13 Wandering the 24th Ward and Encountering Aogiri Tree

    Kichimuri had been traversing the underground 24th ward for two weeks unaware of the chaos and discussion he'd caused by wiping out Anteiku. It's not like he'd care even if he knew that he'd caught the attention of four different groups who either wanted to recruit or eliminate him. It's not like they knew who he was. He'd made sure not to leave any tracks. The main issue now was that Kichimuri hadn't been able to really find any truly powerful ghouls in a while. His radar wasn't big enough to cover the entire ward so he'd had to resort to wandering around. During this time he'd begun playing around with ways on how to use his soul to gain information without having to kill people. His soul size was probably the biggest in this world and he hadn't really made use of it since battling the god of his world. It's not every time that killing people was the most conducive or smartest thing to do. He'd gotten tired of absorbing the small fry he came across. They weren't worth the effort and  absorbibgthem hardly gave any improvement to him or his weapon anymore. He and his weapon now needed powerful ghouls to grow stronger. Maybe they could find some cannibalistic ghouls as they tended to be much stronger than the rest.

    This fruitless journey had made Muri realize something. His current course of action most likely led to a dead end. What was he going to do when he'd killed and consumed every powerful ghoul in Tokyo and Japan? Go around the world hunting more? That was dumb. He didn't have the time for that. Plus he could foresee his mother laughing at such a simple inefficient course of action. Muri had to think long term now so as to speed up his growth and leave this world soon. He couldn't spend forever here. The initial hunts had been necessary for rapid strength growth but he'd recently started to plateau and staying on this path now would be dumb. Muri kept walking thinking of what to do to gain the most he could out of this world. His brother intended on taking over the Washuu clan and leaving as big a bang he could before his limited lifespan ran out. That was what he'd shared that night on the rooftop. Apparently he had no ideas on the specifics but he was sure to find something before his short lifespan took him. Muri had no such problems. He felt he could live for a long time now that this body had been cleansed with his energy. As he walked he came across a ghoul settlement. He'd always travelled in stealth mode so no one noticed him from afar. He spread his radar around the settlement and found one decent A+ rated ghoul. He attributed such slim pickings to the fact that he was still in the ward outskirts. Unlike the surface, the weak ghouls here stayed in the outskirts while the strong lived towards the center. As a ward with many ghouls and few humans, this ward was rife with cannibals. It was the primary reason Muri had bothered coming down here. He wondered what it would be like if the entire world was just like that, a giant 24th ward with high rates of ghoul cannibalism.

    Sneaking into the settlement, he found his way to the central residence to discover a female ghoul feasting on what looked like ghoul children. Walking in behind her, he smirked to find her feasting on a dismembered child's corpse. No wonder she was the strongest ghoul here in the outskirts. She'd been busy here cannibalizing the weak children. Considering she was the strongest one here and there were no humans, it would stand to reason she'd resort to cannibalizing the most tender of the options available. Muri pierced his finger through her skull, killing her before she registered the attack and briefly considered wiping out the entire settlement while absorbing her. He decided not to as they wouldn't bring him much benefit and the sudden disappearance of a settlement would probably put the ghouls in the 24th ward on alert. He didn't need to leave a path of empty settlements for people to follow to him. He'd decided to go after quality rather than quantity from now on. Looking through the memories of the ghoul he'd just consumed, Muri found something interesting. Turns out this ghoul could only maintain this settlement in the outskirts and protect herself because she was the lover of a stronger, well connected ghoul who ran his operation closer towards the center of the ward providing flesh to other ghouls. Apparently he was well liked and protected because he sometimes provided human flesh to the most powerful ghouls in the ward. Muri found this delightful as now he had a direction to go and absorbing this ghoul could lead him to other powerful ghouls.

    Muri set off with a renewed purpose bypassing and ignoring the other ghoul settlements in the outskirts. He was headed straight to the settlement of the flesh baron of the 24th ward. It took him a week to head there as it was close to the center of the 24th ward. As he travelled through, he made a mental note of settlements with powerful ghouls to return to later. Arriving at the Baron's settlement in stealth mode, Muri scanned the compound and found something surprising. This place was not a settlement, it was a farm. A farm that seemed to rear humans and ghouls like livestock. He found a mix of humans and ghouls in the compound with many young children kept together as though livestock. Muri snuck into the huge compound and began to observe what was going on. The settlement consisted of three separate layers and facilities. Each concentric layer had its own facility. As Muri stealthily walked through the outermost layer, he found ghoul workers moving in and out of secured rooms. Muri sensed the rooms to find male, female and children ghouls kept separately. Walking into one room he found a few male ghouls chained up and weak. They seemed to have been blinded and beaten to keep them in line. They were dressed in dirty rags. Walking into another room, Muri found female ghouls chained to hospital beds and periodically fed what seemed to be minimal amounts of ghoul flesh meant to keep them alive and nourish the baby. Muri walked around In fascination as he found the room where the young ghouls were reared. He watched as each child was brought from the delivery room and examined to decide if they were to be sold off to be eaten as babies, sold at a later age or taken away to be trained into a worker for the settlement. Muri noted the exhausted despair in the eyes of the workers too scared to rebel and working only to make sure they weren't on the menu.

