4 Evil eye flower



    Within a minute from leaving his room Richard was facing the greatest crisis of his ghostly life.

    With effort Richard calmed his bearings to look at the scene before him a black knight and a sword ready to send his ghostly head flying.


    Just 5 seconds ago which felt like eternity to Richard. He was tracking the intruders silently while looking at the empty guest rooms. When he heard some yells and gasping from one of the doors in front of him until they went totally silent.

    Slowly peeking from the side of open door Richard saw slender black knight stabbing her flaming black long sword into what looked like small red goblin on floor.

    "Imps huh..."

    Oh **. Richard noticed his mistake as soon as he spoke just in time to see the black sword already resting on his ghostly neck.


    "Umm... I'm Richard a ghost... nice to meet you."


    With an air cutting move the flaming black sword vanished from Richards neck.


    Without speaking and showing any additional interest in Richard the black knight returned burning the three imps before walking away.


    So cool. Richard looked with longing eyes at the back of black knight as she vanished from his eyes.

    Richard didn't find anything but ash remaining from the imps. While silently cleaning Richard had found answer to the mystery of ash piles suddenly appearing in rooms he had cleaned the day before.

    " *Ping* You gained achievement! The 3 mystery of Bloody heart manors secrets uncovered ( The mysterious ash piles ) "

    Just kidding. Richard smiled happily while thinking about the black knight just now.

    "Oh but what about my experience points..."

    As Richard smile turned strained he decided to go ask Sandra about the black knight tomorrow.




    "Mmm mm mmm mm..."

    While gently humming to an lullaby her mother used to sing to Richard he cleaned from under guest room bed.

    "Richard when you are done here can you go inform Ember that this week food has arrived. I need her to verify everything is good."

    Richard looked at the doors behind him and saw maid with dark green bob hair and lightly glowing warm green eyes looking at him with smile. The strange part of the girl was the blackish green plants growing all over her clothes.

    "Yes right away."


    " I mean, yes miss Lilium."

    with satisfied nod Lilium turned away hurrying to other jobs she has to do as an head maid and mistresses direct maid servant. She had a lot of jobs and education of new servants being surely just one of them.


    With big sigh Richard looked at the empty hallway and the candles flaming with blue fire illuminating the unmoving statue of an 3 meter high monster devouring small imps upper torso.


    While Richard looked at the monsters face the stony creatures eyes suddenly turned from the imp in its mouse to Richard.


    Without associating himself further with this statue Richard hurriedly started flying away from the statue while faintly hearing something resembling rumbling laughter from behind him.




    Shit. What is wrong with this place. Richard swung his brush like an sword at the nearby statues while hissing as he flew across one hallway to another. Circling the statues along the way as far as he could.

    Soon Richard found the stairs he was looking for soon arriving to an old wooden kitchen with all kinds of pots already flaming and big creature resembling lizard or alligators but red slowly turning among heart of fire in big open fire place at the end of kitchen.

    Tending to the lizard was an woman black like coal with burning hair and skin.

    "Miss Ember!"

    With light yell Richard floated inside the kitchen.

    "Oh Richard... what is it?"

    Without turning her eyes from the flames Ember slowly rotated the red lizard inside the flames.

    "Miss Lilium asked me to tell you that this week food delivery arrived."

    With an curious look Richard started to study the red lizard in flames and skull like purple fruits in purple plate clearly prepared for the lizard from the plate size they were on.


    Without turning the woman burning near the fireplace just kept turning the lizard slowly and gazing at the flames with yearning in her eyes.


    Casting a curious glance at the screeching fruits on the plate Richard turned and floated away towards stairs.

    "Sandra wanted to see you... bye."

    I heard Embers small voice as I was leaving and told her bye while letting small smile out.




    Richard floated cautiously near the mansion backyard while seeking creatures he could whack to death with his brush.

    After discussing with Sandra about his desire to evolve. She told him that if he wanted to evolve trough meditating his soul force it would take about two hundred years to turn into banshee. An step up from ghost possessing cool abilities like voice so loud it can kill weaker creatures or possession, taking hold of the mind of weak creatures and controlling them.

    "Two hundred years is way too long!....."

    With no other option but to try to kill weaker opponents Richard wandered outside.

    Also it seems like the protection of the master only includes inside the mansion. If I want to go out and die it's not her problem it seems.

    Need to be careful. Of course Richard has done his ground work before coming outside. It seems that inside the garden you can find evil plants that give small amount of exp ( soul force ) when killed and occasional unintelligent imps wanders from the black forest seeking prey.

    For starters Richard was wandering inside the garden behind the mansion. There is not really much here only red flowers all around small hill with stone monument of an fallen angel.

    "Was it called red spider lily..."

    Richard looks at the beautiful red flower blooming with many red thin petals curling up. Hell flower indeed with sharp eyes Richard soon found anomaly among the red flowers. An red flower with an black blob in the middle of it.

    "Found you..."


    "You are mine! Exp! Exp! Exp!"

    With burning eyes Richard started floating towards the anomaly while wildly hacking his brush ready to whack the anomaly down.


    Suddenly the black blob in the middle of the red flower opens showing swirling black pupil.


    Shit. It's evil eye flower. While frozen in air Richard is stuck incapable of moving...

    After 2 hours it was staring to get dark and the evil eye flower started to blink and setting Richard free.

    Without hesitation Richard turned around and started to flee without turning back.

    "I'm not done with youuuuu...."

    While yelling like sore loser Richard fled towards his room done for the day.
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