11 Getting Thrashed By A Bloody Owl

    The transformation of Yoshimura was to release his kakuja form. This was the first time Kichimuri had come across a full kakuja. He of course knew about them but the ghouls he'd hunted till now either didn't have them or weren't given the chance to bring them out. Kichimuri got down on his hands and feet to increase his agility as well as create a smaller, more difficult target to hit. A kakuja occurred when a ghoul transformed their kagune into something much stronger and denser that clad the ghoul's body. Though it was rare it could occur through repeated cannibalism. It was said that through cannibalism, a ghoul absorbed Rc cells, and this increased the concentration of Rc cells within the ghoul's body. If the concentration became high enough, it could trigger a mutation and lead to the formation of a new kagune. A kakuja could also further evolve by continuing to cannibalize their kind. It was somewhat similar to what Muri had been doing but he absorbed and condensed the RC cells into peak quality ones unseen in this world. This led to his kagune being much denser, sturdier and much stronger than anyone else's. He built the strongest of foundations to form the strongest of kagune. The kakuja consisted of a special kagune that clad the ghoul's body and functioned like an armor. The kagune amplified the ghoul's strength or diversified their abilities, which made fighting one of them especially hard.

    Yoshimura grew to form two large sharpened scimitar blades from his shoulders that went down and past his hands almost reaching the floor. As ukaku ghouls were known to specialize in long range attacks and could be overwhelmed at a close range. It seemed that Yoshimura had more than likely cannibalized his own kind and created a way to counteract this weakness. With the two large blades, he could cover the distance between his opponents, parry incoming attacks, and strike back synchronously. While his ukaku kagune extended from middle to far distances, his kakuja would cut down those in front of him. Kichimuri analyzed that Yoshimura had changed the nature of the fight and it would require a frontal confrontation to defeat him. He had projectiles on his back but he stood more of a chance against the blades at the front. Yoshimura's kakuja kagune also formed an owl like mask with a red eye hole on the right and three slanting parallel horizontal lines on the left side. Finally his kakuja formed a dense armor around his body that made him seem bigger and a bit wider. The spikes on his back also seemed to grow bigger with more black thick spikes growing out his back.

    "Life is full of sin, young ghoul prepare to die."  Yoshimura said as he continued to walk towards Kichimuri after entering his kakuja form. Muri observed the hulking mass coming towards him and he stood from his hands and feet. He started walking then jogging towards Yoshimura. Yoshimura too soon began jogging towards Muri. They both picked up speed and soon began running towards a direct confrontation. Muri needed to test his base form against a ghoul in kakuja form so as to prepare for his future exploits and battles. If he could beat Yoshimura in this form, he could begin to attack the major organizations in Tokyo and wipe them all out. They continued to rapidly close the distance and collided with each other swinging their claws and blades towards each other. In terms of strength, Muri lost out slightly and was pushed off balance. His claws were just as strong if not a tiny bit stronger than Yoshimura's kakuja blades. He blocked Yoshimura's swing and subsequent projectile attack with his claws. The projectiles, while blocked hit way harder than before causing injuries to his organs. Muri utilized his superhuman agility and dodged the subsequent heavy projectile attacks in a scattered pattern. He got hit in the legs several times as the heavy shotgun pellets evaded his claws and tore through his body. Muri continued dodging and moving in to tear at Yoshimura's armor. He caused minimal damage as Yoshimura also dodged and evaded him while continuing to pepper him with heavy projectiles. They clashed once in a while as Muri stopped going at his strength head on and misdirected Yoshimura's blows to the side so as to land a heavy hit on his head or torso. In return Yoshimura sometimes managed to bring his arms back in time to slam or slash Muri before he could retreat. They always clashed and retreated, each with wounds but Muri's were heavier. Whether it was the slashes drawing blood, opening heavy wounds or the concussive force tearing at his inner organs due to the heavy slams. As they clashed a final time, Yoshimura reached for Muri and pushed aside his claws with his monstrous increased strength. He grabbed his head and slammed his body unto the floor with all his strength before repeating it several times. Again and again, the slams caused an explosion of dirt and dust before Yoshimura lifted Muri by his head and tore through his torso with his blade. The inside of Yoshimura's fist was painted with blood coughed up by Muri from when he was slammed into the hard earth and run right through by the huge blade. Yoshimura let go of Muri's head as he held him up in the air by the blade in his torso. Yoshimura was about to draw his other blade back and cut off Muri's head when Muri's claw suddenly extended into a blade and swung at Yoshimura's head to lop it off. Yoshimura was shocked as he tried to dodge his head back as much as he could before flinging Muri off his blade. While unsuccessful in cutting his head off, Muri managed to slice though Yoshimura's throat but wasn't able to reach the bone. Blood poured from Yoshimura's throat before he healed it quickly. Kichimuri was flung into the air and landed on his two feet like an agile monkey. He observed Yoshimura's shocked expression at how easily he took that thrashing and got back up like it was nothing. Kichimuri felt like he had gotten all he could from this fight. He knew his limitations now. His kagune could stand up to any kagune but his strength and agility was still somewhat below ghouls in kakuja form. Also his body could take a surprising amount of damage easily. He'd never allowed himself to get wounded before so he had no idea of the limitations of his regenerative abilities but it seemed he had nothing to be worried about. His body had already completely healed and recovered from the damage it just took drawing all his blood back into him. The only clue that showed he had just been injured was the torn and destroyed remains of a suit clinging to his form. He'd really have to get a new suit after this was done. The one he wore with his clown mask was just destroyed.  Taking a deep breath and storing all this information away for later analysis, Muri stretched and worked out the kinks in his body to get himself into top shape. Done, a grin crept up his face as he released his koukaku kagune, in kakuja form.

