25 Fighting Alongside The CCG’s Reaper and Declaration of War

    The moment Arima arrived at the scene of the battle, he moved in immediately and began cutting through the crowd of ghouls separating him from the remaining members of the Aura squad. He arrived with his two quinque already released, IXA and Narukami. In his right hand he wielded Narukami, an ukaku-type quinque that took the form of four satellite panels attached to a rapier handle. In his left hand he wielded IXA, a koukaku-type quinque that took the form of a lance attached to a gun-sword handle with a spiked pommel. He used IXA to pierce ghouls while he used Narukami to slice through ghouls and shoot lightning bolts at them. As Arima dual-wielded both quinque to cut through the ghouls ganging up on the squad, he took a moment to observe and analyze the safety status of each member. He noted that Special Class Kiyoko was fine on her own mowing down the ghouls before her with the blades of her separated quinque. He observed that his junior Muri was doing exceedingly well dual wielding a gun and katana quinque while gracefully moving between his attackers and slaughtering them. As for the other two members, he was somewhat familiar with them as members of Kiyoko's squad as they'd had previous missions together. He found the one he knew as First Class Investigator Momo to be struggling with the ghouls surrounding her as she began growing exhausted swinging and thrusting her spiky spear quinque at her attackers. Her endurance was quickly running out and he was sure she would soon be overwhelmed. The other investigator he knew as Associate Special class Hana seemed to be able to hold her ground for a much longer time, her attacks were steady and firm while she regulated her actions to simple vicious attacks, blocks, and movements. Arima looked around some more as he was sure there were meant to be two other investigators in this squad. Upon failing to see any other combatant surrounded by ghouls, he surmised them to have fallen in combat to the ghoul horde. Arima moved swiftly as he tore a path straight to the struggling exhausted female investigator right through the ghouls attacking her. Arima arrived at her side as the ghouls were trying overwhelm her and used Narukami to shoot targeted lightning at the group of ghouls surrounding her. Once a majority of them were taken down and electrocuted in smoking corpses, Arima transformed IXA into several tentacles that homed in and pierced through the remaining ghouls. "Move with me, First Class Investigator Momo."  Arima said to Momo before he lead her through the horde to Hana's position. They killed their way there before meeting up with Hana as she eliminated the ghouls around her. "The two of you work together and move towards Special Class Aura's position. I'm going to get Investigator Furuta." Arima said to both investigators as they nodded and began fighting their way to their squad leader. Arima himself moved in a different direction towards Muri who was decimating the ghouls around him. He'd shoot the heads off of the encroaching ghouls with his volcano gun then lop off the heads of those left with his black katana. He gracefully leaped and dodged over or under the attacks against him, he moved like a ghost between the ghouls harvesting their heads and lives like it was the easiest job in the world. Arima was deeply impressed by Muri's battle capabilities and performance. He looked over to find Kiyoko had made Hana and Momo retreat away from the horde and rest while she took on all the remaining ghouls attacking them. She signaled for both Arima and Muri to join her. Arima notified Muri who joined him as they moved towards Kiyoko's position.

