20 New Mentor- Special Class Investigator Kiyoko Aura

    Muri got into a loose stance standing with the heavy shinai held by his side. He held it in a manner unbefitting of its weight. He held it like it weighed nothing. "We'll begin at the count of ten." Kiyoko said as she gripped her weapon not too tightly and had her left foot slightly behind the right, the left heel slightly raised with both feet parallel. At the count of ten, she exploded forward swinging down her weapon with a heavy force. Muri brought up his weapon to clash with hers and deflected her weapon to the side. He jumped and spun in the air bringing his heel straight to the side of her head. He held back his strength as Kiyoko brought up a hand and blocked his kick. Muri landed in a crouch and leaped forward to stab at her torso. Kiyoko blocked his attack with her weapon before kicking at his head. Muri took the blow to his armpit catching her leg and pulling her  towards him in an attempt to put her off balance. As he pulled her towards him, she flipped releasing her leg from his grip and swinging her other leg towards his face. Muri pulled his head back as he dodged her attack. He pulled back as Kiyoko pressed forward with jabs and swings, blocking and dodging as required. Upon noticing the way he casually deflected her attacks, Kiyoko increased the speed and strength put into them as she changed up her attack mid swing  to aim for his knee. Muri blocked it and stepped up his blocks, dodges and deflections as Kiyoko began to ferociously attack from unconventional angles aiming for perceived blind spots and weak areas. They moved across the entire hall as Muri allowed her to get in minor hits once in a while. They took wild swings at each other, flipping, dodging, pushing their agility to inhuman heights. They returned to the center of the hall as they disengaged and stood a distance apart facing each other. They both looked like they hardly exerted themselves. Suddenly they charged towards each other swinging for a frontal clash of strength and ferocity. Their weapons clashed but due to Kiyoko's being heavier and stronger, Muri cracked upon collision. They held their swords in a clash as they looked into each other's eyes. Muri looked into her dark blue as the cool determination in them shone through. Kiyoko looked into his glittering golden eyes and saw his steely drive and determination to win. They pushed their swords, leaning into the clash before both disengaging and just as quickly returning for another clash. They repeatedly clashed in a frontal manner as they competed in strength, speed, ferocity and skill. The only differences in their strikes being the minute adjustments made to gain the upper hand in the frontal clash. As they clashed, Kiyoko would kick towards his legs to offset his balance and make him lose. Muri confidently met her steel like limbs, effortlessly blocking and defending her attacks. Finally, they disengaged and took a step back once again. They observed each other and the light bruises done to their bodies during this spar/combat assessment. Suddenly they exploded forth for a final frontal clash as they swung their weapons at each other. Muri's weapon snapped in half upon colliding with Kiyoko's heavier and sturdier one. Muri seemingly expecting this, dodged under her swing and moved towards Kiyoko with the broken half of his shinai. Kiyoko flipped her weapon as she let go of it before catching it with her other hand in time to place it on Muri's neck. "You've lost." She stated coolly and with a confident air. Muri merely smiled hinting his golden eyes to her torso. Kiyoko looked down to find Muri's broken shinai half aimed a millimeter away from Kiyoko's chest where her heart is supposed to be. Incidentally the shinai was also in danger of digging into her ample breasts. Kiyoko looked back up to the smirk on Muri's face before a small smile appeared on her face for the first time as she said, "I'll call it a tie then. You pass your assessment. Do take note however that when you come into conflict with a ghoul, always aim for the head." Kiyoko withdrew her shinai from Muri's neck and took a step back as they both stood straight and bowed to each other in a show of mutual respect and humility expected after a completed spar.

