23 Capturing The Purple-Haired Binge Eater And The Raid Begins.

    Shiki observed the crimson drops of blood that calmly floated before him. He was currently in the upstairs bedroom while Itori served the customers and ran the bar downstairs. He lay on the bed as he fiddled with various drops of blood that included hers trying to unlock their secrets. Muri was innately able to control blood but he had to put in the effort when it came to understanding the makeup of the blood he controlled as well as improve his capabilities. It had been a few weeks since his meeting with Kanou and he'd spent his time studying the materials Kanou had lent him. It didn't take him long to memorize the whole thing but he still took the time to understand everything he read. He was studying the difference between ghoul and human genetics by analyzing blood samples. He'd gotten the ghoul sample from Itori while the various human samples came from the feeding hunts he went on with her. He was deeply interested in interacting with the RC cells in the bloodstream. The RC cells were a source of a ghoul's strength and their nourishment which they gained from eating humans. Of course they could also eat other ghouls but the taste was horrible even though they still got nourished by the RC cells stored in their Kakuhou. Shiki was fascinated with the cells and kept stimulating them with his power. He was trying to make something happen by nourishing and stimulating the cells in the drop of blood with little doses of energy. He brought out a sample of his own blood to compare his RC cells to Itori's. His was of an incomparably higher quality with the RC cells sturdier and seemingly more muscular. The RC cells in his blood were at the peak of what was possible but he was trying to make something greater. He could no longer get stronger by hunting. He needed to find a way to efficiently fulfill his requirements and he suspected unlocking the secrets of the RC cell was the way to do it. Muri sat there observing and analyzing the three drops of blood floating before him. He suddenly sighed before consuming them and walking downstairs, he'd try again later. He felt he was close to a breakthrough although it would probably take a lot of time and effort to get there. He hopped out the window and was about to pop over to the 24 hour convenience store for a late night chocolate dessert snack when he sensed a ghoul heading towards the bar. He recognized the ghoul as one of the Aogiri tree members that acted as spies and informants for him. Muri leaped and appeared before the ghoul with a smile on his face. He was excited as he could already guess the news the ghoul brought. He'd told them to contact him the moment they had a confirmed location. It was time to get Rize.

    Aogiri had immediately sent word the moment Rize had moved into the 11th ward. Shiki had sent word through the organization for the members moving around to keep an eye out for a beautiful purple haired female ghoul. She wasn't to be approached or interacted with and her location was to be reported immediately. The organization had tracked her movements and discovered she was a troublemaking ghoul who feasted on humans insatiably. She constantly was on the run as she drew investigators to whatever ward she stayed in due to her reckless behavior. She was known as Binge Eater due to her ravenous eating habits. She had apparently just moved into the ward and had drawn attention from the Aogiri Tree members situated there. Knowing her track record and not wanting to draw attention from the CCG yet, they'd quickly contacted Shiki after confirming her location. Shiki immediately sped south towards the 11th Ward so he could quickly fulfill his promise to Souta. It took him less than an hour to get there at his speed. Shiki was informed of her general location so once he reached the area, he immediately fully activated his radar and started searching for her.