    Muri left for the middle layer curious as to see what was being reared there. He'd already known it the moment he sensed but it was another thing to see it personally. He moved in stealth to find workers here too but there was also security consisting of ghouls here. Sneaking past the security, Muri found the same setup as in the outermost layer but this time it was humans being reared here. Muri didn't know where they came from but he could guess they were kidnapped from the surface wards and brought here to reproduce and rear humans like cattle. Muri noted that the humans were treated with more care than the ghouls in the outermost layer as they were more fragile and rare. The male humans weren't injured to prevent infections but were locked up in cells and fed human food. The human females were also fed human food while tied to beds where they were impregnated, gestated and gave birth to babies that were immediately taken away. Muri was wondering the usage cycle of the human females and how many times they could give birth before being chopped up and sold for meat like chickens moving on Muri found where the human babies were kept to be delivered to clients who craved human baby flesh. The males were taken to be delivered to hungry ghoul while the females were taken away to be raised until they were of birthing age where they would begin tearing more human children.

    Finally Muri made it to the innermost layer to find human-ghoul interbreeding. Muri giggled as he walked through the final facility where male ghouls were forced to mate with female humans who were force fed human meat and made to deliver half humans and hopefully the extremely rare one eyed half ghoul. Muri eavesdropped on the workers to find that the birth of a half ghoul had yet to happen. Muri found this farm dark and innovative. He almost applauded the man who came up with this idea of rearing humans and ghouls for flesh rather than hunting for them in the 24th ward. it was so modern and human like. Muri walked past the rooms with male ghouls raping gagged female humans. He walked past rooms filled with sedated pregnant female humans being force fed human meat. He walked past the rooms filled with half human children that would probably be delivered to powerful ghouls in the area to be eaten. Muri walked past all the rooms and noticed one similarity between all the livestock in this settlement, the dead eyes that had given up and lost all the defiance in them. As Muri walked past all facilities from the outermost layer to the central one, he saw the surrender in the eyes of all the humans and ghouls being reared here for ghoul consumption. Muri noted this to be the sad fate of the weak, trampled on and made use of others to better themselves and make their lives easier. Muri was walking in the 24th ward in a settlement serving as a livestock farm providing human, ghoul and half human flesh. Muri had a notion that this would probably be the fate of many if the ghouls ever overthrew the humans and took over. Farms like these would populate the earth. Seeing this all only reaffirmed Muri's desire to continue growing stronger so as to never end up as someone's food or plaything. Muri ignored the shameful fact that he was currently the adopted plaything of a certain blood deity. Cursing his mother silently, Muri finally found his way to the location of the supposed baron of flesh. Sneaking in silently, he moved in slowly to a room to find a naked obese male ghoul squirming on top of a naked human female with dead eyes while another human female lay in the corner bleeding out from a deep bite wound in her shoulder. She lay in the corner naked with bruises all over her body already passed out from the blood loss while the male ghoul ignored her and continued pumping away into the human female below him. The female below him had apathetic dead eyes as she saw Muri coming up behind the fat ghoul with an angelic smile. She didn't even flinch when Muri stabbed through the ghoul's head and devoured him. She merely looked at his golden eyes and begged in a quiet raspy voice, "Please, please kill me." Muri merely smiled before slitting her throat and that of the female in the corner. He may not care for the weak but it didn't take anything away from him to help end the suffering of others when he came across them. In his old world he'd learned it was called 'putting someone out of their misery'. He wouldn't go out of his way Or endanger himself to do it but he considered it the only bit of mercy the weak had in a world built for the strong. Walking out of the room, Muri looked through the memories absorbed from the baron and found that the baron didn't actually own the farm. The so called Baron of Flesh was merely a front. He was merely a ghoul put in charge here by a couple of powerful ghouls and charged with providing top quality meat to them. There were two other farms like this in the 24th ward and they were to prioritize efficiency and stealth. They were to stay low key and not attract attention to the farm or their employers. Muri headed towards the baron's office where he kept the records and addresses of his powerful customers and employers in the 24th ward. Arriving there he found and eliminated the ghoul in charge of the records as well as the ghouls guarding the records room. Muri went in and spent the next three hours poring through the records and finding all the recorded locations of powerful ghouls. Having gotten what he came for, Muri checked the memories he'd collected and combining it with his radar he tracked down and killed the most powerful guards in the farm. Wanting to cover his tracks, Muri walked through the facilities housing the trapped ghouls dumping the bodies of some dead ghoul security beside each of them while releasing their chains. They were then free to eat the corpses and gain strength to wreak havoc on the facilities. It took Muri a while because he had to avoid security. As he walked away from the compound he'd set on fire, he could already begin to hear the sounds of the rejuvenated prisoners fighting their captors to escape. As Muri disappeared into the shadows, no one was aware of his presence and would probably attribute this incident to a prison break caused by carelessness.

