2 second chance or is this afterlife?

    It's been a week since my master saved me from  those freaks. Well saved is not really correct I did indeed die.

    *deep sigh*

    I look at my feet or rather lack of them as I float in air. Indeed I'm now what you may call ghost or spirit to be more correct.

    After bringing my soul here and feeding it something like magic power or some kind of force master prevented me from dissipating.

    Although I can still die from holy spells or magical equipment.

    Indeed! There are magic tools here in fact I'm using one of them.

    Tada! I lifted my holy weapon in air.... a half transparent brush.

    Yes master dragged me here to be ghost servant to clean his home and other stuff *sob...sob...sob*

    After half a day of careful brushing and occasional sobbing I looked at the sparkling clean room.

    "Umu not bad. "

    I let out faint smile admiring my job well done.

    "In the end I'm just servant with no pay"


    "Haa... haa..."

    I throw the brush at floor and looked at the painting of classical red demon with brown furry legs and white horns whispering to an human while bringing contract paper near him with bitterness all over my face.

    It seems I made an contract with master when I held her hand.

    According to contract master will protect me from death as in dissipating and in exchange I will have to listen masters orders until I'm able to life on my own without protection.

    "That is never going to happen!"

    I pick the brush up and throw it down again just to make a point.


    I gently wipe the dust away from the brush. This is my only tool of living. While thinking what to do Richard slowly floated throughout the door and looked at the large 5meter high and wide hallway stretching endlessly to the darkness far away.

    As Richard gently floated through the hallways while occasionally sweeping floor and casting curious glances to the locked doors with bizarre engravings of monsters. The black doors within red hallways and occasional painting and statues of monsters really made wonder which haunted house one has found himself in.

    Richard liked it though, horror has always been one of his favorite genres along with stories with magic. If not for the fact that he was dead Richard would have jumped from joy.


    Richard looked at large golden double doors that appeared behind corner with a big smile.

    *knock! Knock! Knock!*

    Without hesitation Richard started knocking the lion head decoration on the doors with the other side of the brush. A little trick he learned.

    Normally Richard can't interact directly with anything his hands will pass trough any object without magic and enchanted objects gives him a shock or in worst case make him disappear.

    To Richards delight and sorrow his master gave him semi material brush that ghosts can use and change from material to spiritual object at will allowing Richard to work forever as a ghost.

    "You may enter."

    A gentle and unhurried voice of an woman woke Richard from his thoughts. As Richard opened the other side of the door with the brush a large room with books, thousands of them spiraling up and down in circles followed by stairways going all to different directions making you wonder how you could ever find what you were looking inside possible.

    "Richard you're here again"

    Behind mountain of books beauty with wheat colored hair, white rope and white pointy which hat filled with golden glowing symbols peeked at Richard smile on her tired face.

    "We meet again Sandra."

    Richard leaned his hand at nearby bookshelf. While shifting his face 45 decrees sideways and met Sandras eyes in what he thought to be cool smile...


    Sandra used her hand to hide her laughing face as Richards hand went trough the bookshelf and he ended up looking at the sky with cool face.

    "A-anyway Sandra can I go reading today too as I have done my shift today."

    With hopeful eyes I looked at the friend of my master and this library's keeper. Sandra Falkill a true monster if she is to be masters friend.

    "Sure, but be careful I saw kroak book 2 stairs up on the west last night."

    Sandra looked absentmindedly to her right.


    "I will see who eats who if it try's this one."

    Richard throws fist at the direction where Sandra looked while floating to an opposite direction.


    "Be careful okay."

    Sandra showed Richard smile while he tried to shield his eyes from getting blind.

    "Yeah I'm not just any ghost you know."

    As Richard said that he started floating to an familiar direction soon finding where he went yesterday.

    There it's. Richard started poking at green book with title "Evolution and the ways to break trough"

    With effort Richard found the chapter he was last time.

    ""The basic way to evolve is to accumulate soul energy by training your own or stealing from others such as killing or trough special inherited skills. In this chapter I will tell you about basic way to cultivate your soul energy and how to steal it from others...""



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