    Muri had long taken note of the actions of Arima through his radar and decided to focus on his own battle when Kiyoko began signaling for them to converge on her position. Both he and Arima immediately moved through the horde and arrived at her position at the edge of the battlefield. With their exit, the ghouls had the time to reassemble themselves and realize how many of them had died. Muri checked and observed there to be roughly sixty ghouls left on the blood soaked battleground. Muri had been covertly absorbing the blood on the battlefield while leaving behind blackish red liquid impurities to cover his tracks. Kiyoko thanked Arima for coming to rescue and reinforce her squad. She filled him in on everything that had happened so far and how many ghouls they had encountered and eliminated. Arima listened intently before commenting on how strange it was that there were so many ghouls gathered. Momo and Hana stood behind the group of three resting as they all faced towards the group of remaining ghouls. At this point with the fog of chaotic battle lifted, the ghouls realized that they were no longer in a particularly favorable position and thus they began showing signs that they wanted to retreat. As Arima and Kiyoko discussed courses of action to take to both eliminate the remaining ghouls and safeguard the lives of the remaining members of her squad, Muri noticed the growing fear in the ghouls and their budding urge to flee. Muri suddenly burst towards the remaining ghouls surprising Arima and Kiyoko, "Special Class Investigators, it would be best not to waste time as these ghouls clearly want to run away. Allow me to finish them off while you protect Investigators Hana and Momo." Muri stated as he dashed towards the ghouls. He switched his volcano quinque to explosive projectiles mode and fired at the corners of the group where those who were about to flee were. The explosion frightened and herded the group of ghouls together. Muri wielded his black katana quinque and activated it to increase the length and width of the blade. This was the special feature of his quinque that he hardly used, it allowed him to manipulate the dimensions of his blade. Of course with him evolving and feeding his blade, it was capable of so much more but he preferred to keep that hidden for now. With the group of ghouls packed together, Muri swung his giant black katana and cut through half the ghouls in the group. He flashed before the group of ghouls, returning his katana to its original size and began to stab the heads of the ghouls he'd just cut in half whose upper bodies were laying on the ground. Muri quickly finished off the ghouls he'd just cut in half and was about to pounce on the remaining ghouls who had already begun fleeing. They fled in two different directions, east and west. Muri was about to think up a new strategy when he sensed Arima move to block off the western escape route. Lightning struck the ghouls fleeing as Arima appeared blocking their path. Burnt corpses collapsed on the ground as Arima used his IXA quinque to kill off the remaining survivors near him. He transformed the quinque into tentacles that targeted and pierced through the fleeing survivors. Muri noticed that Arima had the western escape route under control, therefore he decided to head east. He leaped up the buildings before speeding ahead of the fleeing ghouls on the roofs and jumping down onto their path. As he jumped down onto the path of the fleeing ghouls, Muri shot at the heads of a third of his prey further scaring the remaining ghouls into escape. Muri landed in front of them, elongated his black katana and sliced off the legs off all the survivors in one swing. Their bodies separated in a rain of blood and guts as the ghouls screamed in pain. Muri did not bother listening to their pleas for mercy as he walked towards each of them and stabbed them through the head. He'd already sensed through his radar that this was the last of the ghouls in the area, they were finally done. The   ghoul extermination operation in the 13th ward was finally over. Muri walked back towards his squad's position to find a somber and tense atmosphere, he could already guess what it was about. Kiyoko had a stern look on her face as she turned to Muri as he approached, "We've been summoned back to headquarters and are to return with haste, there's been a major incident. Cochlea has been destroyed."

    There wasn't any conversation as they rushed back towards the 1st ward for an emergency meeting of all available investigators, the truck they rode in was as silent as a grave. Arima had separated from them so as to head over to other locations where other CCG squads were struggling with the ghouls they were meant to exterminate. Kiyoko Aura was in so much of a hurry, she barely spoke to the CCG's clean up crew when they arrived at the scene and took off after laying claim to the corpses of the three ghoul leaders. Kiyoko had to arrive at the emergency meeting early since she was the CCG Division 1 chief, and therefore was responsible for the ghoul investigators returning from the dangerous ghoul extermination operation. They arrived in record time after Kiyoko had the driver activate the truck's siren and ignore the road traffic signs. Upon arriving at the CCG headquarters Muri, Hana and Momo were sent to the assembly hall to wait for the rest of the investigators to arrive while Kiyoko rushed to the conference hall where an emergency Special Class Investigator Meeting was being held. Muri walked into the assembly hall with Hana and Momo to find Investigators comprising mainly of those from the 1st to 6th wards. The rest of the wards sent a few investigators as representatives as they were either still dealing with the ghoul conflicts or didn't want to leave their wards unprotected and open to surprise attacks. Muri walked in between Hana and Momo as they entered, drawing attention from the investigators in the room. The members of the Aura squad walked towards a secluded corner of the hall to wait for the special class investigators meeting to finish as whispers about them spread across the room. Muri was the main topic of these whispers. With him being a prodigy constantly compared to the CCG's Reaper, he was always a fascinating rumor topic in discussions between CCG investigators. He was a future pillar of the organization after all. Muri heard all that was said about him and who was the one that said it. The tones of the rumor discussions ranged from pure admiration to fascinated curiosity to outright jealousy bordering on hatred. Muri also heard some people noticing the absence of Soma and Sumire, the range of reasons brought up about why they were absent didn't really surprise Muri as some of his jealous detractors whispered that Muri had probably covertly killed them during his mission to increase the favorable spotlight on himself as an investigator combatant who survived what his colleagues couldn't. Muri occupied himself in the time it took for all the investigators to arrive and the CCG assembly to begin by using his heightened senses to eavesdrop on the gossip going on in the hall.