    Shiki found Rize at a cafe drinking coffee and reading a book. Rize appeared to be a slender girl with long purple hair, purple eyes, and an hourglass figure. She was wearing a sundress that seemed modest but unintentionally alluring. Many eyes were on her but she seemed too focused on her book to notice. One would think she looked like a normal young woman were it not for the fact that Shiki's sensitive nose could pick up the scent of blood on her. She was a very careful person when it came to disguising herself but her inability to control her urges had led her to be seen in an abandoned alley eating a young man about four hours ago. The ghoul who'd seen and reported it hadn't been sure but had decided to tail her a bit after she was done eating. There had been cases of mistaken identity before over the past few weeks but the moment Shiki saw her, he knew she was the Rize he'd grown up with. Shiki pondered on how to go about capturing Rize. He didn't want to do it in public for the masses to witness. He didn't want to draw attention to this ward and expose the "Shiki" persona as a ghoul. He erased his presence as a ghoul, masking himself as a human before walking into the cafe. Entering the store after making himself look younger, he put on the brash, cocky persona of a young man used to getting his way. He walked towards the counter and started arrogantly ordering a black coffee. He made sure to berate the workers loudly to draw attention to himself. He got his order and on his way out, he paused as though something caught his eye. "Wow, sugar cakes what's baking? Where's your stupid boyfriend who left you all alone here by yourself? Why don't you ditch this place with me and we can go have some fun? I know a quality girl like you shouldn't be alone for the night." Shiki loudly said with a rascally grin on his face. He observed the reaction of his prey as she lightly chuckled, "Well aren't we a little forward. Sadly there's no boyfriend to keep me company, I'm all alone. What did you have in mind?" Rize said as she lightly leaned forward showing hints of a deep cleavage were someone to dare stand up to look. Shiki dialed back his persona switching it up to someone who's all bark and no bite. He took a noticeable gulp as his eyes kept indiscreetly flashing to her chest before he puffed up with false bravado, "Of course I'm gonna take you out around the city. We're gonna see the sights, do some shopping, get some drinks, get some dinner and maybe a little nightcap." Shiki said the last part with a sleazy smile while staring between her face and chest. Rize seemed to find him amusing, chuckling then seeming to consider it for a moment. "Well I've got nothing else to do and I could go for a bite to eat. But you have to drop me off at home after dinner, my landlady would scold me if I camein late and woke her up." Rize said seemingly coming to a well thought out decision. They both stood up and Shiki nervously took her hand boasting about how she can stay at his place from now on if her landlady bothered her too much. They walked out of the cafe and started walking down the street when Shiki was about to book them a limo service to take them around on their date. Rize stopped him saying them walking around would allow them to get to know each other better. And so they walked as Rize redirected them towards a bar that served food where they went in to have their date. The date mainly consisted of Shiki playing his part as a proper scumbag and filling Rize up with drinks seemingly unaware they did not affect her. They both hardly ate but rather drank and made small talk all night until Rize put on the appearance of someone who couldn't handle all the liquor she had consumed. She ran to the bathroom to throw up before returning and drunkenly asking to be taken home. Shiki happily obliged before trying to call a taxi to take her home. She declined saying they could walk to her home plus she needed the fresh air. Shiki supported her out the bar as she started to direct him to her residence. Shiki soon found himself in a deserted area by following her directions. He put on a wolfish grin, "Is it just me or are you trying to get us alone because you can't hold back anymore? You've been horny all night and finally can't control it anymore huh? Don't worry, I'm here to give you what you need." Rize put on a seductive smile as she stopped supporting herself on him and hugged his body fully. "Yeah you're right, I can't hold myself back anymore. Your scent is driving me mad with hunger." Rize said as she released her rinkaku kagune and attempted to take a bite out of Shiki's neck. Shiki laughed and dodged as her jaws snapped shut hitting nothing. He walked backwards drawing her deeper into the alley. Rize looked mildly confused then excited at a feisty meal. "Ooh what's so funny? Come to me, I promise I won't bite..... much." She grinned viciously before leaping at him, her slim tentacle claw kagune spreading out to surround and pierce at him from all angles. "What's funny is that you don't realize what kind of situation you're in." Shiki said before darting before her and ripping off her arm. Rize was shocked at the unexpected assault. She suddenly screamed as Shiki subsequently ripped off her other arm as well as both her legs. Enraged and in pain, she pierced her kagune at him only for Shiki to grab them and rip them off her before moving in and grabbing her by the neck. Rize looked hurt and afraid, her previous sadistic confidence gone. Shiki pierced a finger into her neck releasing a strong sedative he'd created just for ghouls. Rize slumped in his grip. Shiki absorbed the blood, limbs and kagune in the alley before disappearing into the night.

    Shiki dropped off Rize's body at Kanou's research lab in the 24th ward before returning to Helter Skelter in the 14th ward. Kanou was happy to receive Rize and research her physiology. He restrained her tightly and was preparing his tools to harvest her kakuhou as he left. Shiki had Kanou guarded in case of an accident during surgery. He'd picked up Kanou's findings from experimenting with the ghouls and humans he'd provided. All his trials turned out to be failures with one of the main reasons being the humans not having strong enough bodies to handle the kakuhou transplant as well as not being compatible. The failures were exterminated and fed to the organization members. Shiki pondered this issue and decided to kidnap some investigators and try it on them. He grabbed the samples and intended on researching them later. The Cochlea raid was coming up and there were a lot of preparations to be made. This operation would be imperative to the boosting of Aogiri Tree's ranks before they faced off with the CCG and Muri did not want anything to go wrong.

