3 Night visitors

    *drip... drop...*


    Without sound Richard kept looking at rain outside in his own personal room. A small attic barely having room to turn around with worn out bed and round window.


    Richard yawned out of boredom ghost don't sleep at least he has never had the need for it. As such Richard kept looking outside without really thinking anything.

    Outside the window black forest without any leafs stretched as far as one could see with occasional columns of fire bursting out to sky before vanishing without leaving, but an empty hole to the black ground.

    "Truly an hell..."

    The realm of monsters where weak are preyed on and where the strong makes rules.

    Ever since Richard made the contract with the great devil aka witch of eternal carnage aka Elean Falblood his normal life ended.

    Well Richard was about to die from getting stabbed all over so it's not really her fault.

    The moment Richard took the shadows hand he was dragged trough some kind of portal and next thing he know he was before Elean inside her personal room floating in confusion.





    "Boy can you hear me"

    Richard blinked his eyes and looked at the victorian style room he was inside. Dark red mattress nicely decorated black wallpaper with occasional red symbols and strange gadgets and bookshelves full of big old books. There were also white and red sofas near fireplace making it seem classy and comfortable.

    "Boy are you ignoring me?"

    While trembling Richard turned to the source of the sweet voice. The feeling of chill made Richard almost pass out.


    Right beside Richard behind wide black wooden desk full of books and scrolls was an unbelievably pretty girl with long dark red wine like hair and black pointy witch hat with red ribbon and symbols in it. The deep crimson eyes of the girl looked at Richard with mischief and warning.

    "Oh so you didn't go totally dumb when I pulled you here."

    The girl mockingly smiled at Richard.


    Richard was at loss of words should he feel offended or thankful for getting out of the previous situation. The mocking stare of the pretty girl didn't make it any easier for Richard to decide... for now.

    "Thank you."

    Richard bowed to the girl.

    "Without you I would have just died there for nothing."

    The girl looked little surprised.

    "Hmmph... mortals are indeed foolish."

    The girl swept her glance over the table and picked hand mirror to show Richard his current self.


    Inside the mirror Richard saw himself same as how he died full of stab wounds in bloody white hoodie. An avarage looking male with black hair and blue eyes, except... The boy in mirror was half transparent and floating without legs.

    "W-what is this?! It's ghost right. I'm dead... that guy is totally dead. What am I going to do with my virginityyyy!?!?!"

    "Ghost can have sex too right? right?!"

    The girl cast a mocking glance at the panicking ghost while breaking his dreams.

    "Nope, not possible."

    Slump. Richard floated near the ground with dead eyes.




    *drip... drop... thumb...*

    Richard woke up from his recall and saw just in time shadows slip inside the house from the side of black forest.


    Waking from the depressing memory Richard remembered his new goal. To evolve and get new body.

    The whole last week after getting over the shock of turning into an ghost Richard has been reading books full of mystical knowledge.

    It wasn't easy first Richard didn't know how to read the books full of ancient languages and secret symbols, but seeing his predicament and thirst for knowledge Sandra helped Richard.

    After shooting some spell she called blessing of Libarianos Richard gained the ability to read books of unknown languages. It's not perfect though, but the more Richard reads the stronger the blessing becomes.

    In this week Richard learned about this realm, about different kind of races and how people gain strength here. The main ways are trough magic, battle arts, summoning and soul evolution.

    The one Richard got interested is soul evolution. Trough it monsters can evolve into higher beings such as from skeleton to and zombie and from zombie to an ghoul.

    The evolution is decided by many things such as an inheritance of race and if you devour soul force of an stronger being it may with good luck have an possibility to cause mutation in evolution. Of course it's not totally safe as you could mutate into some weaker race.

    While floating down the stairs Richard turned invincible and headed to the direction where the unknown visitors will probably be.

    The fastest method to evolve... is to devour other beings. Unknown to Richard he has long forsaken some of his previous beliefs as an human.

    With an grin Richard observed three beings sneaking from one of the guests rooms downstairs.



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