    Finally after about half an hour and everyone seemed to have arrived, seven people walked into the hall from the front door up onto the stage. Yo**oki Washuu took to the podium as the rest of the Special Class Investigators formed a line behind him parallel to the assembled lower rank investigators before them. Yo**oki looked stern but furious as he began his address to the assembled investigators, "Today, the CCG was plotted against and attacked. Today, the CCG was caught off guard and many capable people lost their lives due to that mistake. I'm sure you all know about the ghoul conflicts that arose all over Tokyo today and I'm sure some of you have just lost colleagues while eliminating the ghouls causing these violent disturbances. What you all don't know is that while we were all preoccupied with dealing with the various incidents across Tokyo, an army of ghouls attacked and destroyed the Cochlea ghoul prison facility possibly freeing all the dangerous ghouls imprisoned there. Many lives were lost during this attack including those of both Kyouji Misaka and Shinme Haisaki, otherwise known as the prison warden and the deputy warden. Their deaths have yet to be confirmed due to the facility being bombed into a massive collapse. We can only surmise that none of the staff working there was left alive. As we speak, efforts are being made to dig up the rubble and find possible survivors though at this moment, chances of finding any are low. Today the CCG was taught a very valuable lesson, a lesson that was paid for with the blood and lives of all the investigators that died or got injured tonight. We will no longer work to capture any ghouls now that we no longer have a prison facility. The Corniculum detention facility in the 12th ward shall henceforth be closed down and all personnel there shall join the rest of the investigators in our new campaign to rid Tokyo of ghouls once and for all. We shall no longer tolerate and imprison any ghouls hiding amongst humans, even the so called peaceful ones. From now on you are all directed to eliminate any ghoul you find on sight. You are not to capture them for interrogation or bring them back to be imprisoned, just eliminate them regardless of their threat level. If you encounter a ghoul you are unable to eliminate on your own, retreat while calling for backup and we shall have the nearest suitable combatants on their way to your location. We shall begin a sweep across Tokyo going from ward to ward with our full force until we've eliminated this abhorrent threat to humanity once and for all. We shall start from the first ward and our ultimate goal is to completely wipe out the 24th ward where ghouls run rampant. Representatives from other branches are to relay this information to your wards as any investigators  caught not following these elimination orders will be stripped of their position and will face life imprisonment. Orders and plans to carry out this sweep of Tokyo will be passed down from the Special Class Investigators at the top to the lower ranks. It is time for a change of strategy in the CCG, we have long been too lax in our dealings with the ghouls and now there are many previously imprisoned dangerous ghouls out there somewhere. I swear on my life as the Bureau Director that I will not rest until the CCG has eliminated every ghoul in Tokyo and even those further out in Japan. Investigators, THE CCG IS GOING TO WAR!!!!!!" Yo**oki Washuu ended his fervent speech with a roar that was echoed by almost all the investigators in the hall. The fervent roars in the hall were soon joined by equally fervent chants shouting "CCG!!! CCG!!! CCG!!!" and thunderous applause. The Special Class Investigators that  stood behind Yo**oki were vehemently applauding with bloodthirsty looks in their eyes. Even Muri and his squad members were caught up in the commotion as they were applauding as well. This assembly signified the beginning of a new era for the CCG, an era of crimson blood.