    Yoshimura had felt like his win was assured the moment he'd utilized his kakuja form. It was clear that his opponent while putting up a  valiant fight and effort, it was useless once Yoshimura got his hands on him. He'd slammed his opponent on the ground ten times each on both sides of his body. He'd made sure to use all his strength when slamming the ghoul against the hard earth. He hasn't held back at all as he wanted to kill the ghoul who looked like a young man. He was angered and sorrowful to lose his subordinates to such a monster. He felt he owed it to them to personally kill this monster and take Touka to another ward to start over. After this he'd have to wake her and pack to leave the 20th ward. The fight here would definitely make noise and attract the CCG here to investigate. They would find destruction only seen when two powerful ghouls engaged in a battle to the death. He'd have to finish this up soon. He'd left a note by her bed that if she awoke and no one was there, she was to enter the entrance to the 24th ward and hide there till he came to find her. He never once considered losing here. He may be old but he was a former top agent of the V organization. He'd get this kill done and be done with it. He didn't even know why this young ghoul attacked his members or what drew him here. He could only surmise he'd followed Renji back from one of his scavenging hunts one night and had been observing them ever since. The young ghoul was most probably a cannibal who primarily hunted his own kind to grow stronger. Yoshimura had been hearing of disappearances in the 20th ward recently from the weak ghouls who came to collect human flesh and had heard rumors. If this ghoul had been the one behind this, it would mean he had been here for weeks hunting down other ghouls before turning his attention to Anteiku. Yoshimura knew he had to kill him if not no ghoul would be safe here. Yoshimura was about to dash towards his opponent since he wasn't coming to him when he observed the ghoul releasing his kakuja form. His kakuja form consisted of a bulky rocky like armor that took the form of an armored ape. The armor was covered in horns and spikes as an ape mask with crimson eyes formed over the ghoul's face. Rock like spikes grew along his shoulders and head with three big rocky demon horns growing out of his forehead. One pointed front, one forward left, one forward right. The claw and leg gauntlets grew much bigger and longer to accommodate the bulky kakuja ape armor. The torso, arms and thighs especially grew thick flesh like armor that covered the ghoul completely. The entire kakuja armor was rocky black with a course and rough look. Yoshimura grew shocked and alert at this transformation. He felt a deadly threat and pushed his body to the limit in case of a sudden attack. The crimson eyes shone coldly as they observed Yoshimura's tense form. Yoshimura felt naked and easily seen through before this gaze.

