18 Interrogated By The Vasuki Secret Organization

    Finding it nearly impossible to forcibly extricate himself from Itori's embrace without having to kill her, Shiki had decided to settle down in the 14th ward for a while and begin to plot his final act in this world. As for the V organization, Shiki had ultimately decided to create a blood clone and send it to the V organization headquarters to report in his place. His main body would live as a ghoul while his much weaker clone would keep up appearances and siphon him information as a ghoul investigator. Shiki had never really had a reason to use this ability before as it took a lot of blood and mental energy to cast and maintain. Not to mention the magic needed to maintain a constant psychic link between the two required a high level of control. Shiki had from the moment he was born into this world, more than anything, focused on training his mind above all else. Call it an instinct, but he felt that his most important asset was his mind. Anything else could be taken from others to improve himself but only he could train and improve his mind. It was a long and slow process that took up most of his time growing up till today when training.  From the moment he'd been born in his old world, he'd unknowingly passively strengthened his mind as he absorbed the memories of the souls he consumed and learnt many new things. One could say it was one of the most important things that enabled him to survive his battle with the god of his world. Without his strong mind to hold off the assault, he'd have lost the battle. When it came to the mind, it was the control center of everything. His large soul could easily dissipate if his mind was destroyed. Same with all the other abilities he had. He considered it his most important strength and key to becoming stronger. His soul, body and magical ability were controlled and enhanced by the mental energy generated by his mind. His mental energy was like the generals and officials that ordered around his abilities which were like soldiers in an army. While the most important thing he had to train was his will which acted as the sovereign that commanded his mental energy and reigned over his abilities. He hadn't really realized how important his will was until his battle with the god of his world when he was forced to refine it through battle, improving his control over his mental energy and this his massive soul energy before finally outlasting, defeating and consuming the god of his world. Since he'd been born in his original world he'd been unconsciously strengthening his will every time he absorbed a soul and wiped out the consciousness attached holding together the soul. The clash of wills every time he wiped out the consciousness permeating the souls served to strengthen his own will little by little. The cumulative passive exercises of wiping out the consciousnesses of so many existences had placed his will above that of everyone else in world except god. Will was something that required constant maintenance and sharpening so as to prevent regression. The god in his previous world due to his crippling depression had neglected this, thus weakening his will and losing control of his power. This led to the scenario where Vlad was born and grew strong enough in will to challenge the crippled will of god as he absorbed him. If the god of Vlad's world hadn't had his will crippled by despair, it would have been easy for him to beat back Vlad's assault and consume him. And even then it had taken Vlad so long to refine his will in battle to the level of the severely weakened god of his world before outlasting and absorbing him. Yeah, will was a very important part of Shiki's strength, probably the most important part. He trained his will through meditation and intensive visualization, basically daydreaming on steroids. He'd train by exploring the depths of his mind while meditating, visualizing and flexing his imagination constantly. It was a very tiring exercise but he reaped major benefits from it. He could also strengthen his will by wiping out the consciousnesses marking the souls found in the blood he drained from his victims. The strong his victim, the stronger their will and thus the more benefit he gained from battling and wiping out their consciousness. With the strengthening of his will came the strengthening of his mind which allowed him to house and generate higher quantities and quality of mental energy. Most important of the benefits was his increased control of any energies he encountered and used. This included mental energy, magic, soul energy and any other form of energy he'd one day pick up. This benefit allowed him to easily pick up and master the use and manipulation of the various energies in the multiverse allowing him the ability to freely produce and wield them like they were his own limb. Enhancing his will also improved his mental condition which protected him from outside influences or attacks like mind control and other abnormal mind states that affected his mind and thinking ability. It also improved his processing speed, intelligence, memory storage, memory recollection, learning abilities, awareness, instincts, and overall an increase in the various mental operations. Currently Shiki had trained his mind to that of a peak superhuman level. He was closing in on a new state known as Absolute mind which would provide him absolute new capabilities that one couldn't even imagine. There were still higher levels after that but Shiki would get there in time. Until then Shiki would continue training his will to get stronger.