    Shiki stood in Kanou's underground lab dissecting Donato's corpse in his own secured restricted section that no one was allowed to enter. He'd returned to the 24th ward Aogiri tree headquarters with Eto alongside the rescued ghouls where they were then separated and assigned to different parts of the organization to be trained as well as assimilate. Those who wouldn't follow orders and flouted authority were executed on the spot to serve as an example to the rest. Their bodies were then sent to the industrial meat grinder where they were mixed in with the human flesh, ground and served to the members of the organization. They'd freed a total of three SS-rated ghouls not counting Donato Porpora since he went "missing", ten S-rated ghouls, and at least 90 A-rated ghouls with numerous lower rated ghouls as well. Tatara had been stunned into silence upon seeing their haul and Shiki was sure he'd seen a crack of excitement in his stony facial expression. Eto too had been so excited at their success and the fact she'd gotten to kill agents from her sworn enemy, the V organization. She'd hopped on him the moment they were done with the debriefing meeting with Tatara and dragged him to her secluded quarters where for the next couple of hours, Shiki **ed her into an orgasmic coma of blissful exhaustion. It wasn't until after a few days that they came out from the bedroom to find that the assimilation was still underway with no major problems. The SS-rated ghouls were summoned to the conference room to meet with Shiki and Eto. Due to their strength, each deserved a high position in the organization but since they were new and yet to be vetted, they were yet to be trusted with such huge responsibilities. It was best to exercise caution when it came to assimilating such powerhouses as they could cause chaos if left unchecked. Well it was not like there wasn't anyone to check them, after all, the training Shiki had put Eto, Tatara, Noro, the executives and the rest of the organization through had really pushed their fighting capabilities close to the next level. Tatara and Noro already had SS+ rated capabilities and were closing in on the SSS rate. Eto had increased her capabilities past the SSS- rate to the SSS+ rate and was closing in on the X rated level. She'd been able to progress so fast due to her hard work and her genetics as a genuine human-ghoul hybrid. The three ghouls had filed into the hall where they introduced themselves to Shiki and Eto. First was the lean middle aged man with long straight black hair, Hanzo Kimura. He carried himself in a humble manner as he introduced himself, explaining he'd been captured in a rural area outside Tokyo and was imprisoned for rearing a cult of human followers where they were brainwashed to offer themselves up to him for his pleasure and sustenance. He'd used to live in the 24th ward but he'd left after growing weary of the chaos. Shiki chuckled and assigned him to train under Tatara since he had experience managing people. Next was a young woman with slim build, a childlike demeanor, and a mop of messy red hair slightly covering her face, Roma Hoito. She looked meek and absentminded as she introduced herself without many details as she apparently didn't know her parents and grew up on her own trying to survive until she was eventually captured by the CCG. Shiki assigned her to Noro's care in the 11th ward branch where she would be trained. Finally, the last SS rated  ghoul was a young man with long, brown hair and a slender body with a muscular profile, Shikorae. The young man was extremely faint-hearted and timid as he introduced himself to Shiki. He didn't remember much about himself as he'd been tortured extensively while imprisoned at Cochlea. Eto stood up to observe him as Tatara had mentioned the young man was capable of releasing all the different kagune types. This fact had been discovered during the organization's entry examinations for all new incoming members. Her behavior deeply frightened Shikorae as she walked around him in a circle observing him like a toy she'd never known existed and therefore never had a chance to play with. Eto turned to Shiki in a silent plea to be assigned Shikorae as her subordinate. Shiki chuckled, amused at her excitement before assigning Shikorae to Eto where she would take him under her wing and train him to lose his cowardly nature. Shiki had originally meant to assign him to her since the young man's cowardice could only be treated with a rough vicious hand. The three ghouls were dismissed once everything was settled leaving Shiki and Eto to ** on the conference table for a while before he left to Kanou's lab where he had his own private section. As he walked through Kanou's secret restricted lab, he observed the various ghoul and human corpses that were a result of failed experiments carried out by Kanou. Kanou was currently up on the surface taking a break and getting various medical supplies. He'd left some notes for Shiki with his latest findings through his experimentations. Shiki walked through the lab before coming across a restrained ghoul. This particular ghoul was still alive and was Rize, the female ghoul Shiki had captured for Souta some time ago. The purple haired female ghoul raised her head as he passed by her, her purple eyes filled with a burning hatred towards him for forcing her into her current circumstances. She was constantly being pumped full of RC suppressants that prevented kagune use and made her vulnerable to mundane items such as knives and scalpels. Kanou was taking his time with harvesting her kakuhou since he'd yet to find a suitable way for the human hosts to properly integrate the ghoul kakuhou into their systems. Most of the experiments had died from the trauma of the body rejecting the organ while the rest who survived were also failures as they couldn't use the kagune and only had their bodies slightly strengthened. Shiki walked over to Rize with an innocent charming smile on his face. "Don't worry, when it's time I promise to be gentle and not let you die. After all your ability to quickly regenerate your kakuhou makes you a very valuable organ farm. Rest well, Rize." Shiki said while patting Rize's face as his golden eyes twinkled. He was sure she wanted to curse him out were it not for the half-face mask gag in place to prevent her screams from drawing attention.