    Suddenly the ape vanished and immediately appeared in front of Yoshimura. Yoshimura tried to use his blades to block but the ape's claws tore through them and ripped them off. Yoshimura felt shocked and bent into a crouch while releasing projectiles all over his body as the ape grabbed the blades and tried to stab them though Yoshimura's head. When that failed, the ape slammed them down on Yoshimura narrowly missing his head and clipping his shoulder instead. Yoshimura's shoulder ruptured from the blow as the ape had vastly more strength than before. Yoshimura released more heavy projectiles and shotgun pellets as he retreated and tried to gain distance from the ape, he dodged to the side to see his blades piercing deep into the ground of the position he was previously at. Yoshimura dodged to the right only to run into the ape who had appeared there and seemed to waiting for him. It was too late to dodge as Yoshimura tried his best to release all the heavy projectiles he had but the ape powered through them, swung his claws and tore into and out the back of Yoshimura's torso. Yoshimura was lifted off the ground into the air with a claw coming out his back before it was removed and a claw grabbed his leg while he was in the air and slammed him into the hard earth numerous times with Herculean strength. The concussive force ruptured his internal organs, damaging them heavily. As the ape continued to slam Yoshimura into the hard earth, Yoshimura's kakuja armor began to fall off. His mask dissolved and he was covered in blood and dirt while hanging upside down. His kakuja form came undone and even his kagune fell off or receded into his body. Yoshimura was breathing weakly wondering if this was it. If this was how it ended? Killed and devoured by a cannibal ghoul after the ghoul already ate Renji, Kaya and Enji. He would die failing to avenge them before joining them in their fate. In this weakened haze, Yoshimura worried about Touka. He hoped she'd wake up soon and be able to escape into the 24th ward from this monster. No one would be safe in the 20th ward after Yoshimura was gone. He hoped the CCG and the V organization would soon notice something going on and come here and eliminate this cannibal. Yoshimura found the irony in wanting to be avenged by an organization he deserted and ran from. An organization he hated for causing the death of his wife. He felt weak, tired and angry. Yes, angry. Angry at this cannibal but mostly at himself for not being strong enough to avenge his subordinates. He remembered his daughter who he left in the 24th ward all those years ago. She'd survived, grown stronger and emerged to terrorize the CCG in a kakuja similar to his. Because of this, he'd worked to attack the CCG as well to draw attention away from her. He hoped she was still okay and growing stronger each day and more beautiful like her mother Ukina. Thinking of the deceased mother of his child, Yoshimura felt anger again at his weakness. At that time too he was too weak to protect them both from the organization. Again he was never strong enough to protect those he cared about. Well no more, even if he died Yoshimura swore to take down this cannibal with him. Drawing from deep within any remaining strength from his ravaged body, Yoshimura prepared one last lethal strike filled with everything he had. He opened his eyes to look at the ape's crimson orbs as the ape had switched to holding him in the air by his head. Taking the chance, Yoshimura pushed all he had into making one last kagune to strike at the ape's head. Praying for success, Yoshimura fell into despair when the ape caught the attack with his sharp fangs then proceeded to crush the kagune with his teeth. Immediately Yoshimura felt a tightening sensation on his skull and the claw holding him in the air applied pressure and crushed his skull and brain. The last thought Yoshimura had before he died was to pray for Touka's escape and for his daughter Eto to never meet this monster.

    Crushing his skull and dissolving his corpse, Kichimuri proceeded to absorb and digest the strongest ghoul he'd ever fought since he arrived in this world. He felt his physique strengthen significantly. He hadn't felt this good since he started this hunt when he was 15. He also absorbed all biological traces that ghouls were ever hear. He had a productive fight and now he knew his limitations which would help him in his future fights. Absorbing Yoshimura's soul, he skimmed through his memories and found that there was an entrance to the 24th ward in the basement of the cafe. Kichimuri dissolved his ape kakuja and immediately sped towards the cafe as he also skimmed from the memories, Yoshimura had left a note for the last ghoul Touka informing her of the entrance and telling her to escape through it. Kichimuri rushed through the city and as he arrived at the cafe he sensed a ghoul locking up the entire building and heading towards the basement. Muri immediately knew it was the ghoul named Touka. She must have been woken up by the noise from the fight and read the note. She seemed to have finished packing and locking up the building for the long term as she had no idea when and if she was coming back. Kichimuri would not let her escape. He broke through the glass releasing his bikaku kagune and sped towards the basement. He reached and broke the basement door just as Touka was about to disappear into the 24th ward. He was not familiar with the geography of the ward and it would be hard tracking her down if he lost her now. She may not be a threat now but he found that vengeance always seemed to be an excellent motivator in strengthening people. Even if she returned and was still not a threat, he couldn't be bothered to deal with the distraction even if she didn't know what he looked like. His serpents tore through the distance and bit into Touka dragging her back towards him. He looked down to see her face and eyes filled with panic, fear and anger. Luckily he'd caught her here before she left it as all he'd have had to track her down was her scent that he picked up and learnt back when he tipped her and kissed her hand. He wasted no time and had his serpents attack and tear her into pieces. She stopped screaming and moving when a serpent's fangs tore into her brain. The serpents released corrosive blood into her body which dissolved it and Muri brought out his quinque to absorb it while he took Touka's soul for himself. He'd review the memories later. Kichimuri looked at the entrance to the 24th ward and considered his next steps. He'd already hunted all the powerful ghouls he could find here and soon the CCG and V would be drawn here to investigate the noise made by his death battle with Yoshimura. He had to leave as he was still not ready to turn against them or have them call him back into the fold observing all his actions. He'd like to keep them as the kind of allies you keep at a distance never letting them know of any of your secrets. Kichimuri quickly sent a message that he'd be going deep undercover for a while to his brother and the organization so they wouldn't come looking for him. He told his brother to contact him when it was time to begin what they discussed or he needed his help making something happen. Finished with that, Kichimuri took a step and disappeared into the darkness as he entered to begin his hunt in the most dangerous ward in Tokyo while hoping to find more powerful ghouls to kill and consume.
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