    Shiki stood on the roof of a tower overlooking the 23rd ward In his black Aogiri Tree outfit and gazed in the direction of the Cochlea ghoul prison facility. Beside him stood Eto in her bandage and cloak outfit. The both of them were in charge of this prison break operation with Tatara and Noro holding things down at the bases. Their troops were hidden and stealthily moving in the shadows of the city as they closed in on the facility. They'd brought only elites and some executives for this raid as they needed a small enough group to move quick in case of retreat. They already had the explosives that were provided by Uta a few weeks ago and Souta had come through on the schematics of the prison facility. All that was left was to wait for the conflicts generated by the Clowns across Tokyo to erupt and draw attention away from Cochlea. The conflicts had to be slowly and carefully stoked so they could simultaneously erupt at the same time keeping the CCG busy so it had taken months for the Clowns to pull it off. Shiki had come here because he'd been informed that the conflicts were going to erupt in the next few days. Knowing that they'd have a small window of opportunity, Shiki and the others decided to camp out near the facility so they'd be ready the moment something happened. It had been a long wait when Eto poked Shiki and asked him to sit. Amused by her laziness, Shiki sat and allowed Eto to climb unto his lap to sit. She sat facing him and wrapped her legs around his waist. He could tell she was bored from the waiting and wanted to entertain herself by teasing him. She began to rub herself on him pressing her breasts to his chest and her crotch to his. She dry humped him with a devious grin on her face, Shiki chuckled at her attempt to seduce him. She was try to rile him up with her charms and gain satisfaction from giving blue balls. Her grin widened when she felt him harden but she became speechless when Shiki simply dragged her off to a secluded part of the roof to teach her some manners and relieve himself. They came back to the roof edge two hours later with Eto banged out and Shiki satisfied. They soon sat back down on the roof edge with Eto peacefully sitting on his lap facing outwards. They waited like this for a day when suddenly Shiki got a call from Uta telling him that they should get ready as the conflicts had erupted. It was an hour later that Shiki observed a convoy moving out to supposedly help quell the chaos across Tokyo. Shiki viciously grinned as he could feel the time to start the operation approaching.

    Mimuri lay in bed in his apartment eating chocolate when he received the summons to assemble at headquarters. Apparently there was an emergency currently going on, an emergency operation was being issued. Muri already knew what it was about so he took his time to finish his cake before heading over to the CCG tower to meet up with Kiyoko and her squad. Muri had spent the last several months investigating and exterminating ghouls alongside the Aura squad led by Kiyoko. The squad had a majority female membership consisting of four female investigators and two males. They included Kiyoko, Muri as well as four other investigators. Muri had gotten closer to them over the course of them working together and he'd noticed that Kiyoko had been opening up  to him in her own formal way. The other members were Hana, Momo, Sumire and the guy, Soma. They were all first class investigators with Hana being an Associate Special Class and Kiyoko's second in command. Muri had been challenged by Soma the first day they met resulting in him suffering a humiliating thrashing by Muri. The female investigators on the other hand had politely welcomed him into the squad and had grown fond of their junior over the course of these months. He'd had to reject the advances of Momo when she came on to him due to the fact she didn't really arouse him. Muri had a certain type of woman he liked and he considered anything else just a waste of time. Momo had soon arrived at the CCG tower where he met up with the Aura squad. He walked into Kiyoko's office to find her and the rest of the squad gearing up for an operation. There'd been numerous ghoul conflicts erupting in different parts of Tokyo and the entire CCG force had been dispatched to contain and eliminate the culprits. The Aura squad had been dispatched to handle the conflict going on in the 13th ward until reinforcements could be properly assembled and sent. Muri walked into the armory and began suiting up. He wore a form fitting full bodysuit under a pair of black camo pants and a black battle coat. He picked up his sword quinque and new long range quinque he'd named volcano. Volcano resembled a psycho pass dominator and was able to switch between heated and explosive projectiles. He'd used it several times over the months after the research lab had made it for him. They moved out once they were ready, speeding towards the site of the conflict in the 13th ward. Once they arrived, they were shocked to find a battleground covered in the blood and limbs of its current inhabitants. Muri watched as two large groups of ghouls went at it. Muri counted at least three hundred ghouls at least. The rest of the squad looked perturbed and unsure of their chances while Kiyoko maintained a calm stoic attitude towards the situation. The ghouls on both sides had noticed their arrival and had begun separating to face them. Muri connected to the original body to let him know what was going on before drawing his katana and cocking his gun. This was going to be a very bloody and fun fight. His blood was boiling.
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