri lay up on the bed with his back to the headboard while Itori went to town licking and working his cock like her favorite flavored popsicle. A sadistic corner of his mind had considered having her lick chocolate syrup off him to see how long she could go before she regurgitated it all over the bed but he quickly squashed that idea as it felt like a step too far with no pleasure to be found in it for any party involved. Itori was enjoying herself as she humped his foot under the covers. She rode it and positioned his big toe in a way where it concentrated on her engorged clit as she brought herself to climax multiple times. Kichimuri was watching her in amusement when he sensed someone entering the bar downstairs and running up the stairs towards the bedroom. Kichimuri didn't bother alerting Itori as he wanted to see her reaction when caught in such a compromising position plus he'd kill whoever it was if they were here to attack him. Watching the door as he prepared to bring out his long formed bikaku kagune in case of an attack, the door swung open to reveal a tall, lanky man with black hair, styled into an undercut. Various tattoos covered his arms, and a sun tattoo covered his entire left pectoral region as he wore a grey low cut male tank top. His kakugan was activated as Kichimuri was wondering what kind of idiot ghoul walked around with his kakugan showing. The young man wore his grey tank top along with black harem pants and black sandals. He also wore a black necklace with round, white gems hanging from it. Looking at it, Muri noticed a Latin phrase tattooed around his neck. Muri couldn't be bothered to translate it before looking up to see what this intruder came here for. "Who are you? Where is Itori?" The intruder questioned him with an unchanging expression on his face as though he couldn't hear the slurping sounds in the bedroom and couldn't see the figure moving their head and down his crotch while grinding their hips on something under the covers. Kichimuri developed a tic on his forehead at the rude questioning of this intruder. He was about to release his bikaku kagune and eliminate him when he suddenly felt Itori freeze. She quickly stopped what she was doing and withdrew into the covers as she screamed, "UTA GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BEDROOM NOW!!!!!!!" Muri could hear the anger, arousal and embarrassment in her voice as she seemed to be acquainted with this man. Taking a sudden interest, Muri observed the man as he withdrew downstairs while leaving behind a teasing remark, "My oh  my, I had no idea you were so busy entertaining company. You didn't tell me you got a boyfriend. Good for you." Itori fumed as Muri began to giggle at the situation. She began to angrily pout at him before he reached down and twisted her nipple, "You look so cute when you're embarrassed and clearly aroused." Her face turned red before she hid under the covers again.

    They came down dressed in five minutes to find Uta helping himself to some blood wine at the bar. Meeting his gaze, Uta apologized and introduced himself, "Sorry for the intrusion. Pleased to meet you, my name is Uta. I run a mask shop in the 4th ward. Itori called me here to create a customized mask and see if you were interested in joining a little group we're both members of. She claimed you'd fit in nicely." Taking a second to sense he was telling the truth, Kichimuri turned to Itori as a way of asking her to explain what is going on. "Well we've been having fun and hunting together for the past few months so I wanted to surprise you with your own mask. I haven't been wearing mine since you didn't have one but it's really important when it comes to protecting our identities and preventing our lives from being turned upside down by being hunted by the CCG. As for the group, I thought we'd have more fun together if you met more people like us and we went around causing chaos. Are you mad? I was only trying to make you happy, promise." She said while giving him an earnest look on her face. Stifling a giggle at how cute he looked, he turned back to Uta before questioning him on the details, "I see, how do we go about the mask making process? Do I make the design and you create it? But first tell me about this group of yours? What responsibilities do I have as a member and what do I get in return? Do your best not to lie to me as you wouldn't like what I'll do if I find out you lied to get me to join." Kichimuri said that last part as he released a bit of his killing intent forged by the countless deaths he'd caused over the course of his existence. Uta seemed a bit shaken by it before politely smiling and reassuring him there would be no falsehoods used to recruit him. He stated that the group he and Itori belonged to was named the 'Clowns'. The members mainly were free to do whatever they wanted as they infiltrated different organizations but were required to attend group missions as they wreaked hedonistic chaos from the shadows. As for benefits, he'd have to make do with causing as much chaos as he wanted while laughing as the world burned. Kichimuri was somewhat stunned as he seemed to have come across the psycho ghoul equivalent of the V organization. He consented to joining the group while finding it funny he now lived two separate lives with a dual identity of an agent of two covert organizations on opposite sides of the conflict between ghouls and humans. Uta went on to explain about the mask making process. He normally designed and created the mask himself based on what traits he could learn about the client from questions he asked but he was free to give him a design to create. He'd be sure to bring his design to life. Kichimuri took a few moments to think up a ghoul mask design that showed his traits including the kagune he used in battle. Kichimuri had decided to only use his bikaku kagune while assuming his identity as a Clown. Finally picturing and sketching out a design in his mind, he turned to Uta who stood at the counter ready with drawing supplies. "You said you're a member of the Clowns rights? I think I've got an appropriate design that perfectly represents my traits with a clown theme thrown in for good measure." Kichimuri said as a grin crept up his face.

