15 Muri Breaks Down Some Walls

    Kichimuri smirked as he drew his face closer to Eto's and took her tender pink lips. He sensed her body stiffen for a moment before relaxing and she began to reciprocate the kiss. Kichimuri brought his hand up to caress her cheek as she had her eyes closed while getting lost in the kiss. She moved up her hand to reciprocate when suddenly, she released her sharp pointed kagune appendage and stabbed it at Muri's eyes. Muri had sensed it the moment she'd released her kagune and had been prepared for her to make a move. He'd opened himself up as bait and she'd taken it. His hand moved from her cheek and caught the kagune before it could reach his face. A bit of surprise entered Eto's green eyes as she stared from his golden eyes to his hand firmly gripping her kagune. She couldn't move her kagune no matter how hard she tried. The surprise flickered away as sadistic glee soon replaced it. The emotion seemed to spread across her face as her lips morphed into a devious grin. "Heheheheheee, did you think it would be that easy to tame me? A beating, nursing, food and a kiss? You thought it was enough to make me your little pet? Be careful this pet has sharp claws." Eto taunted in a sultry vicious tone. Muri's smirk hadn't left his face when he suddenly crushed Eto's kagune and ripped it off her body. He crushed it in the palm of his bare hand all the while looking into Eto's eyes with a charming innocent smile on his face.

    They continued to stare into each other's eyes, waiting for someone to punk out and look away. It was a silent battle for dominance. Eto had realized she couldn't beat him physically and had resorted to a mental battle. As she looked into his bewitching golden eyes, she could see something lurking behind the charming and innocent smile. She saw something much more insidious and dangerous than herself. She immediately looked away once she noticed whatever it was turn its attention towards her. This wasn't working out how she'd wanted it to. She'd envisioned his surprised eyes as she stabbed into his brain. The moment he'd kissed her, she'd intended on attacking immediately but she'd almost gotten lost in the kiss. She still felt her heart beating rapidly from the mix of fear and excitement. It had been a while since she'd felt these emotions. She saw something dangerous and beguiling in those eyes just now. As she tried to calm herself down he said, "Tame you? Taming you would take away the reason I want you to be mine. I want you to submit yourself to me not change who you are. I like who you are. I find it beautiful. Besides, you're mine already whether you like it or not and it seems you haven't accepted it yet so let's start your punishment for what you just did." Eto felt somewhat warm at the first part of what he said but it quickly turned cold upon hearing the last part.

    Muri knew Eto was about to say something snide to challenge him when he shut her up by gripping her throat. She looked into his eyes, a mixture of fear, anger, pride, and something Muri found funny, arousal. He lifted her up and threw her at the wall. He released his bikaku kagune as she flew slamming her back into the wall. His kagune was released as multiple extremely lifelike crimson serpents. Muri used his kagune to pin Eto to the wall by her limbs. The fangs on the serpent tore through her wrists and ankles into the wall spreading her out like an X before him. Muri walked up to Eto as she tried to not let the pain show on her face. Honestly Muri found it quite cute, he'd enjoy breaking her into showing all that she's feeling. "My my, what a defiant one we have here. And after I carried you here when you passed out. I personally stripped, bathed, and clothed you in new clothes after your old ones were bloody and muddy. Is this how you repay my tender care?" Muri spoke with his charming innocent smile. Eto looked confused and cautious for a second before a playful devious apathetic smile crept unto her face, "Is it really tender care when you're the reason I was in that state in the first place? You expect me to be grateful to someone whose name I don't even know? Plus the fact that you probably took advantage while bathing and clothing me like a cowardly little pervert should be all the repayment you need." Her eyes seemed to regain their fire as she stared tauntingly down into his, full of clearly false bravado daring him to reply. Muri knew what she was doing. She was trying to catch him up in her flow while she thought up a way to catch him off guard and overpower him. Unfortunately for her, he had something different in mind. "The fact that you were the first to attack before I even gave my name must have skipped your memory Eto. You can call me Shiki. I'm getting bored of this back and forth game between us that you're trying to play. I'd rather play a new game, something much more fun. Since you seem to think I'm a pervert, let's play that sort of game. Let me show you how perverted I can really get. But first let's get you prepped to play." Muri smirked as Eto felt a liquid being released into her bloodstream by the fangs embedded into her wrists and ankles. She felt something travel along her limbs and into her heart then back out to the rest of her body. Immediately, Eto began to feel hot and cold at the same time. Her uncovered skin felt like it was freezing while her wounds suddenly hurt a lot more. Muri observed the panic that set into her eyes as she turned her gaze accusingly towards him to ask what he'd done to her. He didn't reply. He'd merely injected a serum into her that raised the sensitivity of her nerves by three times.

