21 Astounding CCG Debu

    Mimuri Furuta walked alongside his mentor Kiyoko Aura as they walked up to the CCG barricade of investigators surrounding the abandoned apartment complex in the outskirts of the 8th ward. The location of the ghoul nest had long been reported and confirmed before the troops were assembled to surround the area. Civilians had been evacuated from the surrounding areas so as to prevent any collateral damage or civilian casualties. The assembled CCG troops had been engaged in a silent stand off with the ghouls currently still hiding in the five storied building. They had sealed all paths of retreat for the ghouls especially underground. They had stationed squads in the sewers in case any ghouls tried to sneak past the barricade. They had also temporarily flooded the sewers while planting concussive RC grenades along the paths to the squad so as to alert them to the ghouls' presence and prevent being caught off guard. Muri walked up in the standard CCG armor uniform but he ditched the vest because it restrained his agile movements. He held his old quinque briefcase that had been delivered to him today as they arrived in the 8th ward. The scientists at the research lab had been surprised it was still in such good shape and had offered to upgrade it with new capabilities. However Muri had declined claiming he was used to it as it was since it served him well in the 24th ward. Kiyoko walked along beside him in a black business suit, tights and combat heels looking cool and ready to get to work with the quinque briefcase she was carrying. They had just come from the CCG shooting range where Kiyoko had decided to test Muri on his marksmanship. Muri hadn't held back at all as he aimed and shot through all his targets perfectly regardless of the range or distance he had to cover. Kiyoko didn't show any surprise or approval as she moved them to a training hall where she examined Muri's in-combat marksmanship. He was expected to aim and shoot at moving targets while running along and across the floor. The targets would pop out out of nowhere and Muri was expected to shoot on sight while differentiating between threats, allies, and civilians. The targets were constantly moving as they appeared never staying in the same place. One was expected to either shoot them down as they appeared or shoot them before they returned to their hiding place. Muri did all this effortlessly as he shot up the targets with grace and finesse so Kiyoko turned up the difficulty by a lot having projectiles shot at Muri as he moved and aimed at the also moving targets. He was expected to dodge the painted rubber bullets while shooting down moving targets that now moved in unconventional directions and never in straight lines. Muri may not have regularly used guns whenever he fought but he had trained in marksmanship from childhood using various types of guns and long range weapons. He was just as skilled in using them as he was with his sword but he preferred using a sword because he liked to kill things up close and personal while bathing in the blood of his victims. Muri turned up his agility as he gracefully flipped and spun around the room dodging the nonlethal bullets while accurately aiming and shooting at the erratically moving targets. He scored perfect marks when the exercise was over even though Kiyoko further turned up the speed and difficulty towards the end. Muri walked towards her with a victorious smirk as she couldn't hide the shock in her eyes. She gave him an approving impressed smile as they left the shooting range to congratulate him for a job well done. Muri could tell his new mentor was deeply impressed by his skills and was warming up to him.

    As they arrived at the CCG barricade, they met with the Associate Special Class Investigator in charge of the operation, Daisuke Atou. He respectfully greeted Special Class Investigator and the Head of the CCG's combat branch Kiyoko Aura and thanked her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to help out at such a minor operation. Daisuke Atou was a middle aged looking man with an undercut hairstyle. He was dressed in the standard CCG armor uniform with a helmet under his arm. He seemed a bit confused when Kiyoko said she was mainly here to support as the main advance force invading the apartment complex was her new subordinate beside her. Daisuke turned to Mimuri and was surprised at how young he was and the fact that he was supposed to enter the building alone. Daisuke was about to speak up in protest against such reckless action which would end in such a young person's death when Kiyoko waved him off saying that Muri was a genius who was recently transferred to the CCG. She stated this was his first operation as an investigator and she wished to examine his capabilities. She soothed his worries by saying she'd tag along with Muri in case he couldn't handle it. Daisuke calmed down and accepted the situation but Muri noticed a bit of jealousy in the man's eyes. Muri was a bit surprised and confused at the emotion since he was sure he'd never met the man before but how was he to know Daisuke was a man who hated all geniuses and was jealous of their talent. For the longest time, he'd directed his jealousy towards the always cool genius, Arima. But now he suddenly came into contact with another apparent young genius Investigator that was favored by the higher ups and would end up soon surpassing him. He was jealous of the extremely talented as he had to work very very hard to slowly get where he currently was. Now he had to stand back and manage a blockade while another talent favored by the higher ups waltzed in and accumulated achievements like harvesting flowers. As he slowly thought of all this, a small part of Daisuke wished this new talented young investigator would slip up in this operation causing him to get fatally wounded or at least lose a limb. Muri had no idea what was going on in Daisuke's mind but he could accurately guess from the jealous enmity in the man's eyes. Giggling at the man's petty grievances, Muri gave him a smirk before walking past him, past the blockade towards the apartment building. Kiyoko