    Muri heard the sounds of clapping to his left as he turned to see Arima walking towards him while engaged in a slow clap. "Skilled as always, Teacher. Muri it seems you've become much more skilled during the time period since we last saw each other. I had always heard you were a talented combatant but to see it in person is something else. What do you think of your new mentor?" Arima said with a minute smile on his face. Muri merely shrugged as he turned to look at his new mentor. She stood straight with a cool demeanor as though their conversation had nothing to do with her. She turned to return her equipment and walked towards the female changing room at the side of the hall. Muri turned to Arima, "No issues whatsoever." Kiyoko returned in half an hour to find Muri had also showered and changed back to his suit however he had removed the blazer folding it over his arm. "Special Investigator Arima already left. He said to tell you I'm your problem now." Muri stated as she walked up to him. She replied with a nod before leaving the hall motioning for him to follow. She had walked out in a dark suit, her dark blue hair tied in a bun with a white ribbon, a strand of hair hung on the left along with her bangs tucked behind her right ear. Muri caught up to her walking side by side as he closely observed her long strides and cool confident demeanor. As they passed the halls where agents were training, Muri noticed several agents stare at Kiyoko in adoration and worship. They walked out of the dojo before heading towards the CCG tower to register Muri as a ghoul investigator. They got to the building quickly and separated as they entered with Muri being directed to the registration office while Kiyoko headed to her office to wait for him. Muri arrived at the registration office and walked in to inquire on the process and documents he'd have to go through to register as a Rank 1 ghoul investigator. The process didn't take long as Muri expected since the process had already been started and all the documents had been provided by someone in the higher offices. All the forms, documents and orientation books had already been prepared long before he got there. All he had to do was carefully sign some papers, take some pictures for an ID, and collects some important need-to-know information so as to wrap things up. His new identity was Nimuri Furuta. He couldn't take the Washuu name as he was a member of the branch family. When asked his choice of weapon, Muri had requested his old quinque stating that it was what he was used to and heavily relied on in his times of need. He had no concerns about them finding anything odd about his quinque because it was smart enough to hide and camouflage itself. By the time the process was done, Muri was directed towards his new Mentor's office. He had to take the elevator, finding his way across the halls as his young, handsome appearance and golden eyes drew attention from the staff in the building who were curious about the new kid. He entered and exited the elevators under the interested gazes of many female staff who found the mystery man enticing. Muri eventually found Kiyoko's office. He walked in to find her seated behind a desk filled with paperwork going through them one by one. She looked up as he walked in before motioning him to sit down on the couch in her office while she worked. Muri observed her as she worked, her solitary hanging hair strand swinging to and fro with the movement of her head. He soon got bored and started meditating with his eyes closed giving the appearance he'd fallen asleep. About an hour passed when Muri suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the paperweight about to hit his head. He looked past the projectile to see his new mentor gazing at him sternly, "Sleeping in a superior's office? No wonder you need discipline instilled in you. You don't even have the discipline to patiently wait as I finish looking through these papers? You may be talented but it would only do more harm than good if this is how you behave. A proper investigator is patient, attentive and aware at all times. At least you have the awareness to not get caught off guard." Kiyoko said coolly as she walked out from behind the desk until she stood before him looking down on him. Muri gripped the paperweight as he put on an innocent charming smile, "Maybe I wouldn't be this way if someone actually stopped ignoring me. You're my mentor right? Well I'm here, my ears wide open but you don't seem to talk much. I don't know how you mentor without speaking. I was meditating not sleeping. If this is gonna be a thing where I spend all my time waiting around for you to rarely speak to me while you sit down at your desk, I'm not sure what I'm going to gain from this. Just send me off to hunt some ghoul and I'll stay out of your way." Muri said calmly as he looked up into the Kiyoko's cool dark blue eyes. Her eyes lit up in amusement as a small smile crept up her face, she brought out some paperwork and tossed it to him. "Who do you think all this paperwork is for? We're about to head out to hunt down and exterminate a whole nest of ghouls. Investigators have tracked down and ascertained their location but I've requested the two of us to be allowed to go in alone while other investigators will surround the place and eliminate any ghoul that tries to escape. Keep in mind, paperwork is a very important part of being an investigator. We keep records of our activities so as to help those who come after us. Come we're heading out to get ready. You'll pick up your weapons on the way. First though we're going to test out your marksmanship, considering you use a short range weapon I still expect your marksmanship to be top knothole enabling you to take out your opponents long range. The operation begins tomorrow evening at Sundown in the 8th ward. The ward is currently being cordoned off and we'll be summoned once civilians are out of the way. This is your chance to show me what you've got. Since you're such a genius, prove it to me in this operation. I'm there mainly to support you while you're to eliminate any ghoul we come across. Don't let me down." Kiyoko said in a cool teasing tone as she turned around to walk out door motioning for him to follow. Muri savagely grinned as he stood up to follow her. He wondered who the unfortunate ghouls were who he was going to eliminate soon like prey.