    Muri had been trying to figure out the limits of what he could do with his abilities and control for a long time now. He was toying with abilities that were more auxiliary in nature. He had accidentally created this serum that could affect the way people's bodies worked. He watched as Eto looked lost in the overload of new sensory information. He moved towards her and slid his hand into her crotch before she completely lost it. His touch immediately brought her back down and focused her attention on his hand caressing her crotch. Her body shivered at his touch as though electrified. Her eyes clamped shut trying to shut out the sensations but she soon visibly relaxed them as a moan escaped her lips. Muri continued to caress her pussy lips. He circled her clitoris never making direct contact and stuck his finger in and out of her hole. Eto's moans came out strained as she tried to suppress them. They kept increasing in intensity and as they reached the cusp of an eruption, Muri suddenly stopped and removed his fingers from her crotch. Feeling somewhat denied, Eto opened her eyes in dissatisfaction to see the smirk on Muri's face. A blush crept up her face as she admonished herself for losing control and falling into his flow. She looked into his playful golden eyes and she knew he did this on purpose. For a moment there, all she could focus on was the feel of his fingers. Muri himself knew what he was doing. As he caressed Eto, he observed her body and stopped once it seemed she was about to orgasm. Waiting for the feeling to calm down, Muri ripped off Eto's night gown, leaving her naked and pinned on the wall. She gasped at the cold on her skin. Muri admired her pale smooth pink skin, her pert full breasts capped with little pink nipples, her taut slightly visible abs, her short green bush and finally her dripping pussy lips. Muri looked up to her eyes clouded in a mixture of conflicting emotions, her blushing face framed by her messy green hair. He admired her green eye as it opposed her red and black kakugan. He moved in and took her pink full lips, a tiny peck. He proceeded to trace his fingers from her cheek, to her lips dipping in between them to tease her tongue, to her neck and finally down to her breasts. Her body reacted again with an electrifying shiver. He cupped a breast and began to caress it, gently drawing and pulling it outwards. He moulded her breast, squeezing it and teasing the nipple. He started off gentle, calmly caressing her breast and teasing her nipple but he soon got rougher, squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple. That elicited a sharp intake of breath from Eto. Muri brought up both hands and proceeded to do the same things to both breasts. He also increased his speed of attack drawing out more intense moans from Eto. Her crotch got wetter as she began unconsciously pushing it out but he ignored it. He brought his head down and began to lick and nibble on her nipple. Her moans caught in her mouth and Muri sucked on her nipple alternating between each one. He took his time to tease and play with her breasts, plucking and sucking them while Eto got more vocal with her reactions. He'd always stop when she was about to orgasm then resume when the danger had passed and the feeling was no longer there. He took his time doing this as he continuously brought her to the edge over the period of an hour. By the time he brought his fingers back down to her pussy, he found it dripping and soaked with her clitoris red and engorged.