looked a bit surprised at his expression before looking at Daisuke and noticing the expression on his face. She quickly figured everything out before giving a disapproving glance and disdainful humph at the narrow minded investigator as she walked past him to follow Muri to the front of the Apartment Building. She turned to Muri to observe if he'd been affected negatively or distracted by what had just happened but she found a cool and confident expression on his face. She nodded in approval before motioning to a courier who seemed to be standing by waiting for them. The investigator working as a courier agent walked towards them before presenting Kiyoko with a secured case. Kiyoko received it with a thankful nod and opened it as the courier was dismissed. Inside the secured case were a pair of black semi automatic Mac 10 mini Uzi guns. Kiyoko has prepared them for Muri as a welcome present and to mark his first operation with her. They were customized to use Q bullets, bullets with a melted coating of kagune that could harm and kill ghouls. Muri was handed an ammunition belt where he stored extra Q bullet magazines that he could use to reload his weapons if he ran out of bullets on the way up. Muri released his quinque, his black katana painting a fearsome image with the red glowing veins running across the blade. He secured the sword on his back using the ammunition belts he'd wrapped across his chest. He received the guns from the case in Kiyoko's hands while thanking her for such a thoughtful gift. He promised not to let her down and to put on a brilliant performance during this operation. Muri stood before the entrance to the apartment building, a semi automatic uzi in each hand, two ammunition belts secured across his chest, a black katana secured on his back and a vicious grin on his face. Muri took a deep breath and released it as he walked in.

    Muri walked into the apartment building and immediately activated his radar as he came up to the first room on the ground floor. He walked past the door, aiming his gun and releasing a burst of bullets straight to the head of the ghoul preparing to ambush him behind the door. He walked past the next few doors as there was no one there before shooting up at ceiling and scoring a headshot on the ghoul hiding in the vents. He sensed Kiyoko walking behind him impressed as she carried her quinque Zebizu and had it separated into two blades with one in each arm. Muri kept walking as he sensed a large group of about 14 ghouls ahead. Walking into the common hall, he was immediately assaulted by the ukaku kagune of the ghouls in the back. He leaped to the side avoiding the spray and aiming at the heads of the ghouls firing at him. He scored all four headshots as the ghouls slumped to the floor, their bodies limp and lifeless. The rest of the ghouls were shocked for second before rushing to engage and overwhelm him in close range combat. Muri smirked as he sensed Kiyoko ready to step in the moment he looked like he couldn't handle himself. He leaped forward, flipping in the air as he fired off burst after burst landing headshot after headshot as the ghoul assaulting him slumped lifelessly to the ground. They each died with a look of shock and disbelief in their eyes. The last one to go down had released his koukaku kagune and was about to engage Muri when Muri short a burst of bullets up his jaw straight through his brain and out his scalp. Muri sidestepped his falling corpse as he stood in the middle of more than a dozen ghoul corpses without a wound or even a stain of blood. He moved on with a cool focused expression on his face as he reloaded and shot the heads of the ghouls as they burst out of the hallway doors or even as they hid in ambush. Nothing could hide from Muri's radar, he soon wiped out the entire ground floor before stopping at the stairs to reload and secure his ammunition belts and sword. Kiyoko casually walked a distance behind him as she was very impressed by the way he'd handled himself and coolly eliminates his targets. She communicated to the troops outside to begin moving in to clean up the ground floor and eliminate any ghoul they'd missed. Muri walked up the stairs and smirked at the thought he'd missed anyone. He soon arrived at the first floor to find the teams of ghouls prepared to engage him. He noted by their builds that these were probably the agile sort who jumped around and wore their opponents out. He noticed they'd torn down the non load bearing walls so as to create more space to properly utilize their agility and fight styles. Muri snuck up to the first team of six ghouls and didn't even give them the chance to release their kagune before he shot through each of their heads. The other four teams heard the noise and began converging on Muri's location. Muri dashed towards the direction of the closest incoming team. He sensed them coming round the corner of a load bearing wall so he sped and leaped forward aiming his guns at them as they came up the corner. He saw the shocked, fearful looks on their faces as he surprised them and fired headshot after headshot before all of them fell dead. The last three teams of six paused and started moving towards his direction. Kiyoko stood at the entrance to second floor clearly waiting for him to finish up soon. Muri jumped up into the vents and waited for a team to pass by before hanging down to shoot them all dead. The last two teams had met each other by now and had arrived at his location. Muri flipped out of the vents and landed on his feet before dashing to the side, avoiding kagune projectiles as the remains ghouls chawed after him. Muri ran backwards firing quick headshots at his pursuers before reloading while spinning in the air before shooting the last ghoul straight in the forehead. Taking a moment, he sensed the floor to make sure he missed nothing before heading to the stairs leading up to the second floor where he found Kiyoko with a look of increased approval and anticipation at how far he could go. Muri walked past her heading up the stairs and being careful in case of an ambush. He sensed no ghouls in hiding when he reached the second floor