1 I don’t like school


    Inside silent classroom young male student was hiding behind teachers desk. The faint smell of mold and dust lingered in air.

    While peeking and crouching as low as he could the boy saw something dark slowly passing by under the gap of the classroom door.

    "Did they leave..."

    The boy let out a small breath. This had to be Richards best idea since ever. What could go wrong wandering alone to an abandoned school in the middle of night. Richard's mouths corner lifted little.

    "Founddd you. You little rat."


    The deep voice of the hooded man right above Richard made him hit his head to the desk.

    Without warning the man clad in black rope kicked Richards head and stomach.


    Richard spat some gastric fluids out of his mouth the pain and ringing was making it hard to focus but he recognized the hooded man wearing the same suspicious getup as the others inside gym.

    After giving Richard one last strong kick to his head the man started to pull him from his feet across the classroom without caring about Richard hitting his head to the wooden desks and chairs along the way.

    The last thing Richard saw with his foggy eyes was the bright moon peeking from the broken window at the end of classroom before fainting.




    "... oh great one! Your humble servant is calling you..."

    "Thou are eternal..."

    From sharp pain Richard opened his eyes wide. Breathing heavily and trying to sit up, but failing to gather any strength he scanned the black figures moving with bizarre almost animal like movements all around him.

    "We have come as you called and gathered the offerings."

    "Thou are the truth..."

    As the black robed figure spoke in reference to the darkness many others silently praised it while carrying varying objects small girls would like such as manga, snacks and big brown teddy bear.

    After placing them inside circles of complex pentagrams and symbols they lit black candles near each corner of this pentagrams.

    Richards held his breath as the central figure of black robed man started slowly walking towards him with weird snake like dagger in hand.


    Richard let out small trembling voice the man probably didn't even hear it.

    "We offer you innocent blood for you glory...

    The deep sound of the man turned quiet and unrecognizable as sounds of cats and snakes started to mix between his words.

    The ground shook slightly and the candles started burning 10 times higher than a moment ago.

    "No way"

    Richard started to tremble from the unknown around him and the sight oh the man brutally stabbing his own open hand and spreading blood inside the pentagrams without minding about the  candles making him sweat like pig.

    What am I gonna do, think Richard think. First Richard started to focus on his pinky finger trying to make it move. Ok success, now the other fingers. After what felt like eternity about 5 seconds Richard could put his hand into a fist.


    With a sound of sheep and snake fighting the black figures stared to puke blood and collapse one after another.


    The man with dagger suddenly stabbed Richard straight into his stomach with big grin on his ugly middle aged face.

    "No! Stoppp!"

    Richard tossed and turned while yelling and sobbing trying to escape from the man stabbing him repeatedly all over.


    The man suddenly stopped and puked blood on top of Richards young pale face.

    Richard put his head to the ground looking sideways at the ugly man trembling on the bloody floor with tears constantly rolling across his face.

    "So cold"

    Richard weakly spat out as his eyes focused at black smoke suddenly forming small figure from the candles around him.

    "Oh what do we have here..." *giggle*

    As if pleased of what it sees the shadow circled around his body looking from top to bottom at him.

    After eternity about 5 seconds the shadowy figure extended its palm towards Richard.

    "Do you wish to live?"

    The shadow had no face, but Richard welt it had no ill will.

    "Well... if you wish to be saved just take my hand and the contract is set."

    The shadow extended its palm near Richards hand on ground and he took it with great effort.


    Without another word the shadow suddenly plunged inside glowing pentagram on ground dragging something out of Richard with him leaving his dead body behind.
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