    Shiki had snuck out the backdoor at midnight while Itori was busy serving customers. He'd talked her into opening the bar tonight even though she just wanted to lay in bed with him. He'd convinced her by claiming he'd missed playing the piano in the bar for a crowd. The regular customers were surprised and happy to see him after so long especially the females who wanted to immediately pounce on him if not for the deathly glare from Itori. It's not like he minded. Itori was a welcome guard dog to protect him from having to deal with the unwanted affections of women he wasn't attracted to. Although he'd soon have to bring her to heel before she started inconveniencing him with her obsessive possessiveness. He sneaked out the backdoor into the isolated alley before slitting his wrists and pouring out a massive amount of his blood. The blood flooded the alley floor before converging into a narrow circle as a bloody human began forming out of the thickening blood. Shiki healed his wrists as he watched the blood condense to form a skeleton, then organs, nerves, muscles, skin, hair, et cetera. Finally a naked clone of Kichimuri stood before Shiki. The clone looked more mature though, now exhibiting a taller, slim body of dense muscle. He was very tall with a slightly wider chest and shoulders. His body had some faint faded scars running up and down his back, shoulders, arms and chest. His wavy dark hair was long and fell past his shoulders. The clone had also grown a short full beard giving him a look of maturity and worldliness. His golden eyes were the same except they looked sharper than ever like a soldier who just returned from a long war. Shiki had made these changes to his clone to show growth and evidence for his report once he returned to headquarters. Opening his space storage he brought out his agent uniform, tossing aside the tie and hat, ripping off the buttons on the coat and suit. The clone would return to the organization destitute like a warrior returning home from a rough war with only the tattered clothes on his back and his quinque tainted by blood in his hand. He had the clone tie his long hair in a messy man bun and get dressed in his uniform leaving his white shirt untucked with the top three buttons open revealing his broad muscled chest. He also wore his suit jacket and coat open creating the image of a Lone Ranger with his sword secured hidden beneath his coat. Looking over his clone and nodding in satisfaction, he established the psychic link that would allow them to communicate and sent his clone on his way towards the 1st ward to meet with the V organization. Shiki walked back into the bar, he snuck up and hugged Itori's waist from behind shocking her into a deep blush as she served drinks drawing hoots from the male customers and envious glares from the females. He'd operate out of the bar for now, preparing himself for the final chapter and training his mind as he studied all he could about ghoul and human physiology. He had a plan in mind already but it would take time and patience to execute. It was going to be glorious.

    The clone now known as Kichimuri didn't waste time as he sped through the wards heading straight to the 1st ward to report to the organization. He'd been missing so long, he wouldn't be surprised if they'd thought he was dead. His current clone body was made to have no ghoul characteristics matching his brother's as closely as possible. In exchange for not having ghoul physiology, his half-human body was strengthened to the limit giving him superhuman strength, agility, senses, reaction et cetera. Basically his capabilities were the same as when his original body was in base form without using any kagune. His strength couldn't be told just looking at him since he looked just like a more mature muscular clone of Kichimura. He briefly wondered how his older brother had matured while he was gone. He soon entered the 1st ward and headed to a checkpoint of the organization he remembered. He walked into the 24 hours convenience store that served as a checkpoint for V agents in the 1st ward to find the place empty except for an old man at the counter. He walked up to the counter as the old man looked up from the newspaper he was reading in interest. "Reporting from long absence, Kichimuri Washuu, agent ######, clearance code ###########, lost communicator, seeking to report to headquarters for rest and a debrief." Muri spoke in a formal manner. The old man put on a confused face before shock and recognition replaced it. He immediately assumed a calm professional apearance, heading into the back room probably to inform his superiors of Kichimuri's return. Muri waited for ten or so minutes before the old man returned from the back room. Muri was led into the back room where he was asked to wait in an isolated room for senior agents to come pick him up. Muri knew he wouldn't be debriefed here since he was a special case with a special identity who'd been missing for so long. Sitting there in the blank cold room, he wondered how long it would take before his brother was informed of his return.

    Muri didn't wait long in the isolated room when two V agents walked in with calm expressions. With his heightened senses, Muri could see the flash of surprise in their eyes when they caught sight of his appearance. It was to be expected since he'd been gone for so long but he'd suddenly returned with such a rugged appearance. The two agents took a moment to recognize him and ascertain  whether he was truly who he said he was. They moved towards him putting him in handcuffs and taking away his quinque before escorting him out of the room, out the back of the post office into a waiting black van with tinted windows. Once Muri was in the van, a black bag was put over his head as the black van took off to a secret location. Muri smirked as the attempt at secrecy was unnecessary since his heightened awareness allowed him to map out their path. They apparently weren't headed to the V headquarters but a different isolated location in the outskirts of the 1st ward. Upon arriving, Muri was escorted roughly out of the van and led to what he sensed to be a warehouse. They soon headed in and Muri was led into an interrogation room where he was handcuffed to the table and left to wait as the agents left the room. Muri sensed as the agents left the building, returning to the van and leaving. Muri felt like cursing right now. There was nobody else in the building, were they **ing with him? Punishment for going missing for more than a year? Isn't this a little too much? He decided to exercise some patience as he waited for an hour before a black car pulled up to the building and three agents walked out. One walked in front of the other two clearly the leader. Muri already knew it was Kaiko as he recognized his blood signature as they walked into the building straight to the interrogation room. Two of the agents walked into the interrogation room while Kaiko walked into the adjoining room to observe through the one way reinforced glass mirror. The two agents dragged two metal chairs from the corner of the room causing an annoying grating sound before setting it on the other side of the table and sitting down. The black bag on Muri's head was removed as he opened his eyes to bright lights obscuring the faces of his interrogators. They obviously didn't bother him but Muri pretended like they did. His acting skills had long reached peak levels so it was easy to convince the agents about to interrogate him he'd been affected by their juvenile intimidation tactics.

    "State your name"

    "Kichimuri Washuu"

    "State your age"

    "19 going on 20"

    "State your place of birth"

    "The Garden, 1st ward, Tokyo, Japan."

    "State your older sister's name"

    "I have no sister, my elder brother's name is Kichimura Washuu"

    "State the age when you began your career as an agent and how long you trained at the academy."