but rather a wide open space with twenty elite looking ghouls. The ghouls looked a bit surprised to find such a young handsome man being the source of the hell-like gunfire they'd heard from the floors below. They released their kagune immediately. They all were either bikaku or rinkaku ghouls and they slammed their kagune at him as Muri leaped and rolled to the side. They collapsed the exit leading back down to the first floor. Muri giggled as he imagined the trouble Kiyoko would have to go through to catch up with him and the worry she'd be in for his well-being. Muri gracefully moved like a gazelle as he flashed between the kagune of his opponents and fired headshot after headshot. He got in close to the ghouls which caused them to mistakenly attack their comrades. Muri used the chaos to his advantage and soon eliminated all the ghouls on the second floor. As he was done, suddenly and explosion blew through the collapsed exit back down the stairs to the first floor. Kiyoko Aura walked through the dust and smoke in a cool collected professional manner before looking around and letting out a sigh of relief upon seeing Muri was safe and sound. She frowned at him before smiling as he smirked and giggled at her clearly worried appearance. They walked through the rest of the second floor to find no other hidden ghoul combatants. They arrived at the stairs to the 3rd floor where Muri noticed he was soon to be out of ammunition. His belt was emptied out as he reloaded a final time. Muri led up the stairs to arrive at the third floor. Muri found the rooms in this floor to be big and sensed a total of four really strong ghoul combatants. Walking into the largest room where they were gathered, he observed the three male ghouls and one female ghoul who had already released their kagune and were in battle stances prepared to put their lives on the line. They were all dressed in streetwear consisting of jackets, parkas, jeans and sneakers. The largest of the male ghouls was bald, with a thick muscular physique as he released his koukaku kagune that formed around his arm into a heavy looking lance. The next male ghoul was a tall skinny man with long straight black hair that went down his back and a bikaku kagune shaped like a thin forked tail. The last male and female ghoul seemed to be siblings as they had similar features and the same grey hair. They both seemed to be a little bit older than Muri with the male being fat and pudgy while the female was slim and curvaceous. They both released the same bikaku kagune consisting of two tails each that ending in a curved hook.  The male wore a large sized parka and baggy sweatpants while the sister wore tight revealing skimpy clothes consisting of bum shorts and an open hoodie that ended at her belly button over a push up sports bra that showcased a deep full cleavage. "Ara, Ara we sure have some **ty subordinates if they let this brat through. Oi oi Kinji how delicious do you think his flesh will be if we tear it off him as he screams for mercy." The female ghoul cheerfully said to her pudgy brother who stood beside her. Kinji giggled maliciously eyeing Muri's thigh like a juicy piece of steak, "I don't know Rinji, his flesh is sure to be tender and juicy. Though I doubt Baki and Shinzo over there will allow us to play around. Whatever happens I call dibs on his lower limbs, I can imagine they've been properly tenderized by the exercise he's taken to get up here." The bald headed ghoul shook his head in disapproval when the skinny ghoul suddenly burst forth towards Muri so as to catch him off guard and tear him apart. Muri fired off bursts of bullets aiming for the ghoul's head but they were stifled by his kagune. Annoyed, Muri continuously shot in a straight line until the bullets broke through the kagune and decimated the skinny ghoul's skull. His actions shut the other ghouls in the room up. Muri chuckled as he stepped over the corpse of his assailant. The siblings cautiously observed him when suddenly he burst forward and seemed to disappear. The female caught sight of movement by her side so she quickly pierced her kagune there. She missed connecting with nothing and she suddenly heard the horrible sounds of gunfire being released right beside her. She was immediately scared and closed her eyes expecting the pain to come. When it didn't she opened her eyes to find a gun pointed at her forehead and her brother's corpse on the floor. Muri didn't let her get a word out to plead or beg for her life by way of seduction. He fired a burst of bullets straight through her  head causing a spray of blood and brains to paint the glass windows behind her. Muri immediately ducked as a lance pierced through the spot his head was meant to be while piercing through Rinji's already perforated head. The last ghoul, the bald headed one had just tried to sneak attack Muri from behind while he was focused on the siblings. He'd obviously failed as Muri shot at him from below in retaliation. The bald headed muscular ghoul Baki blocked the bullets with his sturdy kagune lance as he retreated. Some bullets had pierced his shoulder but it was merely a minor wound. Muri checked his guns and found he hardly had any bullets left. He had a most a few sprays left. Taking a look at the cautious muscular ghoul before him, Muri burst towards him before leaping, flipping in the air and kicking the ghoul in the head dodging his lane thrust. The ghoul slammed his head against the reinforced glass windows causing a huge crack. Muri fired small bursts at Baki emptying one gun, disorienting him further before flipping into his shoulders and bashing his head with the the butt of the gun. He tossed aside the empty gun he'd used to bash in Baki's head before finishing him off with the remaining bullets left in the other gun. He flipped off Baki's shoulders as Baki violently waved his lance around smashing it into the crack in the window and breaking it. Muri dashed forth emptying the gun in his hand before kicking Baki through the window. Baki fell down from the third floor, slamming headfirst into the pavement. His body flinched a little before going deathly still, he was dead.