    Eto's body was overly sensitive as she was covered in goosebumps and a fine sheen of sweat. She unconsciously pushed her dripping pussy to Muri's hand hoping for release. This past hour had driven her insane and turned her world upside down. Her face was red with frustrated arousal. She had yet to vocalize what she truly wanted. Her last bit of pride kept holding the words from leaving her mouth. She wouldn't beg, she couldn't beg, she was the one people begged. Her sadistic pride wouldn't allow her to submit even now. Muri was impressed by Eto's resolve but he could already see she was about to break. That was why he brought his fingers down to her pussy and began gently flicking her bean. The tiny caresses kept bringing her right to the edge but never quite pushing her off it. Muri didn't speak as he had one of her nipples in his mouth. The double assault finally broke Eto's resolve and she submitted, "Please, just once, give me release. I'll do anything." Muri smiled as he held her nipple between his teeth. He brought his hand up to caress her cheek, turning her gaze towards his eyes. He didn't need to say anything as she could see what she had to do in his eyes, submit. Muri kept looking into her eyes as he released her limbs from the wall, placing her on her knees before him. Her face was level with his crotch. She could tell what she had to do to gain release by looking into his eyes. Her wounds had already healed as she brought her hands to his waistband and pulled it down. His long thick penis popped out and tapped her on the nose. She looked befuddled as Muri gave a little chuckle. She brought her hands up and caressed his meat pole slowly with clear inexperience. Muri watched her inexperience with interest. Eto brought her face forward and kissed the head. She tenderly kissed along the length before coming back to the head. She brought out her pink tongue and licked the head hesitantly. She seemed to gain more confidence as she took longer licks going up and down his length like a lollipop. She began to get into it when she heard the slightly heavier breathing coming from Muri. She opened her mouth and slowly took in his head. She sucked on it, caressing it in her mouth with her tongue. Muri moved his hand from her cheek to the back of her neck. She got the message and slowly took in more of his pole making sure to lather saliva on it with her tongue. She kept taking in until the head hit her throat and she choked. She was about to pull out his penis and cough when Muri held her head there forcing her gag reflex to adapt. Her eyes watered and she soon calmed down before resuming her task. She began sucking on the penis in her mouth drawing it in and out while using her hands to massage the length not in her mouth. Muri enjoyed watching the head of lustrous messy green hair going back and forth on his crotch. At intervals, a green eye and kakugan would peek out of the messy green hair to look into his eyes as the cock went in and out of her mouth. She kept going for half an hour when Muri tapped her on the head to stop. Pulling her to her feet, Muri tossed her unto the bed and began to fondle, lick and caress her body. Eto could hardly restrain herself as her moans bounced off the wall. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as she felt the familiar orgasmic build once again when the touches suddenly stopped when she was right on the edge. A frustrated moan escaped her as she opened her eyes to find Muri innocently smiling at her with his cock at her entrance. Eto immediately knew what was about to happen. She didn't care and craved it as she was right on the edge.

    Muri felt Eto's body erupt in an explosion of pain and ecstasy the moment he thrust his cock into her. She felt so soft, warm, moist and tight as he invaded her insides. Her body spasmed violently as she finally got her orgasmic release. She held unto him as she experienced it, her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Muri picked her up while she still cling to him, her body convulsing as her head was buried in his neck. He brought her to the wall placing her back on it and began to thrust into her until he reached her cervix. This drew a sharp moan from her and her insides tightened around him. He continued thrusting, speeding up, and going at her hard. Her moans escaped her lips frequently as the room soon filled with the sound of her voice. Muri gripped her pliant full buttocks, squeezing them for better positioning as he began pulling her hips down and thrusting up for maximum collision. Her grip on his shoulders tightened and her legs on his waist grew weak. She kissed his neck, moving to his cheek seeking his lips. She found it and initiated a deep sensual kiss. She instigated the kiss this time sucking on his lips ravenously. Muri felt her tongue seeking out his and intertwined it with his. Their mouths and lips melded with each other's as they kept swapping saliva. She moaned into his mouth as he pounded into her. She held unto him tight, her body wrapped around his and her breasts pressed into his chest. Her second orgasm soon came along and Muri kept **ing her as she went through it. He **ed her through several more before he felt the stirring of his own. He increased his thrusting pace as they moaned into each other's mouths and breathed the same air. Muri **ed Eto up on the wall when he came deep into her hitting her cervix and painting her insides. Eto stiffened in his embrace before melting into him as she came again just then.

    Muri carried her back to bed and tossed her on it with her back facing him. Eto could hardly move due to all the intense physical activity. She didn't know how long they had been in this room **ing. Time seemed irrelevant in this room with just the two of them caught up in each other's bodies. Muri looked down at her glistening body before laying down partly on top of and beside her. He lay down in a way that part of him was on top of her but not fully. She was facing down as he thrust back into her vagina eliciting a loud moan from her. Her moist warm tunnel tightened around him before sucking on him as though trying to take all he had and suck him dry. Muri thrust into her, pounding her into the bed. He took one hand and brought it up to hold onto her breast while the other slid down to play with her clitoris. Eto grit her teeth when she felt his three pronged attack. Muri continued thrusting into her as he began to kiss and nibble on her neck. Eto soon couldn't take it as she came again, her insides tightening even more around Muri. She drew her hand up to Muri's face pulling his lips towards hers. She couldn't take it as she turned her head back to engage in an intense make out while he thrust into her deeply and fondled her body. The sounds of heavy breathing, moaning and flesh slapping together resounded heavily in the room. This went on for a long while as Eto and Muri rode each other through numerous orgasms until Eto finally passed out from exhaustion. Muri came in her one last time before he too rested  with his cock still sheathed in her. The room and its surroundings were silent. Muri had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Eto might have took some effort but it was all worth it once he made her submit.
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