22 New Apartment, Family Reunion and Meeting the Eccentric Kanou.

    The news spread quickly like wildfire across the ranks of the CCG about the new monstrous genius who was being mentored by Division 1 Head, Kiyoko Aura. The news told of his legendary first operation where he took on and eliminated an entire apartment complex filled with close to 90 ghouls by himself with just a pair of Q guns and a katana quinque. News spread about how he faced off against an S-rated ghoul by himself and beheaded it without getting injured. The news shocked and excited all levels of the organization with many wanting to know more about this soon to be rising legend in the CCG. When the news was told to Arima, he merely chuckled and continued what he was doing. Meanwhile, Muri had come down from the roof to meet Kiyoko who was discussing with Daisuke Atou, the Associate Special Class investigator originally in charge of the operation. The petty man avoided his gaze as Muri walked past him to the medic station where he was checked for injuries by the staff there. As he was being examined for any injuries he might have taken during the operation, Muri noticed one of the young female medics staring at him with adoration. He winked at her causing a blush to creep up her face. Muri walked out after the medics found nothing and he went to look for his mentor. He received cheers and congratulations as he walked along the barricade with some investigators coming up to him to introduce themselves and get to know him hoping to make some lucrative connections with the rising star. Muri didn't bother learning their names and simply stood there with a polite smile. He found Kiyoko arranging the transport of the ghoul corpses to the CCG research lab where they would be dissected and their kakuhou used to make new quinque. "Mimuri, I've requested that the rights to the corpse of the leader ghoul be given to you. It will be taken to the lab and made into a fitting quinque for you. What do you think?" Kiyoko said in a cool professional tone as she calmly turned to him. Muri wasn't sure but was her tone less frigid towards him? He didn't bother thinking more about it as he agreed stating he wanted it in the form of a heavy single-handed gun. Muri had to admit he'd enjoyed himself this evening, it felt like a really fun game using a gun to aim, shoot and eliminate the ghouls he encountered in the apartment building. He'd always been up close and personal as he ripped his victims into pieces but watching them go down like sacks of meat as he popped them in the head had its own enjoyment. Kiyoko soon finished her work as the head of the CCG combat branch and they left the scene to return to the 1st ward by armored vehicle.

    As his mentor and as a congratulatory present for a stellar first operation, Kiyoko arranged and set Muri up in a lavish apartment close to the CCG tower. He was originally meant to be stationed in a dorm but Kiyoko had secretly felt so proud she'd pulled some strings to set him up in one of the more lavish residential propertiesOwned by the CCG. Kiyoko handed him the keys to his apartment as she dropped him off for the night on her way back to the CCG tower. She had to review the paperwork coming in from the operation they'd just had. It was one of her responsibilities as the head of the combat division of the CCG. The CCG had two divisions, 1 and 2. Division 1 was the Combat branch of the CCG and was primarily concerned with the actual hunting and extermination of ghouls with the majority of ghoul investigators belonging to Division 1. Division 2 was the Intelligence branch of the CCG and was responsible for logistical support and strategy. Its members were rarely involved in field work or direct combat, instead provided orders or information to the ghoul investigators in the field. The two divisions worked perfectly together to gather information on ghoul activities and eliminate them. As the head of one of these divisions, Kiyoko had a significant workload and was responsible for most of the investigators in the CCG. Muri watched as she drove off before heading into the upperclass apartment building he'd been assigned to. He walked into the eight story building and jogged up the stairs to the sixth floor where his apartment was. He arrived at his front door barely affected and unlocked it to reveal his new apartment. It consisted of concrete walls, cement floors, grey tiles, marble and dark stained wood. The apartment gave off a sense of delicate balance and had a tender atmosphere. The 270 square meter luxury apartment had two bedrooms (master & guest), two bathrooms, a kitchen merged with a dining room, utility room, living room, and a balcony terrace. The interior design employed a color scheme of shades of grey with a modern minimalist style of furniture and decorations. Muri walked along the rooms inspecting his new living space to find a large bedroom with a king sized bed and a spacious closet, a modern kitchen that shared the same open space as the dining room, a living room with spacious furniture and a stocked up bar, a bathroom with a sauna and jet showers, a utility room with an automatic laundry machine, dryers and ironing station, and finally a terrace with a bonsai garden and a Japanese style outdoor cedar hot tub. Muri was impressed by his new apartment as he casually stripped naked on his way to try out the high pressure jet massage showers. He left his bloody and singed clothes on the floor as he went to wash the grime off his body. He  could have simply willed the grime off him but he liked the relaxation of his mind that came with standing under high pressure sprays of hot water. As he was in the shower, Muri sensed someone sneaking into his apartment. He didn't bother coming out to check as he'd identified the culprit the moment they'd broke in. Muri took his time in the shower before walking out and wrapping a large towel around his waist that he'd grabbed from the bathroom cabinet. He walked out to the living room with his wavy black hair glistening wet and set his golden eyes on the criminal sitting on his couch, his twin older brother, Kichimura Washuu.