    Muri tossed aside the now empty gun as Kiyoko walked in increasingly impressed to see his handiwork. She watched as Muri drew the black katana from his back and began to walk up the stairs to eliminate the final ghoul and leader of this group. As Muri walked up the stairs he tore off the now empty ammunition belts and adjusted his hair. Kiyoko chuckled at his weird actions before communicating to the troops downstairs to move up and clean up the bodies on all the floors. They were also to be careful of any hidden ghoul even though they had yet to come across any. Muri reach the fourth and final floor to find the penthouse apartment door open and no one in sight. He sensed the apartment to find it empty except for lavish rooms filled with dried blood and bones. He moved through the entire apartment finding various human corpses that had been feasted on to varying degrees before sensing someone on the roof. He walked to the roof entrance and headed up the stairs to the roof. Upon opening the door to the roof, Muri leaped backwards as an explosion of a lava-like hot liquid decimated the entrance to the roof. Muri burst through the heat upon sensing a pause in the bombardment. He landed on the roof and created distance before observing the ghoul who'd just tried to sneak attack him with lava filled projectiles. He saw a buxom female ghoul in a flowing white silk robe. Her crimson hair blew in the wind as the silk robe clung to her curvaceous form. She glared at Muri with venomous kakugan as she had her ukaku kagune released. The kagune consisted of two curved muscular tube like growths that grew above her shoulder, ending in steaming red spikes as they pointed towards him. Muri likened her kagune to stiff spiky red tentacles ending in red spikes that curved above her shoulder. The spikes seemed to be filled with a magma like liquid that explode upon contact. Muri grinned viciously as he faced his final opponent of the night. He wielded his katana loosely by his side getting ready to burst forward and take off her head. No words were spoken, the hate in her eyes and the indifference in his said all they needed to. Suddenly she fired off spikes at him that exploded in sprays of lava. Muri burst forth pushing his legs and agility to the max and leaping over the explosions. He flipped, spinning in the air and he dodged and skillfully deflected the unstable projectiles. The crimson haired buxom ghoul began screaming in frustration as Muri continued to dodge her attacks. She let all she had go in a fit of madness unaware Muri had closed in on her under the cover of her blasts. She tried to retreat in fear as he swung for her neck but it was too late as Muri took her head clean off. Her head flipped in the air and Muri caught it by thrusting his katana through the mouth straight out the back of the head. The battle was won, Muri had decimated an entire apartment complex of ghouls on his own. He looked down from the roof to see that the troops outside had been able to watch his fight with the ghoul leader. They stood there silent for a moment in shock and awe before exploding in cheers and applause for his stellar fight and performance. They were in awe of his fighting prowess at his young age and felt they were watching the beginning of a new rising legend in the CCG. Muri laughed and smiled as he raised his katana high in the air as a show of victory. Kiyoko was in the penthouse examining and cleaning up the scene with the other investigators when she heard the loud cheering coming from the troops outside signifying a successful operation. She smiled and chuckled as she felt a tinge of pride and excitement due to her new impressive mentee. Muri stood on the roof and roared in triumph as the troops below him cheered for him. The news would soon spread to the higher ups and across the entire CCG organization, they had a new monstrous rookie investigator.
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