    "15. I never was enrolled at any academy. I trained for ten years in the Garden before being allowed to become an agent."

    "Who was your instructor and mentor as an agent?"

    "Mr Kaiko"

    "State the address where your mother currently lives"

    "She doesn't live anywhere, my mother died at birth."

    "State your age when you learnt of your father's death on a mission to exterminate ghouls."

    "False my father is still alive and well."

    "State the ward where you had your first mission and what was the name of the first ghoul gang you exterminated. Include the number you killed, the numbers killed by the other agents and how many got away."

    "The 6th ward. They were called the Red foxes. None got away. I exterminated them all."

    "What hobby did you take up as a child that required access to the internet and delivery of heavy equipment to the Garden?"


    "What genres of music do you prefer over classical music?"

    "Jazz and Soul"

    "What squad were you requested to join and what was the reason you gave for refusing."

    "Arima squad. My reason was that I trained more effectively and got stronger by working alone."

    "What is your relationship with Kishou Arima?"

    "I trained with him as a child. He grew up in the garden like me. He's my half brother"

    "What color are your twin brother's eyes?"

    "Dark brown"

    "Where have you been for the past year?"

    "The 24th Ward"

    "Is that where you were when requesting leave to go deep undercover?"

    "No I was in the 20th ward."

    "What were you doing there"

    "I was tracking down a ghoul I'd heard rumors about"

    "What rumors?"

    "That it cannibalized other ghouls leaving no traces behind. The Eraser."

    "Did you end up tracking it down? Did you find out who it is?"

    "Yes and no. I merely encountered it killing a ghoul below a cliff. It was in kakuja form so I couldn't find out its identity?"

    "If so why did you enter the 24th ward?"

    "I followed it to a cafe and found an entrance in the basement. I suspected it had gone through there so I followed it in."

    "What made you think you could take it on?"


    "How so?"

    "I overestimated my abilities in an attempt to gain an achievement that would surpass everyone else's"

    "What did you find in the 24th ward? Did you encounter the Eraser?"

    "No I didn't. I found a hell infested with powerful ghouls."

    "How did you survive down there till now and why didn't you return sooner?"

    "I survived on rodents, edible fungi and sewer water. I tried to return but a massive conflict between the ghouls pushed me deeper underground."

    "What kind of conflict? Why did you just return now then?"

    "I have no idea what it was about. All I saw was a lot of cannibalizing as I fled deeper into the ward. I returned now since things seemed to have calmed down so I snuck out, taking isolated paths and sticking to the shadows."

    "How did you spend your time down there then during all the time you were away?"

    "I went around hunting any ghouls I could kill and barely fleeing the ghouls I couldn't with the scars to show for it."

    "Do you have any proof of the ghouls you claim to have killed during your time underground?"

    "No I don't. The corpses were heavy and the smell would attract other ghouls this endangering me."

    "How did you lose your communicator?"

    "I was ambushed as I entered the 24th ward. The communicator was destroyed in the struggle."

    "If you were ambushed, how did you survive? Were you taken captive and tortured for information?"

    "No I wasn't. I escaped after killing some of the ghouls who ambushed me."

    "That will be all of the questioning for now. We'll be back to escort you out shortly."

    The agent spoke after the long interrogation was finally finished and stood up with the other agent who'd been taking notes before they both left the room. They entered the adjoining room to converse with Kaiko who'd been observing the entire interrogation. Muri sat there quietly for them as they seemed to contact someone. Soon the agents returned to the room with a DNA kit. They proceeded to take his blood, hair, saliva, nails, and fingerprints. Afterwards, they unlocked his handcuffs from the table. They stood him up, putting the black bag back over his head and led him handcuffed out the building to a black sedan with tinted windows. They pushed him in the back seat and returned to the building. Muri sensed Kaiko sitting in the front seat, his gaze focusing on Muri as though trying to discover any secrets he was hiding. The car started to move leaving behind the interrogation warehouse. Muri sat in the back of the car bored out of his mind. He stretched out his radar to find empty streets except for the rare civilian who got up for an early jog before the sun rose. The car turned into a parking garage and drove underground before parking at the lowest level. Once the car was parked, Muri sensed agents surrounding the car. The door was opened and he was roughly pulled out onto his feet. He was then led into a secret passageway followed by Kaiko and the remaining agents. The passage was long with many turns and misdirections, though they didn't really pose a problem to Muri's awareness. They finally arrived at an underground holding center. Muri was pushed into a white cell with the bag on his head removed. An agent came in and unlocked his handcuffs before turning around and leaving. Muri looked around his prison quarters as the door was locked shut. "Get some rest. You'll be picked up in the next few hours to be interrogated again before we can confirm your identity and properly release you." The agent coldly said as he locked the door and left. Muri ignored Kaiko and the other agents observing him in the adjoining room through the hidden cameras in his cell. His cell was bare, a metal bed with a hard mattress and a metal toilet in the corner. Muri walked to the **ty excuse for a bed and lay down to sleep. The time he left the cell would probably be the time for him to face his father, the CCG Chairman. He was looking forward to seeing the old man.
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