    Shiki sat in the bar with Itori laying in his lap playing with the buttons on his shirt. She acted like a pet possessive of its owner. They sat at a round table as they waited to begin the latest Clown meeting session to welcome him back into the fold. Itori had contacted Uta to set up the meeting and invite everyone to welcome Shiki back. The table was filled with bottles of blood wine, dishes of human tartare and different cuts of human flesh served in different raw forms prepared by Muri in his free time. The other members of the group acted like they didn't see Itori's behaviour as they all walked in one by one, greeted Shiki and sat down to sample the food and drink on the table while waiting for the others to arrive so the meeting could begin. Even Nico knew to keep his mouth shut as he'd refrained from mentioning Eto to Itori ever since Muri had been back and had warned him in the 11th ward. He knew the price of doing so as he kept his mouth shut and sat down at the table waiting for the meeting to begin and picking at the delicious dishes of prepared human flesh. Everyone soon came in and sat down with the last to come in being Uta and Souta. Shiki had yet to meet Souta but as he walked in, he was mildly surprised to find it was his brother Kichimura under a false identity. Souta had stopped upon walking in and seeing the pair of golden eyes but he'd relaxed into a slump upon realizing it wasn't who he thought it was. Shiki has no concerns about Mura discovering it was him since his build and facial features were different. They all sat down to begin the meeting. Uta began the meeting by welcoming back Shiki into the fold and claiming he'd been missed by the group. He informed the other members that Shiki had been in the 24th ward trying to find the Eraser while at the same time infiltrating a ghoul organization. Uta called upon the members one by one to give updates on events happening in Tokyo and what they'd been up to. They were also asked to offer up suggestions and proposals about any future operations the group could engage in. Everyone said their piece with some talking about recent notable ghoul conflicts and proposals manipulate things for maximum chaos. When it came to Souta, he informed on the return of his genius brother from the depths of the 24th ward. He said he'd yet to meet with him but information he'd gotten suggested there had been a major ghoul conflict in the 24th ward. He proposed an investigation into the matter to see if there was anything to benefit from there. Itori gave up information she'd recently gotten from her network and suggested partnering up with the high class secret ghoul societies to increase their influence and reach in Tokyo's underworld. She already had a potential ally called Big Madam who regularly took part in the ghoul restaurants and auctions all over Tokyo. She was noted to be a very dangerous, cunning and influential ghoul. Finally it was Shiki's turn and he looked around the room thanking each member for the warm welcome. He greeted Souta welcoming him into the group and apologized for the late introduction while stating he looked forward to working with him. Shiki sat up with Itori still in his lap, "I heard all your proposals for what our group should do next and I'm excited to take part sometime in the future. However I have a plan right now that I find you'll all be interested in. As Uta said, I've successfully infiltrated a ghoul organization in the 24th ward. What you don't know is that the name of the organization is Aogiri Tree and it is currently the strongest and only organization in the 24th ward. The conflict Souta talked about was a campaign to conquer and unify all the ghouls in the ward under one umbrella. Currently the organization is consolidating its ranks and training its members but once it's done, we intend on launching an attack on the CCG and dealing them a heavy blow they're not going to be able to recover from anytime soon. But that is also something for the future. Right now, our upcoming mission entails breaking into the Cochlea prison and freeing as many powerful elite ghouls we can. We intend on first aiming for the bottom level and working our way up as we leave, freeing as many ghouls as we can. Itori has told me we have some members locked up in there so I intend on having your help procuring their freedom. Souta, with you being an investigator, I would like your help in procuring the schematics of the prison. While we may be able to bulldoze our way in it's always best to be prepared. Uta and Itori, I'll need your help procuring explosives to break into the prison and cause as much damage as possible. As for the rest of you, your proposals come in here as I need you to manipulate and intensify conflicts between ghoul groups and the CCG across Tokyo so they'll be too focused on that while we attack the prison. I intend on this ambitious organization being a success and recruiting the ghouls freed into the Aogiri Tree organization as executives. Anyone have anything to say?" Muri coolly outlines his plan and proposal while gazing at the ghouls at the table. The people were quiet as he waited for a reply. Suddenly Uta began applauding his proposal before praising the plan. Shiki's proposal was put to a vote with unanimous support for this ambitious plan. Shiki could feel a damp spot on his thigh as Itori got aroused by the thought of the carnage he had planned. Shiki smirked before he invited everyone to properly dig into the spread on the table. The members drank and feasted on Shiki's cooking before they adjourned the meeting and began filing out. Nico took one last glance at Shiki and Itori making out as he walked out the door into the dark night. Uta stayed behind to finalize the details on the explosives Shiki required for the prison break. He also discussed with Itori potential suppliers among the high society ghouls before making a list and deciding to have her make contact with them before choosing. Finally, Shiki and Itori were left in the bar with Souta who looked like he had something to say to Shiki. Itori stood from his lap to clean up the table while Souta prepared to say what he'd waited behind for. He commented on the fact that Shiki had similar eyes to his brother. Shiki merely smiled as he accepted the compliment saying if they had the same eyes, his brother was definitely a catch. Souta laughed at that claiming his brother was hardly around so he wasn't aware if he even had a girlfriend, he doubted it though. They chit chatted about various topics as Souta seemed to try to get a read on the kind of person Shiki was. Shiki gave off a confident dominant air, his messy, curly wavy hair, golden eyes and lean muscular physique ensuring he was a draw to the ladies and envied by other men. Apparently feeling he could be trusted Souta finally got to the topic he wanted to tell Shiki, "You mentioned infiltrating an organization that planned to go against the CCG. I can imagine something like that requires a lot of manpower and powerful ghouls. I don't know exactly how many you have in your army but I might have a way to get you more. I recently came into contact with an unorthodox doctor who's trying to perfect turning humans into half ghouls. I believe he could be of help to you in providing you powerful soldiers for your war with the CCG. All he requires is a constant supply of subjects to experiment on. However before I tell you his name, I need you to promise you'll help me track down and capture a particular female ghoul. I can imagine the reach your organization possesses and I would really like your help in finding a purple haired female ghoul. Also upon finding her, I would like your help in capturing her. What do you say?" Shiki pauses to consider as he suppressed the excitement bubbling up in him. This could work well for him, a doctor researching the combination of ghoul and human physiology. That's what he'd been researching all this while. He quickly agreed and Souta happily discussed the details of their arrangement before leaving the bar seemingly happy at getting his agreement. Muri sat there boiling with excitement as another piece of the puzzle fell into place. Soon he'd be able to meet and work with Dr Kanou, a man researching the same field he was. All he'd have to do would be to find and captures female purple haired ghoul named Rize Kamishiro, his childhood playmate.  A vicious grin crept up his face.
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