    Muri began his journey anew across the 24th ward now with a map and targets to attack. Instead of barging into each settlement or hideout and massacring everyone, Muri adopted the tactic of sneaking in, killing and absorbing everyone powerful then leaving after causing chaos in some form or the other. His methods included fires, structural collapses, revolts, floods and even leading other groups to pillage the settlements. Muri spent a few months causing chaos all over the 24th Ward while rapidly growing stronger with every ghoul he killed and absorbed. Sometimes he'd come across lazy dictator ghouls who'd grown strong through cannibalization of weak ghouls. Sometimes it would be ghouls that got strong by hunting down and eating other strong ghouls. These ghouls provided a bit more of a challenge but Muri mostly just dealt with them before they noticed his presence. Some ghouls he found had their own little debauched kingdoms. Places where they kept slaves for food and pleasure along with their little armies of devoted followers. Little cesspools of sin where flesh was all that mattered. Some ghouls he found isolated in caves feasting on flesh. These ghouls were mostly traveling alone or with very few people so it was easier to kill them. Muri went through the address list he got from the farm and was almost done with the list when the remaining people on the list realized they were being targeted. It didn't change much except they hired powerful ghoul bodyguards to protect them that he could consume. Some fled their addresses long before he could reach them and were difficult to find so he headed deeper into the 24th ward.

    Muri had currently been in the 24th ward for a few months now and he'd begun wanting to head back to the surface. He'd been traveling around attacking and consuming any powerful ghouls he came across. He spent most of his time considering his endgame for this world. He needed a way to accurately find and hunt down all the powerful ghouls in this world before leaving. He felt that would really push his strength to the next stage and help a little bit in nurturing his divinity seed. He'd been carefully siphoning his excess divinity from the breach in his seed and storing it for use later. He didn't know what he'd use it for but he was sure when the time came he'd know.  He'd been moving around and had finished the addresses on the list. He kept wandering around and finally came across the second farm. This one worked the same way as the last one so Muri snuck in to assassinate the powerful ghouls here as well. Finding his way stealthily to the central residence, he found a tall dark haired muscular female ghoul in her office looking through the documents of operations on her desk. She looked up as Muri walked into her office. Muri didn't give her the chance to react as his bikaku serpent flashed out and bit into her skull injecting corrosive blood and absorbing her liquefied remains. Walking in and sitting behind the desk, Muri took a break before beginning to look through the records. Over these past few months of traveling, he'd been thinking of what to do to increase his efficiency. He really couldn't keep going around sending and hunting ghouls. His radar circumference may have grown but it wasn't large enough to cover what he needed. He needed something different. He needed a way to exert his influence over the world and absorb it. But to do that he'd need help. He couldn't rely on the V or Clowns. His brother maybe but not with everything. He needed masses devoted to his cause and gaining information for him. He looked through the records of the farm and was about to leave when he heard a large explosion.

    Eto had been on a months long rampage across the 24th. She'd been moving around venting her frustrations on whatever came along. She'd slaughtered settlements not affiliated with Aogiri tree and tracked down famously strong ghouls for a fight just to burn off some steam. She found release in the pain and screams of her victims. Being raised in the 24th ward she'd grown up sadistic into a person who found pleasure in the suffering of others. Recently, she'd been spending more of her time on the surface ever since she became a well known author but whenever she missed the chaos she'd return down here to quench her bloodlust and entertain herself. Having grown up in this ward, she knew of the farms being constructed to feed the ghoul citizen of the ward. There were many small scale ones and only three large scale ones. She knew that they were co-owned by various powerful and influential ghouls so she felt like drawing their ire by destroying their operations. Of course she sent back the flesh in the farms to the Aogiri settlements. Being the most powerful group in the 24th ward, they had no rivals to question them. She had found her first large scale settlement today and decided to barge in and wipe out the opposition before returning to the surface. She felt satisfied with the mess she'd caused this time, let Tatara clean it up. She hadn't tried to sneak in at all and barged into the farm tearing through the opposition in a dance of blood and death. She had activated her kakuja form already and had been tearing through her attackers with blades and projectiles. She mowed down the opposition and headed to the central residence where she was sure to find the head of this farm. She made it through and killed everyone in her way to find a tall handsome curly black haired ghoul with red eyes.
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