    It had been a few months since Kichimuri joined the Clowns and a crimson haired ghoul stood on the roof of a high tower as he looked down below at the 20th ward. He wore a black fitted suit over a black shirt, coupled with a crimson red silk tie. On his face was a black resin mask with crimson red demon horns protruding from the top of the mask, a bright sharp toothed clown smile, a clown nose painted on in the middle of the mask and in place of the eyes were bright crimson ouroboros symbols with a drop of blood painted on serving as pupils in the center of each symbol. The stylishly dressed ghoul who wore his hair slicked back looked over the night activities of the 20th ward before jumping off the tower after he sensed a powerful masked ghoul running past his location. He fell into the darkness as he began to chase and hunt down the oblivious ghoul. The chase carried on unnoticed until the masked ghoul noticed the red haired ghoul tailing him and moved towards an isolated part of the ward. Stopping in an abandoned construction site, the ghoul turned to confront his pursuer. "Oy oy oy why are you chasing me? Do you have some business with me?" The masked ghoul harshly shouted towards the red haired ghoul while staying on alert in case of an attack. The crimson haired ghoul didn't speak so the masked ghoul released his ukaku kagune before immediately firing off shots at his opponent. The masked ghoul kept shooting as a cloud of dust rose obscuring his target. Taking a break to save and restore his stamina, the masked ghoul looked toward the dust cloud to check if he'd killed the crimson haired ghoul when suddenly several crimson serpents burst out of the cloud and before he could react they sunk their sharp fangs into him. After the fangs sank deep into his flesh, the masked ghoul screamed in agony as he felt a searing hot fluid being injected into his body. His body felt like it was on fire as his insides begin to liquefy wherever the venom passed. The last thing he saw before passing out for the final time from the pain was the crimson haired ghoul walking out unharmed from the dust cloud. The serpents were attached to him as they seemed to dance around him.

    Kichimuri looked down at the slowly liquefying ghoul he'd just killed before speeding up the process and absorbing the resulting liquid. Kichimuri had spent the last few months stepping up his hunting rate across Tokyo as he eliminated every strong ghoul and investigator he came across. He never left any survivors or traces. He'd recently succeeded in awakening his Quinque and had been feeding it the quinques of the investigators he killed as well as the kagune of the weak ghouls he didn't need to grow stronger. The awakened quinque would buzz with glee like a naive newborn every time It was fed. His code name as the Eraser began to grow in infamy among both ghouls and the CCG. They'd yet to give him a rating as they couldn't track him down at all. Meanwhile he started to operate in the Clowns group under the code name 'Mugen'. He used it as a reference to the ouroboros symbols on his mask as well as his commitment to his goal of one day becoming an eternally powerful god who devours whatever he pleases. He hadn't had much to do as a member of the clowns but he'd been summoned back to V Headquarters for missions with an increased frequency. He'd been sent to covertly eliminate various troublesome ghouls and humans across Tokyo and even Japan. Another standing mission was to track down 'Eraser' and report the location as well as the identity of whatever it was back to the organization. Kichimuri had erupted in laughter when he'd learned that he was tasked with tracking down himself. Right now he was in the 20th ward to find the entrance to the 24th ward which contained arguably the most dangerous and powerful ghouls in Tokyo. He'd decided to to head there to find stronger ghouls to hunt down and absorb. All the strong ghouls in the other wards seemed to have gone deep into hiding. Its not like Kichimuri had the time of energy to sense every inch of the cities. The most powerful ghoul he'd come across to date was a martial arts obsessed muscular man in the 6th ward going by the code name 'Orca'. He apparently controlled the entire ward and trained his subordinates in martial arts to grow stronger. He'd enjoyed their fight so much he'd held back during it to prolong his fun. After a while he scolded himself for holding back on an opponent before beginning to tear the man into shreds with his full strength as a sign of respect. He'd absorbed him and fled as he got information of a CCG raid on the 6th ward. Wiping out and absorbing all of Orca's subordinates as he left the hideout, the CCG and Arima had arrived an hour after he'd left to find an empty hideout and signs of the ghouls not taking their belongings. Kichimuri had later laughed as he cautioned himself against playing with his food ever again. He'd recently arrived at the 20th ward and had been hunting down any powerful ghouls he came across while searching for the entrance to the 24th. He'd been still been searching weeks later while sampling the chocolates and desserts across the ward. He'd been using his radar when he sensed a powerful ghoul signature near him. Excited at the prospect of a fight and improvement he headed towards the direction of the signature to scout out his prey when he came across a small neighborhood cafe that was slowly emitting the scent of premium well made coffee.
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