    Kichimura Washuu had not seen his younger brother for close to two years. It wasn't really anyone's fault, they were both constantly sent on missions by the V organization and hardly had time to see each other. Mura worked well with others and thus was sent on team missions while Muri who preferred to work alone tended to spend most of his time wandering Tokyo and hunting ghouls. They'd tried to keep in touch through calls mostly at Mura's demand but more than a year ago his brother had gone radio silent. Apparently it had been to go deep undercover but soon enough when time passed and word wasn't heard from him, he was assumed dead. The news had left Kichimura deeply troubled but he never lost hope. He trusted in the capabilities of his genius younger brother to survive and come back. After all, Muri had made him a promise they'd make a huge bang together before their short lifespans ran out. Time was running out and Kichimura had already begun to set the stage for their epic performance. He'd joined the clowns, a clandestine ghoul group that manipulated events in Tokyo from behind the curtain. He was working hard and making connections that grew his influence in the V organization while accumulating his own achievements that put him above the rest. He may not be at the level of his genius brother, but having Muri always running ahead of him had pushed him to work and train harder so as to close as much distance as he could between them. When he'd heard news of his brother's return, he'd found himself releasing a deep sigh of relief he hadn't realized he'd been holding due to stress and worry. There was no one in this world he trusted more than his younger twin brother. Even his beloved Rize had abandoned and forgotten him after he'd helped her escape the Garden out of the clutches of their father. He'd gotten news of his brother's stellar CCG debut wiping out an entire building filled with ghouls and found out the location of where he'd be living before heading over to see him. Kichimura had a plan for when he saw his younger brother. He was going to hit and scold him for going missing for more than a year causing Kichimura to get worried sick before giving him a hug to welcome him back. At least that was the plan before he saw the faint scars running up and down Muri's chest and arms as he walked out of the bathroom in a towel. Mura was horrified at what his brother must have experienced down in the underground 24th ward to accumulate so many scars. His words failed him as Mura watched his brother be shocked for a moment before being excited to see him. Mura suspected that Muri would have jumped on him were it not for the fact he was wet and in a towel. "BROTHER!!! It has been so long. I've missed you." Mura kept his cool and didn't show any emotion on his face as he sat there on the couch. He stood up calmly, walked to his brother before placing his hands on his shoulders, gripping them tight and looking into his eyes. "I'm really glad you're alive. Welcome back Muri." Mura said with a relieved smile as tears threatened to fall from his reddening eyes. Muri gave him a warm smile in return, "Glad to be back, Big brother."

    The twin brothers laughed as they sat down in the living room to catch up after Muri had come back from changing into some casual clothes in the bedroom. He had moved some clothes from his space storage to his closet. The twin brothers talked about their experiences over the  past two years with Muri regaling Mura with some fake stories of his dangerous training adventure in the 24th ward. He talked about his run-ins and death duels with dangerous ghouls, the week long chases by powerful ghoul gangs as they hunted him down to eat him, the time he snuck into a small ghoul encampment and discovered it was a farm where they bred humans like livestock. He talked excitedly while Kichimura listened attentively jumping in to ask questions once in a while. When Muri was done, Kichimura told him about some of the missions he was sent on while he was gone, how he'd rose through the organization ranks and how he'd joined a ghoul group called Clowns. Mura told Muri he'd wanted them both to join but it had been rejected due to the higher risk of exposure. Mura mentioned he'd come across a ghoul in the group who had golden eyes like Muri. Muri was surprised and began praising him, saying that he had to be handsome with eyes like his. The twin brothers talked and laughed all night until dawn when Kichimura had to leave. They said their goodbyes and exchanged new contact information so they could keep in touch at any time. Kichimura left the apartment contented with renewed trust and belief in his younger brother. They'd reaffirmed their promise to each other to make as big a bang as possible before their lifespans ran out. Muri had sworn to support Kichimura in whatever plan he had to overthrow their father and cause chaos. As Kichimura walked off into the dark that preceded the early sunrise, he was reassured and content in the fact that he had a trusted partner to work with on his plan to go out like a nuclear bomb. Muri watched his elder brother disappear into the dark alleys before turning around to prepare for the day. Today he'd be meeting Kiyoko's investigator squad and they were soon to begin going on missions together so as to foster discipline and teamwork in him.