    Shiki was in his private restricted section of Kanou's underground lab dissecting Donato's corpse with no one to bother him. He sliced the body open, carefully harvested the kakuhou, before liquefying and absorbing the corpse leaving only the torso. He briefly brushed through the man's memories and found a few ghoul investigation cases he'd been helping with before the prison break. Much if the information about the CCG he obtained were things he already knew and things he could easily find out. He also confirmed his past as a fake priest who incidentally fostered a boy who was currently a ghoul investigator, Koutarou Amon. Finally he discovered the fact that the man was a part of the clown organization. Shiki chuckled at the coincidence as he thought up an excuse to give Uta if he even cared to bother to ask. Shiki sliced off a bit of Donato's kakuhou and a bit of internal human flesh from under the shoulder blades. He liquefied both samples of DNA and brought them together trying to merge them. He focused, observing the reactions going on between the two liquefied samples for a while before deeming it a failure and absorbing both samples. He returned to the operation table, sliced off a bit of the kakuhou again but this time he also sliced off the internal flesh below the shoulder blades of Donato's torso. He liquefied both samples and merged them together while observing the reactions. It didn't take long this time since it was obviously a success. Shiki collected many human flesh samples from the internal area below the shoulder blades. He compared the samples to that of Donato and other ghouls in the lab. He was trying to find a way to make the human dna compatible with ghoul dna. He knew it was possible but wanted to artificially produce it in a controlled environment. He brought out flesh samples of  Eto's DNA he'd grabbed while they had rough sex. He observed and compared the three samples: human, ghoul, hybrid. Shiki took up the human dna samples and began using his powers to slightly modify it to be compatible with the ghoul dna. Shiki did his modifications in slight increments as he ran through his samples, modifying, and merging. Shiki spent hours in the lab before he finally had a breakthrough. He spent the next two days reverse engineering the process and finding a way to create the same effect on human dna through science. A week later, Muri sat alone in his lab with an excited grin on his face while observing a syringe on the table. He'd finally come up with a serum but he'd yet to test it on a live human subject. He really wanted to start now with Kanou but he had a clown meeting in a few hours that he had to attend. He'd been isolated in his lab for a long while now and things were running smoothly without him in the Aogiri Tree headquarters. Eto had been dropping by to give him updates and attempt to seduce him but he'd ignored her advances since he was busy with his serum. She'd pouted before returning to take out her frustrations by intensely training Yamori and Shikorae. Shiki had yet to see the new Yamori but based on what he knew about Eto he doubted he'd look the same. Shiki stored his serum in his space storage as he walked out of his lab. He couldn't wait to begin human trials but he could tell that the serum was too overwhelming for the average human, their hearts would probably shut down before the serum could truly change their bodies. He'd need human subjects with stronger physiques if this was going to work. That was why he couldn't miss this clown meeting, it was time to take things up a notch. Shiki smiled to himself as he came up to the surface on his way to Uta's HySy Artmask Studio in the 4th ward where the clown meeting was to be held. It was time for the next step of his plan for this world, it was going to be glorious.
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