    It had been weeks since Shiki had made the agreement with Souta and tonight was the night he was to be introduced to the unorthodox physician Professor Kanou. Souta had told him to meet up at the 20th ward since that's where they were supposed to meet the doctor. Shiki left Itori behind, walking out of the bar before hopping onto the roof and taking off towards the 20th ward. He was dressed in dark camo pants, a grey hoodie, a dark brown bomber jacket and a pair of timberland combat boots. He also wore a black baseball cap to cover his face. He sped through the roofs and alleys on his way to the 20th ward. He soon arrived and met Souta dressed in his V uniform waiting for him at the warehouse they'd agreed to meet at. After making sure he hadn't been followed, Souta then led him to the back of the Kanou General Hospital where they were let in through an underground entrance by a young slim petite nurse. They walked through the basement halls before entering a restricted area where they walked in to find an elderly, grey-haired man who wore the typical attire of a physician consisting of a white coat, white shirt, and black necktie. "Good Evening Mr Souta, I trust this is the gentleman you told me about before and thought I may be of service to. Nice to meet you. My name is Professor Akihiro Kanou and I believe we may be of help to one another. I am currently experimenting on a procedure that allows me to artificially create ghouls. My success rate isn't ideal but I assure you I am on my way. You require strong elite soldiers and I require a constant supply of human and ghoul subjects to experiment and perfect my procedure on. I assure you my procedure will produce results you will be satisfied with. If you decide to collaborate with me, I can promise that you will not regret it." The elderly man said politely while reaching out his hand for a handshake. Shiki observed the man, noticing the obsessive madness hidden behind the mask of polite benevolence. He grabbed the man's hand tightly and shook it firmly with a charming smile on his face, "Nice to meet you Kanou, you can call me Shiki. I don't know what Souta told you about me but I believe you're mistaken. I don't merely want soldiers from you. I want your knowledge and experimental data as well. I want to help you research the interaction of ghoul and human physiology as well as theur genetic makeup. I don't merely want to create artificial ghouls. That's thinking too small. I want to find a way to turn humans into actual ghouls or something greater. I've heard of your work and transplanting ghoul organs into humans isn't enough for me. I want to crack the genetic code of both species and find a way to combine them to create something more, something much better. I didn't reach out to you merely because I want a few patched together artificial hybrids. No, I want to create the real thing, a way to really turn any human into a ghoul further evolving both species to the next level. For that I need your expertise, experience and skill. What do you say? Are you willing to work on this with me?" The room was filled with silence as Shiki finished speaking. Kanou looked speechless for a moment before bursting into raucous laughter. Souta too was shocked but he also looked worried in case Shiki felt insulted and got violently upset. "Forgive me, you want to do what? Hilariously preposterous. That's a mad goal to aim for. You're basically trying to play god and create a whole new species out of the genetic building blocks of two previously existing species. It's madness. So mad it sounds like fun. Maybe I have been thinking too small. Your idea makes me feel like an oafish Dr. Frankenstein sewing parts together. I have to get in on this. Very well, I'll join you. I'll provide you all the data and information I have on the subject of the two species' physiology and genetic while you provide me with a constant supply of ghouls and humans to experiment on. I insist though on finishing up my current kakuhou transplant venture before we go on to try and create a hybrid species. Before we try and create a perfect mesh of the two, we have to observe and figure out how ghoul dna affects human dna. We must set the foundation if we are to have a hope of succeeding in this. What do you say, partners?" Kanou chuckled like a mad man as he asked Shiki. "Partners." Shiki shook his hand with a vicious excited grin. Souta stood to the side in relief that this didn't end up going badly and was curious at the odds of the two succeeding at this crazy ambitious project. Kanou and Shiki spent the next hour discussing the details of their collaboration. It was decided he'd have a lab set up in the Aogiri Tree headquarters in the 24th ward where he'd be free to house and carry out his experiments. There, he would be provided with a constant supply of humans to transplant kakuhou into. Kanou had decided to resign from the hospital so he could move underground to fully commit to his research. He could always periodically return to the surface if he needed something. Shiki would join him in the research once he'd studied up on all of Kanou's subject material. The last thing they discussed was a possible ghoul subject who could serve as a kakuhou donor, this was where Souta chimed in. He said he had a ghoul in mind who he thought would be able to handle donating and regenerating as many Kakuhou as Kanou needed for his experiments. Shiki was mildly amused at his suggestion since the ghoul Souta had suggested was Rize, the female ghoul he'd promised to help him track down and capture. He already had Itori and Aogiri Tree looking for her and word came back that she'd become a voracious binge eater who fled from ward to ward feasting on humans as she pleased. They were closing in on her location and once they had her location pinpointed, Shiki fully intended on tracking her down and capturing her to fulfill the terms of the agreement he had with Souta. They were sure to have her location in the next few weeks and then it was time for a little childhood friends reunion. Shiki could hardly wait.
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